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Running on over 5,000 sites! JaggyBlog is a blog system that's user-friendly and quick to use. It has all of the important features you could want out of a blog for your website. A great budget alternative to other commercial options.

Main Features
* Only £10
* Comment system - approval, email notification and captcha. (Facebook, JComments and Komento)
* Blog tags
* SEO - URLs, Meta data and HTML.
* RSS feeds (Blog posts and comments)
* Templates - To suit all websites. (Universal, Wordpress and Newspaper layouts)
* Team-blogging - Works with the ACL of Joomla's Category Manager so that each user-type can be assigned what categories they're allowed to blog to.
* License - Access to support and updates for a year. Run JaggyBlog on as many sites as you own and for as long as you want after the year ends.

Free JaggyBlog Modules

* Blog categories
* Blog tags
* Latest/most popular blog posts
* Blog post sliding gallery
* Latest comments
* Blog post archive
* Calendar

Free JaggyBlog Plugins

* AceSEF
* Artio JoomSEF
* sh404SEF
* Search - Find JaggyBlog posts via Joomla's own search
* Social Share Buttons

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Reviews: 3
Super simple to install. Good tutorial. Unbelievable support. It just works and has great modules and plug-ins . Don't even look any further if you want a great blog component for Joomla. At 10 Pounds, it's basically free ! ! Thanks Ross.
Reviews: 2
The title of my review says it all: Excellent Product. The product is simple but gets the job done for what you want to do with blogging. What makes a product excellent? The support that comes with it! When I ran into issues, Ross took the time personally to help resolve and get me going. Forget about difficult blogging extensions you may be considering. Get JaggyBlog today and simplify your life. Your website will love you!
Reviews: 4
I have been using jaggy blog since 2010 and it is easy to set up and has great support. Top notch developer!
Reviews: 5
Thanks Ross,

I have been using Jaggyblog since Feb. 2013 and from day one Ross has given excellent support. Recently had a problem with Manage Comments in the component and Ross had it fixed within a day - to be included in the next update.

Cheers and thanks a million,
Reviews: 116
I have used several blogs on my own business site and on others, and this is by far the best one I have had the pleasure to use.

Thanks for making it simple to use, intuitive and user friendly.

Great job! If you are looking at this and thinking about it! STOP and buy it...SUPERB. Thanks. (I think I've had to much coffee) Cheers.
Reviews: 3
The author has provided some excellent support! I was directions to customise Facebook comments colorscheme for dark backgrounds to use until the admin interface has colorscheme added. Great product, and super value for money.
Reviews: 1
I bought this extension a while ago and at the moment I have been using it for about a year. The extension works great and the extra modules jaggyblog offers are very useful (latest post, social media share etc.) After posting 30+ pages of posts in my blog I encountered a problem. I contacted the creator of this extension and the support he offered was great. The issue was fixed in no time.

- Good, to-the-point, blog extension
- Excellent support
- Great value for money
- nice extra modules available
Reviews: 1
I have used JaggyBlog for a few years. It is exactly what it says -- simple and quick to use. It has a number of modules and plugins -- all are great!!

I needed some help with placement of the READ MORE link and Ross (the developer) was right on it with a quick fix!!

Excellent component. Excellent price. Excellent support!
Reviews: 3
It's fantastic component. I love it! No bugs and many plugins! Thanks to developer for this great extension!
Reviews: 8
I found the product easy to install and use. On one site I've used it for blogging, as a News feed that the user can easily update, and as a way that the user can add, edit and remove content easily.
When I had a problem with the site (of my making not jaggyblog) the support was outstanding.
I can thoroughly recommend it!
Reviews: 2
Easy install and config. Some issues after install but perfectly managed by Ross / JaggySnake. If you want (all)simple blog functionality under one roof. Pick this one.
Reviews: 1
It works wonders. We are web developers and imagine the quality it brings in our work. Our clients are satisfied clients. You can have a look at our portfolios (
Reviews: 2
One doesn't always need endless bells and whistles. Jaggy Blog blogs, allows comments and tags and peripheral functions. All for just 5 quid. Bargain and support is second-to-none.
Reviews: 2
There are only three extensions that matched me requirements. 1-$79, 2£59, 3-£5 (surely the last one isn't up to standard - well let me say it rocks, it works with my template, and the customer support is beyond what anyone could hope for. Jubilee weekend, ross answered my email. that is truly great. give it a try, you won't be disappointed.
Reviews: 30
JaggyBlog started out as a simple little blog program but the developer continues to add to it so it's a very well rounded single-user blog program now. Easy to install, easy to use with very clean design throughout. And the "universal" style fits into my existing template without any style adjustments.

Some time ago I wrote a tutorial on how to use Joomla 1.5 as a blog, and when I got done I thought: this really IS too complicated. In order to get Joomla to behave somewhat like Wordpress I had to scout around for various extensions (some of which were no longer supported after I began using them.) It was a ton of work putting it together, and the only GOOD thing about all that: I really learned my way around Joomla.

So IMO, it's better to find a good Blog component and use that instead. I tried a few of them, free and commercial. This is the most impressive Blog component I've used. And yes, it's "commercial" but 5 euro is really CHEAP and well worth it considering all the time it has saved me from trying to make Joomla be a blog on it's own.

I installed JaggyBlog and it was already on the Menu and published when I clicked on Menu to set it up. What a nice surprise!

I'm very happy with this component.
Reviews: 8
If anybody is looking for a simple but very efficient blog extension for Joomla 2.5 this is the right choice. It can be implemented very fast and works smoothly.

Moreover I would like to prise support given by the developer. In my case at the very beginning I faced some serious problems trying to start JaggyBlog but Ross almost immediately reacted and corrected two or three files files. Thumbs up:)!
Reviews: 5
I wanted a simple BLOG for my Joomla 2.5 and found it with this plug in. compared to the other it is incredibly good. When installed I did have a conflict with the Jquery installed on the template but that was corrected quickly and effectively by the creator.

Reviews: 3
I have a News website...

And "News / Latest" section

I installed this extention and start to add articles to Jaggy/Blog, articles start to show at News/Latest section also...

Time being I purchased it but it useles for me..
Owner's reply

The user's enquiry has been resolved and was merely a parameter that needed to be selected in the "Latest Posts" module for JaggyBlog.

Thanks for your positive review.


Reviews: 1
I used this on a client site so they could add simple articles by industry leaders in Commercial Real Estate, to be reviewed by others in the industry.

This is an excellent, easy to use plugin and the support for a couple of initial issues I had were responded to and updated very quickly.

A+ Service
A+ Product

Simple purchase, download, install and setup. Takes only a few minutes at a time.
Reviews: 1
So far, I really love Jaggy blog. It's easy to setup, easy to figure out, and easy to post new articles. It's great for websites where the blog is the secondary concern. Overall, very simple program at a great price!
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