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WordPress Posts Module

You can use this extension in order to show your latest or most commented posts from your WordPress website, as long as it is located in the same server as your Joomla's.

Of course, it requires the right Database Credentials (DB Name, DB Username, DB Password and DB Host) otherwise you will only get an error message.

Additional features:
* Show/Hide Posts Titles
* Show/Hide Some Introtext
* Show/Hide "Read More" text
* Specify WordPress Category ID(s)
* Order by latest, modified, most commented or by title

Version updates:
For Joomla 2.5 and 3.+:
1.2.4: Supporting woocommerce products
1.2.3: New option to specify Post Tag ID(s).
1.2.1: Show/Hide the post date.

For All
1.2.0: Creating thumbs rather than displaying the original images. (This option requires your server to have URL file-access enabled).
1.1.0 : Possibility to show the first found image.

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Reviews: 1
It took my time to make it work because of the database credentials. The key is getting this info from wp-config.php file, it was quickly installed and once I realized the right place to get the credentials, it worked perfectly in any position I placed it.
Reviews: 1
I installed the module, all perfect functionality, recommend
Reviews: 1
nice module to hook in wordpress post or woocommerce products in to joomla.
Reviews: 1
Nice extension. It would be awesome if it could show the author´s name too... :(
Reviews: 12
Working in seconds. Took me a full two minutes to get it perfect because I decided I wanted to adjust the heading (and there's an option for that). Thank you!
Reviews: 16
For my purpose, it resides on a side bar with two of the latest articles. It works without any issues. The pictures automatically are resized with a lot of great little features like the heading size or Read More On/Off. I'm comparing this to my experience with EasyBlogs' module which is similar but has several key benefits that this lacks such as social integration. If the developer added social integration and a Read More Button - I believe this would be really amazing.
Reviews: 1
Easy install, easy to configure and get working. Simply insert DB information and publish it and your set. Configure it to your specific needs to tweak it even more (post order and such).

Allowed HTML Tags setting allows you to add , , html element tags that you may have in your posts to allow them to not be stripped by the PHP code.

Limitation I notice with it - The site I am building is designed to have a seamless interaction and transition between Joomla site and WP Blog - this plugin has no config setting to control how the "Read More:" links function - _parent or _blank for example for the target.
Reviews: 3
I would have given this module a Excellent rating but i could not get it to keep the formatting of the original WP post. Even though I told it to all tags, they seemed to be stripped away. Other than that, it works as you would expect.

Waiting for an answer on how to resolve this from the developer.
Reviews: 1
Very easy install and use. Excellent!
Reviews: 1
This is by far one of the best plugins i ever seen, i will donate him 50 euro if he add the image feature ! again 10+ for this, is working like a charm.
Reviews: 7
Once you have the correct details for your Word-press database settings it works like magic. The only problem I had was in working out the meaning of 'WP Database Host'. I typed in 'localhost' (similar to when you are installing a new Joomla platform) and the blog posts appeared in the designated position. A very handy module.
Reviews: 1
I have a Joomla website on the main domain and a WordPress blog on a subdomain. I used to create stub articles to show up on the Joomla front page that pointed to the new blog post on the WordPress side. Now I don't have to do that with this module listing the recent WordPress blog post. Easy to set up after I had tracked down all the database info.
Reviews: 2
I have only just started using Wordpress so I'm currently looking at modules and plugins on both platforms to integrate both Joomla & Wordpress.

This does exactly as it says, clean and simple. It took me under a minute to install, configure and display the result.

Thanks for sharing.