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Running on over 5,000 sites! JaggyBlog is a blog system that's user-friendly and quick to use. It has all of the important features you could want out of a blog for your website. A great budget alternative to other commercial options.

Main Features
* Only £10
* Comment system - approval, email notification and captcha. (Facebook, JComments and Komento)
* Blog tags
* SEO - URLs, Meta data and HTML.
* RSS feeds (Blog posts and comments)
* Templates - To suit all websites. (Universal, Wordpress and Newspaper layouts)
* Team-blogging - Works with the ACL of Joomla's Category Manager so that each user-type can be assigned what categories they're allowed to blog to.
* License - Access to support and updates for a year. Run JaggyBlog on as many sites as you own and for as long as you want after the year ends.

Free JaggyBlog Modules

* Blog categories
* Blog tags
* Latest/most popular blog posts
* Blog post sliding gallery
* Latest comments
* Blog post archive
* Calendar

Free JaggyBlog Plugins

* AceSEF
* Artio JoomSEF
* sh404SEF
* Search - Find JaggyBlog posts via Joomla's own search
* Social Share Buttons

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Reviews: 4
Many people have commented that this is a great component for the price. Although I agree, it's actually a great component, regardless of price. It is very easy to install and configure. I had one module that I had a problem with that was not his fault, but Ross responded quickly to my email and fixed it just as fast. I highly recommend this component for adding a blog to any Joomla website. It's the perfect solution.
Reviews: 10
I've purchased and used two other "top rated" blog extensions. One has become a bit "dated" without updates, and the other clutters the screen with so many extras, that the blog content gets lost. I was seeking something that would display within my templates more "seamlessly" without a lot of fiddling. This is EXACTLY what I was seeking. At $8 (US) I almost felt guilty asking for some minor support, which Ross provided IMMEDIATELY and PROFESSIONALLY. In addition to the typical blog modules - Two things I was excited to find... use of whatever editor is configured in Joomla (JCE!) and use of 3rd party plugins within the component.
Reviews: 5
I have been looking for a blog that actually delivers and Jaggy does! It is great - not to mention the price (only about $8.00). The template is simple, allowing it to blend in with any website and the category, comments, and other plug-ins make it look just as good as Wordpress.

You will not be disappointed. Don't forget to make sure the timezone is correct within Joomla or it won't work. I didn't realize that until I emailed the company and received a very quick response.

Thanks for a great component!!!
Reviews: 3
I have used various blogs in Joomla; such as myblog, Smartblog and Superblogger. This is the best deal for a blogging component. Superblogger, which is more difficult to use, setup and must use Disqus commenting costs more and does not store comments locally. With a few more bell and whistles and templates, don't be surprised to see this gem with a $25+ price tag and a 1 site license. Meanwhile, altering the template css is not much work and you can add your own templates.

I added this blog since I needed more than 1 blog on my website to keep material and categories separate and it was very similar in functionality to another, but with a streamlined backend.

Ross replied quickly.

If I could change one thing, it would be to use jomcomment as well as jcomment, but that is a want and not a necessity by any means. Its built-in comment system is very good.

This blog is simple to use and that is a big plus, especially if you need to train someone how to use it or to ad it to other websites.

The fact that you can use it more than once is a huge plus too.

From what I see, this blog is relatively new. I can tell because the component uses the sites folder and the date it was added was about a year ago. Often, extensions are a better deal during this period and so is the licensing.

It creates page titles to each blog entry that match the page title...just like it should and keywords can be added to any article.

Thanks Ross,
Reviews: 1
Great, great, great component! Simple to use and does what it says. The only reason it is 4/5 stars is because it is not 1.6 compatible. The creator got back to me very fast when I was unable to install on 1.6 and let me know. Great customer support.

I was told 1-2 months is a tentative completion time.
Reviews: 2
It was easy to install and very straightforward to configure. I had one problem getting my JCE editor to work with it because of a java script conflict with another component (a forum). Apparently my mootools upgrade was part of the problem, but Ross fixed it and did so promptly. Now both components "play together nice." I am so grateful to Ross for his support. This blog and the support are very much worth the price (about $7). I can't give enough praise to JaggyBlog!
Reviews: 3
I wanted a simple and easy to handle blog. Both front-end and back-end of JaggyBlog is clear, practical and functional. Great value for a really low price.
Reviews: 1
I was looking for simple to use and install blog for a while now. JB is en excellent solution for blog on your joomla website.

You will not need to know any techy stuff to install it, your clients will have no problems with using it.

Support for this externsion is Excellent. Ross replyed to my email straight away. Issue was not on blog by my server but he updated my blog to latest version advice what to ask my Host provider to solve the issue... I mean seriously - I could not expect any more!

I really recommend it to everyone who wants to run blog on his Joomla website!

Many Thanks to the creator.

Reviews: 2
Installation and setup very straightforward. Works out of the box, but should also be sufficiently configurable for most users. One minor issue resolved by Ross within a couple of hours - on a weekend! Well worth the small charge.
Reviews: 1
If you're searching for an easy to install/customize blog for your Joomla site then look no further! I also appreciate Ross' assistance and the awesome modules as well.

Thanks Ross!
Reviews: 8
My client wanted a simple blog feature for his site and JaggyBlog fit his needs perfectly. It's easy to install, has almost no learning curve, works beautifully and Ross is right there to help out should you need him - he fixed a minor problem quickly. If you need to blog, give this a'll like it!
Reviews: 2
I have tried a few blog component - Jaggyblog is great. I had a little problem and Ross helped me straight away. Its easy to install and simple to use. This component is one I will certainly get a lot of use from. The cost is minimal only 5 pounds.
Reviews: 1
I've been designing web sites for quite a while, but had never used Joomla as a platform for creating a site. I wanted to create some blogs, but wasn't happy with Wordpress, b2bEvolution, Moveable Type and a few others I sampled.

Joomla had what I wanted in a content management system, but was missing a blog component. After searching the Joomla site, I found jaggyblog.

The first thing that impressed me was jaggyblog's main website. It combined simplicity with a great design. Before purchasing the software, I viewed the installation demo on the homepage.

That demo made it crystal clear exactly what a beginner to Joomla such as myself would need to do to get jaggyblog up and running, and configured for my new Joomla site.

The installation went exactly as described in the demo at the jaggyblog homepage. I took advantage of a couple of the free downloads offered there, and have incorporated the Blog Categories into my new Joomla site as well.

I have had one question about a modification to the source code of jaggyblog, which I submitted to Ross at jaggyblog support on a Sunday afternoon. By that evening, I had an answer to my question, implemented the recommendation, and am set to go.

In my opinion, the combination of Joomla PLUS jaggyblog (for those wanting a blog capability on their site) is BETTER than any other option I tested with strictly Blogging software.

My static pages are completely independent of the blog section, which was the most important feature of jaggyblog for my use.

Discovering Joomla was a pleasant experience for me. The addition of jaggyblog to Joomla completed the experience in a manner which was much better than I had expected.

I highly recommend Jaggyblog to anyone searching for a very reasonably priced blog addition to their Joomla site. One of the few programs I've purchased where I've felt I actually got MORE than my money's worth.
Reviews: 1
I needed a really simple blog, while still using the same article section. It's very easy to set up! It's not bulky like many of the other applications out there and i really like the layout design. It's very clean! Customer support is quick!

Thanks for the great application!
Reviews: 2
Installation was simple. I like the fact the the developer created a installation video tutorial. However, when I ran into a problem with ordering this extension, I was unable to find help from the developer. Emails were not returned.
Owner's reply

Hi there. I strive to reply to all emails within a reasonable time. The only reason why you might not have had a reply is if somehow your email didn't get to me.

Hope you are still enjoying what JaggyBlog brings!


Reviews: 54
I just got this component yesterday and installed it on my site. It worked perfect straight out of the box. Very easy and simple to configure and you won't have any troubles with this.

I used the default template and it looked great on my site. I love the Tags feature! Truly well worth it!

I had several questions and Ross from JaggyBlog had replied with perfect answers I was trying to find within an hour.

Great service, Great blog component = Happy Joomla Customer

Thanks very much again!
Reviews: 1
As a Joomla! beginner, I was looking for a blog that would be affordable and easy to install while having all the usual functions you want in a blog. So having read the recommendations and looked at the price (5£), I decided to give it a try.

I haven't had a reason to regret it yet. Getting started is quick and easy, it does not have a boatload of options, but it has everything you need for the usual blogging. What REALLY shines is the customer service: Being virtually a Joomla newbie, I had to ask the author several times for his help - his answers came quick (usually within the same day!), were precise and easy to understand. I would highly recommend JaggyBlog for any Joomla! beginner and for anyone who just wants a convenient blog with the function Joe Average needs (Tags, RSS, Captcha, comment notification, comment management.)
Reviews: 2
This is a great blog, and it integrates seamlessly with your template. Installation and setup was very easy. I had one minor issue after setup. I emailed the developer with my problem, and he emailed me back with a fix THE SAME DAY! I would recommend this extension to anyone looking for an easy to use blog without all the unnecessary extras.

Great job, JaggySnake!
Reviews: 2
This a very affordable plugin that gets the job done. I have tried a number of blog components, but this one has all the features you dream of, it looks great and is easy to install.

I had a minor problem with the install, but I got fast, helpful service from the developer.

This blog is a real sleeper. When people find out about it, it is going to be #1.
Reviews: 1
For me it is always about, .... what makes live more easy! Well jaggyblog is one of those things. It is easy to install and even more easy to operate and it does what I was looking for in order to run a blog on my website.

The service and support is second to none, when ever I had a question I got an answer or a solution only 2 hours later!

I really recommend JaggyBlog!
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