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TZ AdsWord ComponentPlugin

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TZ AdsWord is a simple extension which generates internal link and external link from keywords in content. TZ AdsWord has all the elements required for a basic and successful link and banner exchange for Joomla websites. This extensions will help you to increases traffic to your website, helps you make your contents as a story.

TZ AdsWord is using the regexp to search keyword. So you can define your paragraph to generate link. The redirect url allows you to choose internal link or external link with simple step. TZ AdsWord has a feature which allows to show description link on tip. For all that is a simple extensions will help you to take your content to a story. It's process with ajax, smoothly :)

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Reviews: 1
I search for this functionality and this extension did exactly what I had in mind.

I hope they release their next version that supports K2 since most people including me are now managing articles with that.

Reviews: 8
This extension works just fine, and does everything it says it does.

It also serves a great purpose, which others fail to grasp.

Selling keywords as an ad service for content developers should be a no-brainer.

Imagine you write a food blog, and Jim Bob's Burger Barn wants to advertise with you. Why not sell him the word "BURGER"? This way, anytime the word "burger" appears in a blog, it automatically shows up as a link to his website. The writer need not link it manually everytime.

Huge opportunity for revenue. You simply go into the backend and configure it so that every time it finds the word "burger" it links it automatically to

That easy.

BUT, as I said, it isn't yet a GREAT extension. I'd like to see this version stay non-commercial, but I think they should start work on a commercial version that has all the features we've come to expect in banner management.

Clients, Target, Impressions, tracking, etc. This can't work as a legit revenue stream unless it has those features.

Also, Automatical Modal iframe pop-ups should be an option.

I hacked it with JCE Mediabox so that it works automatically, but I'd like to see it as an option in the back end.
Owner's reply

Thank you! I appreciate your suggestions. We're rushing to publish a new version of TZ Adsword with new features and more complete as in your feedback.
Let follow and enjoy it!