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Automatic Backlinks Module

Automatic Backlinks is a free SEO service that allows members to exchange quality links automatically. You can specify topic, language, PageRank and much more of each backlink and reject any links you do not want. The more links you show on your site the more backlinks you get in return. It is completely free to use with the option of purchasing additional backlinks.

You probably know that backlinks are the single most important SEO factor used by search engines when ranking your site. Not only do you need lots of backlinks, you need quality backlinks.

This SEO module will automatically display links from the SEO service on your web site. This is a great way to increase your search engine ranking by getting 100's of backlinks in minutes without having to contact webmasters directly to ask for link exchange.

Automatic Backlinks only places links on pages with PageRank 1 or above so you do not run any risk of punishment by Google. We are the largest quality link exchange system online and are guaranteed to improve your SEO efforts.

Used by SEO professionals and website owners who want to increase the ranking of their sites by making link exchange automatic and easy.

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Reviews: 2
Just wanted to say that I really like this system. I have only used it for 3 weeks and am already ranking 3rd and 4th for my two main keywords! It takes a little SEO knowledge to really get the most out of it, but totally worth it IMO.
Reviews: 3
It can be a little confusing to get this system up and running at first but once it works it really works. It has taken all the pain out of exchanging links and I am getting some really good backlinks. I really urge people who care about SEO and their Google position to give this tool a try.

I have installed it on all 4 of my sites.
Reviews: 1
Will 100% guaranteed to get your site penalized by google. Google algorithm can easily detect the links that are placed on your pages. My site was getting easily 500+ impressions on google search now under 10 impressions. I got hit with a -650 penalty and now my site only shows up in the supplemental results. My site was doing fine UNTIL I installed this plugin and within 1 week my site is gone from google. I am hoping after 3 months google removes the penalty. This plugin has cost me thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Reviews: 1
This module allows you, to show links to other pages on your own homepage.

Please be careful with showing too many links from your page - you can loose your pagerank and also get a google penalty. Try to show only one or two links per page.

The risk of this plugin is very high, because it shows only the link without any text around. There is no sentence - it's just the link.
So it's really easy to find Linksystems for google.

Be careful with this plugin.
I've already lost about 5 quality pages in cause of using automatic backlinks.

On the other hand the most pages of the automatic backlink system are only linkbuilding pages. I used the system for a long time and got about 50% useless links, about 20% penalty links and even about 10% links from banned domains. It looks like abm doesn't check their sites carefully and has no automatic system to do that.

Actually it is a good idea, but the implementation is not carefully done.

So in my opinion the use is very risky at this time.

If you want to use it, i think it's better to try it with the loadmodule feature {loadposition user1} of joomla. So at least, you can put some text arround the keyword(s).
Reviews: 1
It works… I did not loose PR and the Server issues did not affect my site. So I’m very happy with this module.

The installation is easy and the link campaign set up is very simple. You can define the type of campaign by Google PR, Language, Category, etc. Then all you need to do is pick the keywords and the url they should be linked too.

Great system to improve your SERP’s. Great to use to improve ranking of internal pages.

Would love some Free Link Credit
Reviews: 6
The Component/Module and the Idea is pretty good, but it seems that the domain behind it, is not liked by google very much.
I have dropped all modules on my sites when I have lost the PR4 for one of them and I am still fighting for some month now to get back the good ranking I had before.
This little module and service offer has cost me some serious work
Owner's reply

If Google did not like us why would we have a PageRank of 5? If you lost your PageRank it must have been because you have been doing other SEO techniques that are considered "black hat" or you have simply allowed too many links per page which can result in temporary PageRank removal (but does not affect ranking). The vast majority of our users enjoy a great increase in search engine position, and I think you would have too if you had stuck with it.

Reviews: 1
I like the idea and have seen some benefit from it, but the service is so unreliable that it really negates the benefit.

The entire network disappears frequently. As of this writing it has been down almost an entire day. Hence this review and warning.

We have also experienced numerous instances of this network unreliability making our own pages inaccessible. Instead of seeing our content, our visitors see the Automated Backlinks 404 page.

We understand they are out of Beta. We do NOT agree!
Owner's reply

We are happy that you have seen the benefit and power of the system but very sad to hear that you have been so severely inconvenienced by our recent server issues.

It is correct that we have had severe problems with the server due to the rapid growth we have experienced coupled with a few incorrect server settings.

This has now been rectified and we hope you will give us another try - if so please contact us directly to get a free boost to your Link Credit as our way of saying sorry.

Reviews: 3

This is a horrible system. It is one thing if you download a module and it doesn't work correctly then no big deal, it was free and you can just remove it. But this module does the exact opposite of what it says it will do. In fact it causes harm to the presence of your site on the net. So if you want to damage your PR, download this module.

I sent the "customer support" an email last week and have not heard anything from them. I believe I opened a support ticket, too.
Reviews: 1
I RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO NOT USE THIS WITH AN ESTABLISHED WEBSITE WITH PR. USE ON NEW SITES ONLY AND PERHAPS NOT AT ALL. Easy to setup but my site was totally complete and carrying a consistent pr3 for years and with great seo. Within a few weeks my pr went to ZERO and still is! Developer replied to my email saying to be patient pr will come back - that was 2 months ago.
Reviews: 2
The component by itself is a good idea. But Google trace this Linknetwork already.

I used the system on 3 of my Joomla sites and all go down in Google on every Keyword. Most Keywords like 60 Ranks!!!

That make this component not usable! Sorry...
Owner's reply

This is far from the results we see with our own sites and from what other members are reporting. I think that you must have accepted too many links on your pages and possibly not created enough link variations or maybe someone reported you manually? In either case; we have heard of no other sites experiencing this.

Reviews: 1
Took up the opportunity to utilise Automatic Backlinks and have since never looked back... easy to use and with a payable option to extend credits - its flexibile and easy to use.
We have seen great results and increased traffic to our site since using this module. Well worth trying this new, easy to operate and inovative module for all joomla users everywhere
Reviews: 2
The installation was easy and you have immidately access to a new account with plenty of functions. You can offer link positions and you will get in return incoming links from other websites.
You have full control over the topics of the incoming links (e.g. no casino, no adult, no miltary, no politic, whatever you like)
You can even reject single incoming and outgoing links, which you do not like.
I have tested the module 2.2.3 with joomla 1.5 and PHP/HTML-sites.
Reviews: 2
The service provided by Automatic Backlinks is one the best and affordable SEO services I have ever tried. Getting backlinks for your site is time consuming and the guys at “A Not Web Design” make it simple.

The Joomla module is really simple to install and configure.

Highly recommended if you want to improve your position in search engine rankings.
Reviews: 1
First, this module do what author clam - put your links on sites with same module and put links from other sites on your sites/pages.

You have several options to filter sites PageRank, content type and/or language that you allowed to be linked with you.

But, on the other hand non-commercial limit is set to 100 credits (very low IMO), and you will reach them in few days with even small sites. Thats offer you to have at maximum 8 backlinks with PR 4-5 linked to you.

In breif, good idea with no so good bussines model.
Owner's reply

Just to clarify: You can get 100 relevant PageRank 1 backlinks (or fewer higher page rank backlinks) for free. This should be enough to get you sky rocketing in Google, but if you would like to use the system beyond that (and want even more backlinks) we do ask a $10 montly supscription fee which will give you access to unlimited backlinks and also give you 10 free links.