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The Award Winning Blogging Platform for Joomla - WordPress for Joomla! is compatible with Joomla 2.5/3.x!

We’ve combined the most popular blogging platform WordPress 3.0 with the most popular CMS Joomla to create the most powerful blogging component ever made for Joomla.

Packed with all of WordPress’s professional blogging tools, you can now harness the power of Wordpress without ever leaving Joomla. It’s a Joomla blogger’s new best friend.

Here are just a few of Wordpress for Joomla’s powerful features:

- WordPress for Joomla is EASY to install!
- Can power multiple blogs on your site from multiple authors!
- Powerful Social plugins at your fingers tips
- Can run thousands of powerful native WordPress plugins on your blog. You can even use Joomla content plugins on your WordPress posts, too!
- Includes built-in commenting, trackbacks, and pingbacks.
- Comes with 8 exclusive Joomla modules that will broadcast your latest WordPress blogs (multi-users), latest blog posts, recent blog comments & more throughout your entire Joomla site
- Comes with a free default theme; and also works with most 3rd party Joomla! templates. WordPress for Joomla will inherit styles from your website template right out of the box ensuring your blog always matches yours site!
- Integrates with JomSocial--the #1 community-creation software for Joomla
- Can import “MyBlog” posts into your new WordPress for Joomla blog, so switching is easy
- Supports Ping-O-Matic, which helps you promote your blog by pinging popular sites every time you post a new entry

WordPress is feature rich with the following:

- Permalinks
- Allow authors to password protect their posts
- Having WordPress decide if comments are spam or not with pinpoint accuracy.
- Automatic saving of blogs
- Dynamic Pages
- Integrated WordPress Themes
- Cross-blog communication tools
- Comments
- Spam protection
- Import/Export
- Much much more...

'corePHP' WordPress Integration for Joomla! has a variety of features and enhancements:

- SEF WordPress Links
- Automatic user syncing with Joomla! users
- Add / Remove blog title
- Multiple widget modules out of the box!
- Different options for CSS style sheets
- Show / Hide Author name in posts.
- Easy Installation AND upgrades!
- Variety of modules
- And so much more

'corePHP' has been providing WordPress for Joomla for almost 5 years now delivering the best blogging system experience for Joomla users. Get the best blogging extension on the market!

Happy Blogging

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Reviews: 1
Install & Config was a breeze.

Had some css issues with my theme, and submitted a ticket. Support took a good 2 days to respond, but when they did, they took care of it.

Loving having Joomla! + WP

Josh Brower
To The Last Tribe Computer Consulting
Reviews: 1
Overall, the component does what it is supposed to do and it does it fairly well. However, there are a couple of issues that I have found.

The first has to do with the breadcrumb links pushing the title to the right on posts.

The second has to do with the widgets on the sidebar butting right up against each other.

I tried to fix this in the style sheets without success. When I contacted the developer, I was told that I could hire him for $75 per hour to fix it.

Frankly, I was a bit put off by this as I am paying $80 per year to use this program, I am using his default template, and I am being asked to pay to fix an issue with his code.

Having said that, the video tutorials are very helpful and the installation and set up are very quick and easy.
Owner's reply

Dr. Todd,

Thanks for your comments. While every attempt is made to making the default template work with various templates - we also do recognize that it is impossible to accomplish this as various templates on the market could be overriding what is being used in the default template.

This is why we offer professional services to assist in cases like this. In most cases it is not just a few minutes here and there to fix things - but we have to do research into how your template is structured and adjust the CSS to best fit your templates needs. I'd like to also mention - it is not an issue with the code - but many times an issue with the Joomla! template being used. We see it all the time.

If you need any further assistance please feel free to contact us and we are more then willing to assist you.

Happy Blogging!

--Steven Pignataro
CEO 'corePHP'

Reviews: 1
I was looking for a solution for one of my clients for a method to integrate wordpress and joomla and this component does EXACTLY what is says, plus a lot more.
I had one issue (my fault) with sh404SEF and the URL's and corephp went above and beyond what was expected to assist me and get it working, they were responsive and unlike other companies i have bought components for actually seem to givea damn about there customers.
This is my first review for any component I have purchased but felt I had to tell others about it!
The component works flawlessly and the video tutorials on the site are very comprehensive. Users should remember that this is a combination of what i consider the most two most powerful web systems out there - so take the time to understand it - and it isn't that difficult and your will be very happy!
Highly recommended and you wont be disappointed.
Reviews: 1
I am not overly impressed with this component. I think it needs some work before it is worth the money.

The big problem with this is, why do we buy a product? For me it is to save time to get something done faster and more efficiently.

For me this ended up actually costing me more time to try and work out the bugs.
I ended up just using Joomla as my blog.
I don't feel this truly integrates wordpress into Joomla, because you can't post comments when viewing the Joomla end.

I also think a lot more documentation would be helpful. Right now the only instructions are a small PDF file, which is helpful for getting it installed, but not for actually using everything.

Buy if: You want Wordpress widgets to show in your Joomla Site and either don't care about the look too much, or have lots of time to put into tweaking it.

Don't Buy if: You want something that is publishable out of the box.
Owner's reply

Aqua Kitty,

I am sorry that you are dis-satisfied. We are committed to providing our users the best support around - it sounds like there was no questions asked to our support team.

One statement that is false as a user feedback "because you can't post comments when viewing the Joomla end" Comments are in fact done through the backend.

Documentation and video documentation is available: Please see the current releases and please see our video docs:

We are actively growing in providing information to our end users - as a product that used by hundreds ever day - we have felt the pressure to get this done - only so much time in a day.

Thanks for your comments and I look forward to hopefully changing your decision - please feel free to submit a support ticket at if you have any concerning questions.

Kindest regards,

--Steven Pignataro
CEO 'corePHP'

Reviews: 1
Product worked exactly as advertised. Service was even better..they went above and beyond in helping me figure out url rewrites with SH404SEF which isn't even thier product. Great crew!
Reviews: 1
In my opinion, Joomla is the best CMS and WordPress is the best blogging tool. Combine the two and all is perfect with the world!

This component is easy to install, easy to upgrade and of course, it is easy to use as it is a fully functional version of WordPress.

The support team is very good (and quick) at responding and helping with questions and/or issues.
Reviews: 6
I was very impressed about the high quality of this component. It provides a long needed functionality integrating wordpress in a clean, easy and searchenginefriendly way. But even better than that, is the great, fast and friendly support of the developer, not stopping to help, untill the customer reaches his goal. This support would be worth that money itself.
Support this guy!

thank you from
Reviews: 4
For those of you that were looking for a wordpress standalone component for Joomla, this does it to perfection! Just need to add a minor mod to the wordpress.php file and everything works perfectly as wordpress would BUT, on YOUR site under your own domain.

This allows you to fully use any wordpress template you wish to, without having to customize it for your main joomla template.

Reviews: 2
Great component and great service. I would recommend everyone who wants to use wordpress with Joomla this component. YOu should definitely buy this. Support is excellent.
Reviews: 9
Having been looking for a blogging component for Joomla! has been a headache for me, but after Rafael and the team at corePHP came out with this WordPress for Joomla! solution, I can honestly say that this will be a standard install on every site I do from now on. Also, with the addition of the highly anticipated WordPress MU (multiple blogs on one site), this will truly make corePHP stand out from other developers by far. corePHP has almost daily updates and is very quick to respond to any support question.

Obviously there has been much talk about Joomla 1.6 having a blogging component built in, but this component provides the best to-date solution available anywhere for Joomla!.
Reviews: 1
I have a relatively new site I am working on, but am very experienced with Joomla. As many would agree it lacks core features when you need them. So we were considering having a separate Wordpress Blog, but was not looking forward to maintaining a "separate sites content".

You need to know some background.

Today is 2/20/2009, Nine days ago I purchased this subscription.

At that time I was ranked 112 and 256 for two of my core keywords. Today I am ranked #3 and #16 respectively on Google.

It is a known fact that Google loves Wordpress and Joomla. Putting them together ... Brilliant!

WARNING: What else you must know is to read the simple directions. The one issue I had with installation was from me 'assuming' and making a simple mistake. One call to support and done.

This is a straight forward installation and works out of the box. Do your self a favor and grab the additional modules and plugins. They will make your site stronger for SEO and functionality.

The support has been 5 out of 5 every time I have had a question. Since installation I have had the pleasure of customizing a new theme and Rafael was excellent at helping me understand what I needed to do.

They have released several new modules and converted many WP Plugins since I made my purchase and I have to say that everything I needed to run a blog within my site is there.

Make sure you get some SEO module running, I use sh404sef and they have the plugin to go with it. So we have nice META and Title information right form the Posts.

Bottom line. If you want a fast deployment, scalable blog .. buy this.

Reviews: 2
I recently purchased this component and even with the documentation and video instructions my friend and I still could not get the component to install correctly. After contacting CorePHP they set up and fixed the errors we were having in a very short time. Very shortly after words they upgraded the component and after following the directions the installation process still gave us problems. 1 email to their support team got the problem fixed the very next day and they also told us that anytime a new version of the component comes out and we want to upgrade just contact them and they will do it for us from here on out!!! Talk about customer service! I don't know what's better the component or the customer service!
Reviews: 2
I'm know enough about about Joomla to be dangerous but Im no expert and often time need help setting up features and components. The issues I need support on with this component were resolved within an hour (would have been sooner if I had checked my email sooner). I'm real big on support and this team is outstanding!
Reviews: 1
This component is worth the money you pay for (it's actually an annual subscription). It's an almost perfect integration of the two worlds. However, I struggled a bit in the beginning identifying the best way to amend templates and CSS files but now it works almost like a charm.

The only setback so far is the lack of fully integrated Wordpress plugins but I am sure this will come as the component attracks more users.
Owner's reply

Please provide us your suggested plugins and we will get these migrated for you. The more feedback we have the more plugins we can provide that you want. For those that wish to do the migrations themselves - it is quite easy with our video guide:

Kindest regards,

--Steven Pignataro

Reviews: 1
This is the component I have been waiting for. Very well done corephp, this is very professional and worth every cent, hardly any bugs in fact they are really only improvements that need to be made. Not alot of documentation but forum support is quick so you don't really need it. Look forward to some great things to come. I love how you can keep WP users separate from main user DB, so to avoid conflicts with forum bridges, community builder, etc
Reviews: 1
When I first saw this extension I was skeptical. I had tried a couple of other blog extensions and neither did what I wanted it to do. I'm not trying to build a multi-user multi-blog site. All I am trying to do is build a better blog site. So I need an extension that improves the Joomla blogging capabilities and this extension does that perfectly. Hands down this is the best extension for blogging that there is. In fact it completely redefines the CMS/Blogging platform.

Once installed and configured properly this extension is almost perfect. When you log into the Wordpress admin panel, if you didn't know better you would think that you are using Wordpress 2.6.5 standalone. Pretty much everything that Wordpress does , so does this extension.

It is fully configurable ad you can even use Wordpress templates with a little bit of coding (A video on how to is in the works). So you can use your custom Joomla template globally or if you want you can use a Wordpress theme independently form your Joomla template giving you full control over look and feel. YTou can even add widgets to the Wordpress sidebar exactly the way you would in the standalone version of WP. And you have the option of disabling the default sidebar and using the available sidebar extension giving you added control over customization of your blog. Currently there are 4 extensions for Joomla and 3 plugins for Wordpress. The Joomla extensions are: 1. Wordpress-Categories 2. Wordpress-Latest Posts 3. Wordpress-Sidebar 4.Worpress-Search. The plugins are: 1. ALL-In-One SEO 2. Akismet 3. Lightbox for Wordpress. The plugins you have to upload via FTP the way you would in Wordpress standalone and the extensions you install through the Joomla installer 1.5.

The installation itself is a snap for most(I had a bit of a problem see notes at bottom). You install it like any other Joomla extension using the Joomla 1.5 installer. And the rest of the configuration is just as easy. If you have ever used Wordpress. Either at or used the standalone version, you'll be right at home.

The support is excellent. They emailed me back within an hour or so and made sure that all was well and installed and configured properly. The CEO even sent me an email to make sure that everything was in fact fine.

On the negative side: Currently there is no documentation. I have been assured that they are feverishly working on it. I had a ton of questions and they did answer all of them. Also the low number of Wordpress plugins is of concern but, again they assure me that they are working on a number of plugins for future release. However they do need user feedback to better focus on the plugins that are most popular.
And the biggest negative to me is the lack of integration between the Wordpress categories and Joomla categories. It would be ideal to have a module that pulls information from both databases and even syncs them for better end user experience. As it is now you have to manage both areas(Joomla and Wordpress) independently.

In summary, I think this is one hell of an extension. This has the potential of changing the CMS/Blogging platform. As more and more users were migrating to Wordpress for their CMS needs this might put and end to that.

If you do end up downloading this extension and have a problem installing(error referring to zip.php) just unzip it onto your desktop and use your own zip program to rezip it and you should not have a problem. They are aware of some servers having problems with this and are working on it.

Hope this helps, Happy blogging.CMSing
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