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  • This extension requires registration to download.
JV-LinkDirectory (or JV-LD in short) is a feature rich, comprehensive and SEO based directory and link exchange extension suite for Joomla. JV-LD has been developed for about 6.5+ years now and you can read existing reviews of JV-LD at

JV-LinkDirectory (JV-LD) = Directory Software + Link and Banner Exchange Software.

Want a powerful link/banner exchange system with the dual benefit of a yahoo/dmoz style directory? It is JV-LinkDirectory

With JV-LinkDirectory, you can build a directory of links (or even without links), mutually exchange links with other Joomla and non-Joomla based websites, improve website SEO and rankings, increase traffic to your website, generate traffic from partners, monitor incoming and outgoing traffic, earn money with sponsor a category, one way paid links, featured links, improve SEO and much more....

>> Creates professional directory with multiple layout options
>> Building links for your website
>> Helps in link trading, management and exchanges.
>> Improves SEO tremendously for your Joomla website.
>> Boosts your chances in getting a good page rank for your website
>> Increases the visibility of site in the Internet
>> Increases the incoming traffic
>> Monitor and know how your partners are driving traffic to your website

:: JV-LD is SEO based, very comprehensive and advanced and professional system
:: Most powerful link and banner exchange component suite for Joomla!
:: Creates a link directory in yahoo/dmoz (1/2/3/4 column layouts) format
:: Highly configurable front-end and back-end components
:: Joomla search integration, 10 Joomla Modules, additional plugins for other 3rd party components and more...
:: Community Builder Integration
:: EasySocial Integration
:: JomSocial User Profile, User points and Activity Stream Integration
:: Twitter Integration
:: Google Maps Integration
:: Earn with subscriptions or one time buy now buttons using PayPal IPN Integration or Offline payment modes
:: Photo Gallery, YouTube Video Gallery
:: Multiple home page designs
:: Revenue generation options with paid one way listings, featured listings, category sponsorship, advertisements
:: Comprehensive coupon code system
:: Notify admin via SMS for predefined events in directory
:: Disqus comment integration
:: Contact Listing Owner
:: Provides facilities to manage partner links, link profiles, claim links, report broken links, recommend a site, check link status, email approval, frontend approval, backend approval, reciprocal link checks, one-way links, reciprocal links, stale state management, directory statistics, directory layouts, link statistics, thumbnails, SEF URLs, featured links, sticky links, featured links, sponsor a category, one way paid links, likes and unlikes, Directory Wall and many more....
:: Create link plans for visitors, set default plan, admin only plans, show links in multiple languages.

and more...

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Reviews: 6
JVLD is great - easy to install (I was a Joomla novice when I first installed it), easy to use and as I say, outstanding support. I have installed and used JVLD on several websites. On the one occasion when I did have a layout issue (a problem with the template CSS I was using rather than JVLD), the developer logged into my Joomla website and fixed it for me! JVLD is constantly being developed and the developer does seem keen to integrate all feasible feature requests, left by users on his forum, into future editions. Top marks.
Reviews: 3
At 1st it did not meet my needs, BUT I had contacted the customer service and Niranjan made a custom mod which I paid for AND now this is the best directory i have had and EASY .... SO EASY TO USE......I recommend to everyone. The customer service is great too. :)
Reviews: 12
The component seams stable and welt built. Working great on my site. I had a small problem but Sniranjan showed first class support and fix it immediately!

Request for later editions:
* Even greater GUI in frontend
* Improvent i backend dashboard (overview)
* Full support for Joomfish

I really recommend this extension!
Reviews: 1
JV-Link Directory is hands down, by far, the best link manager/reciprocal link checking component (and so much more) for joomla in existence. Vijay has developed it over the years into an in-depth and flexible directory system that rivals dedicated business directories in it's features and functionality, while at its core providing a slew of features that no other directory provides - namely the most complete link management functionality available for joomla.

As a link component, it is unrivaled in it's functionality. If you can imagine it, it does it... And on the off chance that it doesn't, just contact Vijay and it's not uncommon for him to create the new functionality that you need or want right there on the spot and upload it to your website! His service and support for his components is fabulous - if only all component developers were so generous and responsive to webmaster's needs!

Highly recommended!!!
Reviews: 3
Really good component to create a database of patners : so many possibilities and features...
And perfect support : fast and efficient ;)
So happy ;)
Reviews: 1
This product sounds great. However, I have spent over an half hour struggling with registration for your product. The first time was my bad, I forgot to check that I agreed to the terms. Problem, I couldn't go back and change that and I couldn't log in with my account after that. SO, I tried with a different e-mail. This time I kept getting reset off the referral and optional field.

Anyhow, before you write me off as a novice, I have over 25 years in the software industry and I have downloaded and tested a lot of different extensions over the past 8 months. This is the first time, I decided against a product because I couldn't even login. What is funny, is this is the second extension I read about I decided to pay money for...
Owner's reply

Thank you for taking your time to write this review. We understand that you had a tough time, during registration and login, and we apologize for that, but somehow, this is not a review for our product. Moroever, the instructions are pretty clear in the registration screen.

The fact that, you have given this review, ascertains that, you have eventually registered, logged in, purchased and have also used the product. We wish you could have given us an opportunity to help you on the registration/login and support you, by contacting us through our website, before submitting a review.

Please feel free to contact us anytime at our website.

Reviews: 21
I'm not usually a 5 star person because things could always be better but these guys really deserve all 5 stars. The directory is comprehensive, easily customisable to your own needs, looks good, great functionality and the best of all the support is quick and effective.
Reviews: 1
Thanks for amazing support, service and great products!!!
Reviews: 2
This is a great Links Directory.
Worth every penny
Reviews: 1
greate component
Reviews: 1
I can't not believe how good this script is. I started with the Free one, then decided to buy JV-link. To be honest I was hesitate at first because the out-of-the-box look does not good as good as Mosets tree, but I was wrong.

. It is jammed packed with features, I spent an hour just to play around with the admin, and I still have not fully understand it. There are so many options to customize.
. Price: Great, the subscription is very reasonable, if not cheap compare to Mosets Tree.
. Support: Wow, amazing! Niranjan respond to my questions quickly and efficiently. And my questions was not even about the script's bug or errors, but my customization (which he doesn't have to support at all). Not only that, he was went beyond helping by login to my site and fixed my CSS. Compare to Mosets tree, a question about reciprocal link has no answer in 3 days (and still has not). This guy knows what's he doing, and stand behind his product!

Cons: I have to think hard to find these :)
. No option to change the language via admin interface. If you have other language rather than English you have to go through language file to make change.
. Design looks good, but not great, but if you know what you're doing I don't see why it's a problem.

You can't go wrong with JV-Link. This is the best purchase I've ever made with Joomla, along with JVvideo and sh404SEF. Thank you Niranjan again, you're rock!
Reviews: 1
Thank you to exist!
Reviews: 3
JV-LD is a good component but to my sense the true advantage it is the support of quality and effectiveness, I recommend this component to all those that wishes to create a directory with a large choice of functions. Personally JV-Ld I consider it like a Version "PHP Link Directory Script" for joomla
Reviews: 1
I have not provided a review before, but these guys at JV Extensions need to be highly recommended and supported for an outstanding product and service. JV Link Directory is absolutely outstanding in features and functionality and a must for any website owner or web designer.

Thanks for amazing support, service and great products!!!
Reviews: 3
Amazing support!!! Thank you very much Niranjan for your time spending by solving my problems. I have already tested this component and this is the best solution for link exchanging! I've been looking and comparing for a long time. This is the best one.
Reviews: 2
I buy this extensions yesterday, and I feeling me home to use this good extensions, i will i near future translate the backend to Danish.

I started making a directory of links with exchange links with SOBI2 and Moset Tree.
I was not very satisfied because SOBI2 (which is a very good component) is more oriented address book.

Price difference between JV Link Directory (JV-LD) and Moset Tree did that I chose JV Link Directory (JV LD) since it is somewhat cheaper, because you can choose a shorter membership which of course makes it possible to test kompomenten,

I find the slightly confusing but the layout is easy to foresee.

It could be a good idea for the owner to do a demo site in the Administrator so you can see how it works before making a purchase.
Owner's reply

Thank you for taking your time to provide the review.

The demo for the Administrator is already available at

Thanks again

Reviews: 2
I bought this component there is one year.
I looked for a replacement component "bookmarks" for J! 1.5.
I started making a directory of links with exchange links with SOBI2.
I was not very satisfied because SOBI2 (which is a very good component) is more oriented address book

I just retested JV-LD since the passage GPL.
What progress. I expect certain features, such as import from CSV files, a finer grained fields in the admin interface, a possible translation in French ....
and the administrator interface is not ergonomic.

This is a good calling, good try
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review. We are already working on some important features that certainly includes CSV import. It should be available in the near future.

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