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Easy Blog is the best Joomla blog extension which powers more than 50,000 Joomla! sites and blog. Easy Blog can be used to manage your personal blog, company blog, category blogs or even team blogs. Easy Blog also has tons of Social Network integrations that allows you to automatically post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedI. Easy Blog extension also has tons of integrations with EasySocial & JomSocial.

Easy blog was featured on the Community Choice Extensions in Joomla Extensions Directory as one of the best blog component.

Why Choose Easy Blog?
1. All-in-One blog component to start blogging in Joomla because it has tons of features

2. Easy Blog is integrated with tons of 3rd party Joomla extensions & non-Joomla addons

3. Smooth and seamless blog layout integration with major Joomla tempates in the market

4. Great for managing team blog and group blog with extensive ACL flexibility

5. Top quality products backed by a team of experienced web developers (see our Reviews below)

6. Most popular Joomla Blog component that professional and novice users love

Key Features of Easy Blog
- Support multiple blog authors in a single blog extension without requiring users to login to the back end
- Start posting blogs remotely from Windows LiveWriter, ScribeFire or MarsEdit
- Migrate blogs from Joomla articles, My Blog, K2 or Wordpress
- Easy Blog bundles with a built-in blog comment system; supports Facebook Comments
- Share blogs to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and more
- Manage images, files and other medias with group media sharing in the blog dashboard
- Display news within EasyBlog from other websites or blogs via feed imports
- Create blogs from Gmail or Yahoo! Mail to appear in EasyBlog

Additional Features for EasyBlog:
- Many blog templates available supporting Joomla templates/themes
- Control spam comments with built-in captcha tool, supports Recaptcha
- Viewable in mobile phones or tablets with Weever Apps support
- Monetize your blog with display ads by Google AdSense
- Micro blogging for short and fast blogging on the fly
- Supports a variety of search engine friendly plugins
- Add geo-locations with Google Maps
- and tons more...

EasyBlog Integrations List:
• Joomla Content Editor (JCE) / Joomla CK Editor (JCK)
• EasySocial / JomSocial / Community Builder / JomWALL / MightyTouch
• JFBConnect / AutoTweetNG
• sh404SEF / joomSEF / AceSEF / SEF Advance / ARTIO JoomSEF
• PayPlans
• SocialAds by TechJoomla
• MijoACL
• J!MailAlerts / MailChimp
• JA Comment / JComments / Facebook Comments / Disqus / Intense Debate / Komento
• RokSprocket by RocketTheme
• iJoomla SEO
• Joomla Content Statistics
• JV-Extensions
• Blogsy / Weever Apps
• Zemanta
• and tons of other blog integrations

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Reviews: 6
I have been playing around for while doing this and that to get my blog from blogspot migrated to my own site without success - at least there were nice things like a tag cloud missing or clumsy to handle with free plugins.

Then I decided to buy EasyBlog and it was a good investment. Very professional solution for managing a blog and I don't miss anything from my previous blogspot hosting.

I recommend it for everybody who want to set up a professional blog :)
Reviews: 1
I'm so pleased with Easy Blog, it's so easy to install and configure. There are so many settings to choose from and it's easy to make a really custom blog. I was looking for an extension to organize my organization's content that would be easy to update and let members know automatically when posts have been made. I'm looking forward to using all the features available for Easy Blog. And this extension probably has the best customer service I've come across since I started using Joomla three years ago. They are really quick about getting back to you and are really helpful whether you post to the forum or create a support ticket. I wanted to know how to create a daily digest email from the blog and they sent me detailed instructions on how to accomplish that. I would definitely recommend for extensions.
Reviews: 11
I was looking for a better blog when I found Easyblog and saw nice comments about it. I decided to jump in right away. The product is superb and the service is excellent. All my questions were answered very fast and they even adjusted the setup to my liking.
This product rocks and their customer service is excellent. Thank you for being customer-focused. This is important for many new Joomla users like me.
Reviews: 1
I can't begin to say enough great things about EasyBlog. I've used Joomla for 5 years and have never left a review until now. I tried every other blogging component and all fell short in ease of use and seo benefits. EasyBlog was easy to install, very seo friendly, has a great layout, and the support is TOP NOTCH. They go above and beyond to iron out the smallest bug or conflict with other extensions in the installation. This component is well deserving of 5 stars or more in my opinion.
Reviews: 2
I have developed websites since the start of www and have never, ever before experienced a more dedicated team that is:

- Highly expert in develping the best blog component ever made for joomla (or any othe CMS)

- Faster than fast - we are talking minutes to a few hours!!!

- Friendliest around - like you have known them for years :)

And special thanks to Jack for helping me out making it possible to run the first EasyBlog 3 beta version on my live site - he is literally fixing bugs as soon as I can report them.

If there's one decision you will never regret, then it's to get EasyBlog...

Reviews: 1
I am new to Joomla and wanted to create a blog for our church website. Ater installing Easyblog I had issues with the initial setup. Their customer support, in particular Jack, has been excellent and very patient in helping me get Easyblog up and running. Many thanks, excellent product, and outstanding support.
Reviews: 1
I've been using another blogging component on other sites for several years and decided to try out easyblog. Wow! What a difference. The interface and features are well thought out, the code makes sense and editing templates is logical. I submitted a request for a small feature and received a reply within an hour (along with an apology for "taking so long to reply")-- absolutely amazing.

Migration from other blog components is easy and built in so there isn't any reason for me not to migrate my other sites over to this. Social integration is simple and much of the component can be customized without touching code. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
I have to rave about the excellent support I got when I needed help with my EasyBlog installation. In the end the problem was on my end, but Jack and Terence couldn't have been more helpful as they searched for the right solution. They responded immediately to each one of my ticket updates with concise instructions on how to handle the possible scenarios and were very friendly. They always made me feel confident that we would get to the bottom of the problem. They were ready to use an online conference service to take a look at my setup (since I was working on a local server) but their suggestions allowed me to find the error I had introduced in my installation. Kudos to the support team! And best of all, after the installation I was very impressed by the look, feel and ease of use of the software. They truly deliver the goods!
Reviews: 2
I have been a joomla user for nearly 2 years and this is my first review. I just had to compliment the designers of EasyBlog. It is a great name because it is so easy to set up and use. I had no problems but the support was very quick to answer my questions. I had tried another blog extension and had too much trouble with it so this one was an amazing change. Highly recommended, worth every penny!
Reviews: 4
I highly recommend this component for its functionality, and also for the incredible quick, courteous, and helpful support team.
Reviews: 2
If you use Joomla! for Blogging, you must have Easy Blog. The product delivers everything it offers, and the support is unequaled for a Joomla Extension. The subscription for support is worth every penny. I added it to the new site we built for our company a couple of weeks ago, and now I am convincing my clients to migrate to it for their blogs. No Joomla! based blog should be without this.
Reviews: 2
Just bought the software and can hardly believe the support that stackideas is providing. A software that you will not regret purchasing *thumbs up*
Reviews: 6
There is nothing much to say on how awesome Blog component EasyBlog is. It has tons of features, all of which are highly flexible. I have never had any major problems..

I want to emphasize on the excelent pro-support. Truly, I never received before such a swift and efficient support.

My existing "comments" extension had not been upgraded to J1.7. I wanted to switch another comment program, but lack of EasyBlog integration was holding me back..After a few days of hesitation, I contacted the EasyBlog support. Next day my integration was ready..

I wanted to autopublish our site contents to our FB page..There is another component for this purpose, but they don't have an addon for Easyblog. So I placed an order to have a custom addon for EasyBlog..I wish I checked EasyBlog settings more carefully: This feature is already built-in EasyBlog..But it wasn't including the picture in the blog..No problem, I contacted them and again the picture problem has been fixed in the next few hours..Superior Extension, first class support, highly courteous customer care..Thanks a lot Jack..
Reviews: 3
Joomla is frustrating because you spend hours trying to make a component or plug in work that has little to no support and never will. I decided to spend the cash on EasyBlog in hopes of getting a quality component that will work and save my self a lot of hassle and time.

Right away I had trouble installing, kept getting an error message no matter what I tried. I submitted a support ticked at 10:30 pm and figured I would get a reply sometime the next day if I was lucky. I checked my email at 10:45pm one last time before bed and found a reply to my support ticket. It suggested switching form php4 to php5. I made the quick change and the rest is history.

The blog works perfectly, so many options to customize you almost get lost. I would highly recommend this blog. Great features and great support. 5 Stars in my book.
Reviews: 1
As a novice Joomla user, I found EasyBlog extremely easy to implement. I had some difficultly enabling reader comments (user error), but the Tech Spt team was very reponsive, patient, and helpful.
Reviews: 12
Awesome component, modules, plugins, integrates perfectly with JomSocial, amazing support... What more do you need? And it is so cheap compared to its feature richness and robustness. Worth the money in every case.
Reviews: 1
I was amazed at the EasyBlog customer support team. I invested in another big name Joomla blogging tool and am still waiting customer support resolution 3 days later. The EasyBlog team helped me resolve the installation glitch starting at 11 PM on a Friday night and had me up and running before 3AM Saturday morning. I was absolutely amazed at their courteous responses and immediate support. I am thrilled with the ease of set-up and features of EasyBlog Pro and it is integrating perfectly with Joomla 1.6 and JomSocial 2.2. I understand that EasyBlog is also 1.7 ready as well. I am wowed by the ability to have a site wide blog as well as individual user blogs. The integration with JomSocial is really smooth and there are several plug-in extensions that really add lots of JomScoial specific features. If you have narrowed down your Blog component selections to just a few product choices, you should really use EasyBlog as your benchmark. Meanwhile, as I am blogging with EasyBlog Pro I will continue the process of getting a refund from the other major JomSocial compatible blog firm... Wish me luck! EasyBlog's customer support has completely won me over. MY RATING 5 out of 5***** Michael Leavitt - Orem, Utah
Reviews: 1
I'm a very happy customer of EasyBlog. It's very easy to use, with lots of features. I did experience a few bugs, but support was excellent, and my issues have since been solved.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your reviews :)

Reviews: 2
I implemented another "WordPress" Blog solution for my Joomla site -- but when I came across EasyBlog - I ditched weeks of work and chose this solution instead -- and I don't regret it one bit! This is simply a terrific blog solution, with great features, very good performance (page load), a GREAT PRICE -- AND HANDS DOWN THE BEST SUPPORT AROUND! If only some of the other Paid Joomla Solutions were like StackIdeas! I can' be happy enough with choosing this extension :)
Owner's reply


Thank you! It was an honour to be able to deal with customers like yourself :)

Reviews: 4
This a great components. well designed. easy to install and configure. Lots of great free plugins and modules to download and add to this component. The SUPPORT IS EXCELLENT!!!
Owner's reply


Thank you and we are really happy that you are enjoying blogging with Joomla!

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