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Easy Blog is the best Joomla blog extension which powers more than 50,000 Joomla! sites and blog. Easy Blog can be used to manage your personal blog, company blog, category blogs or even team blogs. Easy Blog also has tons of Social Network integrations that allows you to automatically post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedI. Easy Blog extension also has tons of integrations with EasySocial & JomSocial.

Easy blog was featured on the Community Choice Extensions in Joomla Extensions Directory as one of the best blog component.

Why Choose Easy Blog?
1. All-in-One blog component to start blogging in Joomla because it has tons of features

2. Easy Blog is integrated with tons of 3rd party Joomla extensions & non-Joomla addons

3. Smooth and seamless blog layout integration with major Joomla tempates in the market

4. Great for managing team blog and group blog with extensive ACL flexibility

5. Top quality products backed by a team of experienced web developers (see our Reviews below)

6. Most popular Joomla Blog component that professional and novice users love

Key Features of Easy Blog
- Support multiple blog authors in a single blog extension without requiring users to login to the back end
- Start posting blogs remotely from Windows LiveWriter, ScribeFire or MarsEdit
- Migrate blogs from Joomla articles, My Blog, K2 or Wordpress
- Easy Blog bundles with a built-in blog comment system; supports Facebook Comments
- Share blogs to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and more
- Manage images, files and other medias with group media sharing in the blog dashboard
- Display news within EasyBlog from other websites or blogs via feed imports
- Create blogs from Gmail or Yahoo! Mail to appear in EasyBlog

Additional Features for EasyBlog:
- Many blog templates available supporting Joomla templates/themes
- Control spam comments with built-in captcha tool, supports Recaptcha
- Viewable in mobile phones or tablets with Weever Apps support
- Monetize your blog with display ads by Google AdSense
- Micro blogging for short and fast blogging on the fly
- Supports a variety of search engine friendly plugins
- Add geo-locations with Google Maps
- and tons more...

EasyBlog Integrations List:
• Joomla Content Editor (JCE) / Joomla CK Editor (JCK)
• EasySocial / JomSocial / Community Builder / JomWALL / MightyTouch
• JFBConnect / AutoTweetNG
• sh404SEF / joomSEF / AceSEF / SEF Advance / ARTIO JoomSEF
• PayPlans
• SocialAds by TechJoomla
• MijoACL
• J!MailAlerts / MailChimp
• JA Comment / JComments / Facebook Comments / Disqus / Intense Debate / Komento
• RokSprocket by RocketTheme
• iJoomla SEO
• Joomla Content Statistics
• JV-Extensions
• Blogsy / Weever Apps
• Zemanta
• and tons of other blog integrations

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Reviews: 2
I was in big problem before, I have corephp wordpress and wordpress is not a joomla component and that make many problem for me.

I ask if I could have a migrate from wordpress to easyblog, never think they will do.
But Jack and Sam from StackIdeas fix this in a few days and everything is working 100% good.

Support is the best.

Thanks for your help StackIdeas.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the feedbacks!

Reviews: 1
There are two aspects to great software - a great product and great service. EasyBlog scores top marks on both counts.

Installation is as easy as it gets. The social network integration is nicely laid out and was easy to set up until it turned out that the Facebook account I was linking to for the customer wasn't their main Facebook page. Support was phenomenal and they added functionality to take this fairly corner case scenario into account very quickly, even going so far as editing the files on the server themselves!

Big thanks to the support team and the dev team for being so responsive.

I'll be buying another license soon for my own site.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your honest feedbacks! :)

Reviews: 10
If it used the jos_content tables, instead of separate table.

I liked the easyblog component, it works very well, but it doesn't use the standard Joomla Section/Category jos_content tables, which makes it very clunky.

You can't easily link between articles and blog posts, the image manager function doesn't work the same way..

Its almost like a completely separate website.. if you do everything through easyblog, you'll be find, but if you are trying to mix the two, its a nightmare.
Owner's reply


Thank you for your feedbacks and I greatly appreciate your concerns. I have to agree that we don't actually use Joomla tables for storage but it could eventually pose a larger problem having it stored in Joomla's article / category or section tables since there is really no way of manipulating the links in Joomla.

We do actually have a built in article linking between EasyBlog blogs and also Joomla articles. It allows you to search and link articles in EasyBlog easily.

Again, I really appreciate your feedbacks and we will definitely look into a separate storage option.

Reviews: 1
I bought this extension for a client who wanted to have a blog. I like Joomla so this was the obvious choice IMO. I had a few issues that were my own and the support staff still helped me. Emails were returned usually right away, and it was on a weekend.

I did discover one glitch in the program and it was fixed right away. I have no doubt that due to the great attitude of the support staff and the obvious attention to customer service this is a company that will keep improving their existing products until they the the best that they can be.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedbacks!

Reviews: 3
Reviewing this is EASY.... It's AWESOME.... Better than AWESOME.... This is my 3rd attempt with a Joomla Blogging component and it's in a class of its own..... I've been with Joomla 5+ years now and know good and bad components.... This one is WORLD CLASS.... Can't praise it enough. Oh yes, and the customer support is FANTASTIC too.... This is one component that is clearly well loved, well developed and well supported.... AWESOME.
Owner's reply

Thank you Andy and by the way, your site is looking awesome! :)

Reviews: 4
I had Azrul’s My Blog that comes with Jomsocial. At first glance it looked very promising but once I got into really testing it out, I ran into many limitations and set backs. I really didn’t like the fact that it was intertwined with my Joomla articles so I decided to try all of Joomla’s other blogging systems. This was a task and a half. They were either too complex and/or lacking in options, or far too basic.

Finally I found EasyBlog. EasyBlog was like a breath of fresh air. It had everything I wanted and more. Most importantly, it was easy to install, configure and use. I didn’t have to download it and then waste time searching for add-ons from other developers, and then waste time trying to find which of those add-ons worked well with everything else I had going on inside my site.

EasyBlog integrated seamlessly within my site and has its own image browser and commenting system.

Given the complexity of my site I needed some cosmetic things done after my install and their tech support really stepped up in helping me to reach my goals. I highly recommend it for anyone using Joomla and especially as a replacement for Azrul’s My Blog. It is simply the best blogging system for Joomla.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedbacks!

Reviews: 4
I have been looking for an easy front end editing solution for my customers websites. Joomla's editing capabilities are easy enough for me, but not for the average business owner, who has no time to learn new things.

I was using MyBlog for some time, but always ran into roadblocks with the inability to upload photos, or use any editor I wanted.

I took a chance with EasyBlog out of pure frustration, and am so happy for this choice.

Everything out of the box worked as I had hoped, and it was very easy to edit the CSS to match my sites themes.

I did have one major issue with EasyBlog creating separate articles that would not lead back to the blog with a readmore or title link.

I went to the support forum expecting to not get an answer anytime soon, as I have with so many other extensions.

My forum post was answered within a few hours, and Jack hacked the code some to fit me needs.

He assured me this would be fixed in the next update and that I would not need to do anymore hacking in the future.

Now my site is working exactly as it should, with a much easier solution for my customer.

I will be using EasyBlog on all of my sites, and replacing MyBlog on all of my past customers sites.

Thank You Slack Ideas, Jack, and EasyBlog for taking care of your customers needs quickly and efficiently.
Owner's reply

Thanks, our goal is to listen :)

Reviews: 2
We decided to try out Easy Blog for a demanding Joomla 1.6 project and thought we should tell how that panned out months later. The install was quick and easy and the layout of the program very intuitive. In the first few days we had several questions and we received prompt, helpful and informative support each time. The Blog is a solid add on and as expected - easy to use and manage. Without doubt we made a great choice and we got a professional extension that can be used in mission critical environments. Thank you guys. You are part of the fabric that makes Joomla such a huge success.
Owner's reply

Thank you!

Reviews: 1
EasyBlog is in my opinion the best bloging system for Joomla. We had the quickest support and all our questions were answered. Highly recommend this for your Joomla project.
Owner's reply

Thank you! We hope you are enjoying the ease of writing blogs now :)

Reviews: 2
Firstly I purchased this blog and CorePHP's Wordpress for Joomla at the same time after finding other blogs coming up short...

At the time of purchase Easyblog was at version 1.8 or something and despite it installing like a breeze, having a beautiful backend and being very intuitive to setup in about 3 minutes, it really annoyed me because "out of the box" I had never found a Joomla component with as many styling clashes as Easyblog with Yootheme templates and JCE and FCK editors.

However, the submission of a support ticket revealed the strength behind Easyblog and the company that makes it, Stackideas. I had a reply in less than thirty minutes and they had already gone into my site and put most things right with styling overides and changes. I managed to find more and they did those changes as well, and gave me complete list on how to make the changes every time I installed Easyblog on a new site.

Amazing service but I was still a little peeved that it clashed so much with Yootheme stuff and I would have to manually change quite a few lines of code on every install.

In use however, 1.8 was so far ahead of Wordpress, Zoo and everything else I had tried.

Nothing however prepared me for version 2 released a few days ago!

"Out of the box" the styling is absolutely stunning on all the provided themes, with the "default" and "simplistic" being superb for a slick and professional look that blends with anything. Also, no clashes with Yootheme, big bonus!

I showcased it to a current client the other day with some sample content on, as he wanted a blog and I wanted him to buy one...His reply..."OMFG that's amazing" (he already has a Wordpress blog. It's now being added to his site as we speak :)

Stackideas' support have shown me how to customise the blog template further just on the back of a simple question and I have also been converted to JCE from FCK into the bargain and I am one happy Joomla designer!

For me, their support is simply exceptional, and probably more importantly their attitude to existing customers is excellent. A day after I purchased Easyblog they announced via Twitter that they were selling it at 20% off as an Easter special for a limited period. I dropped them a message saying I felt a bit robbed, tongue in cheek, and I got a mega apology, an extra 3 months on my support package and also 12 months of their EasyDiscuss component for free. Try getting that out of Sky or Vodafone.

All in all, the component is outstanding and the company staff even more so!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!

Reviews: 11
Just bought Easyblog and at first it didn't work how I wanted it or thought it should work. I wrote to support, assuming that they would say "maybe in future versions." I was blown away that support actually sent back script modifications and did it all for me. Everything I asked for to customize it to my needs, they did. They weren't huge things but enough to where if they weren't made, I couldn't use it. Everything works great now, so I just wanted to share my positive experience with them as a company.
Owner's reply

Thank you Mike! We will try to improve our service as we move on

Reviews: 3
After spending money on one blog component, that didn't work or meet my needs, and trying out several more, I decided to try out EasyBlog. Boy am I happy with my decision. I integrated beautifully with my site, and community component, editors and more, has the same look and feel, that will keep my users engaged, and is easy to use. Had a small issue after installing, and support responded quickly with the solution that I could apply now with a fix for the next release. Th
Owner's reply

Thank you! EasyBlog 2 was re-built to ensure smooth integrations with all the template clubs available.

Reviews: 10
I came looking again for a blog/comment solution for a site I'm working on. It was a toss up between EasyBlog and WordPress for Joomla.

I'm pleased to report my choice of EasyBlog was an excellent decision. The app installed easily and I was able to migrate in my posts with minimal effort. I still have a few bumps to iron out but I'm thrilled with this product! Thanks EasyBlog!
Owner's reply

Thank you! Our main goal, is to actually allow users to use Joomla as their preferred blogging choice and of course, if you face any obstacles, please do utilize our support! :)

Reviews: 2
I have purchased easyblog and had problems with the installation on my site. I submitted a ticket and received help within 10 minutes which is extremely quick given it was weekend, 9 PM! The problem was solved and easyblog is up and running!
Owner's reply

Thanks for your feedbacks!

Reviews: 12
Though I'm a Joomla user since Mambo days, I'm a relative newcomer to this blog "thing". I got sweet-talked into EasyBlog because of a promotion and didn't really know what to expect.

I really can't compare with other blog add-ons for Joomla, but I know a good component when I see one. It's *immensely* configurable but not in a daunting way. All options are sensibly laid out and commented. I've managed to get up and running without even finding out out there was a manual. Not only is that unusual for an add-on as complex as this, it means full credit to the developers.

A Joomla addon is often only as good as its support. I did have an installation issue, which was fixed pretty well *immediately*, courteously and helpfully. Mega star rating for that!

I went in at the deep end with a commercial subscription, but if you can get to try out EasyBlog in any shape or form - free, restricted - whatever - I guarantee you'll not be disappointed!
Owner's reply

Thank you! We did took quite a while to restructure our whole back end interface :)

Reviews: 1
Thankfully for a complete beginner, EasyBlog is actually intuitive to use. Best still, it's got so many features that it does everything I want it to. I've put in a few feature requests, and they've been made available. Wow!
Any problem that does occur, the support is so quick and thorough that I've actually had them apologise for taking 2-3 hours to reply!
I wanted a module to display slightly differently to it was, so they actually customised the code for me!
I would strongly recommend this, for the amount of useful features, intuitive use, and the amazing level of support.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much!

Reviews: 8
i'm very happy with the new userfriendly 2.0 EasyBlog extension and wished the company would get a "Joomla Award"..your support is unbelievable quick and the product is programmed on a very high level. you are blown away my frustrating hours with MyBlog and gave me a good feeling that i'm not alone with my ideas for better jomsocial integration. you come out with very quick updates every time and i'm very surprised about your good support...i wish that is just the beginning and you have much more ideas in your mind for best jomsocial integration and a realy easy way to blogging :)
Owner's reply

Thank you very much! Yes, this will just be the beginning and we'll strive to create more intuitive and advanced addon for Joomla! Our main goal is to allow more users to use Joomla for all their site needs!

Reviews: 1
I am currently converting a site from Joomla 1.0.13. While converting to Joomla 1.5 I realized it was time to get a new blog component. I surfed the list on Joomla's site and landed on Easy Blog. I must have sent over 30 questions to customer service before buying the product. They could not have been more helpful!! The staff is amazing. Once I purchased the product...the Easy Blog support team held my hand through the upload process and even converted my old blogs into Easy Blog! No issue, no worries and it was done in no time at all!

In addition to the exceptional customer support, the product is wonderful. It is easy, intuitive and chuck full of features even for a relative novice like me. When I needed some minor changes, the Easy Blog staff even furnished me with the applicable code.

If only everything on my website was this simple! 5 stars for a phenomenal staff and a fantastic product!!!!!!!

DC Metro Mom
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedbacks!

Reviews: 1
I recently set up a new Joomla website for my wife's new business and selected Easyblog as the extension of choice.

I'm not a programmer but found it really easy to add EasyBlog into the Joomla library and immediately started using it.

Had some questions and tech support has been super.

Highly recommend the program.
Owner's reply

Thank you Milt :)

Reviews: 1
I have been a designer and using Joomla for 4 years. I have dealt with a lot of module and component developers and this one is definitely one of the best.

The component is top-notch, easy to install and set-up, and just works as described. The developer also strives very hard to keep the component up to date and releases new builds on a regular basis.

As if a component that works isn't enough the support received is something every business should strive for. I have had a few little issues with upgrading and the response time was quick, and they fixed the issue no questions asked. That is a sign of a company truly devoted to their product.

I look forward to seeing what else they come up with.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your kind words!

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