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Easy Blog is the best Joomla blog extension which powers more than 50,000 Joomla! sites and blog. Easy Blog can be used to manage your personal blog, company blog, category blogs or even team blogs. Easy Blog also has tons of Social Network integrations that allows you to automatically post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedI. Easy Blog extension also has tons of integrations with EasySocial & JomSocial.

Easy blog was featured on the Community Choice Extensions in Joomla Extensions Directory as one of the best blog component.

Why Choose Easy Blog?
1. All-in-One blog component to start blogging in Joomla because it has tons of features

2. Easy Blog is integrated with tons of 3rd party Joomla extensions & non-Joomla addons

3. Smooth and seamless blog layout integration with major Joomla tempates in the market

4. Great for managing team blog and group blog with extensive ACL flexibility

5. Top quality products backed by a team of experienced web developers (see our Reviews below)

6. Most popular Joomla Blog component that professional and novice users love

Key Features of Easy Blog
- Support multiple blog authors in a single blog extension without requiring users to login to the back end
- Start posting blogs remotely from Windows LiveWriter, ScribeFire or MarsEdit
- Migrate blogs from Joomla articles, My Blog, K2 or Wordpress
- Easy Blog bundles with a built-in blog comment system; supports Facebook Comments
- Share blogs to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and more
- Manage images, files and other medias with group media sharing in the blog dashboard
- Display news within EasyBlog from other websites or blogs via feed imports
- Create blogs from Gmail or Yahoo! Mail to appear in EasyBlog

Additional Features for EasyBlog:
- Many blog templates available supporting Joomla templates/themes
- Control spam comments with built-in captcha tool, supports Recaptcha
- Viewable in mobile phones or tablets with Weever Apps support
- Monetize your blog with display ads by Google AdSense
- Micro blogging for short and fast blogging on the fly
- Supports a variety of search engine friendly plugins
- Add geo-locations with Google Maps
- and tons more...

EasyBlog Integrations List:
• Joomla Content Editor (JCE) / Joomla CK Editor (JCK)
• EasySocial / JomSocial / Community Builder / JomWALL / MightyTouch
• JFBConnect / AutoTweetNG
• sh404SEF / joomSEF / AceSEF / SEF Advance / ARTIO JoomSEF
• PayPlans
• SocialAds by TechJoomla
• MijoACL
• J!MailAlerts / MailChimp
• JA Comment / JComments / Facebook Comments / Disqus / Intense Debate / Komento
• RokSprocket by RocketTheme
• iJoomla SEO
• Joomla Content Statistics
• JV-Extensions
• Blogsy / Weever Apps
• Zemanta
• and tons of other blog integrations

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Reviews: 6
I just bought this excellent extension few days ago.
Easy to install and settup. I wanted to customize the blog with the look of my web site so I submitted a ticket to the support to know in which directories/files I have to make the changes.
Within a few hours I got all my questions answered.
The support team is fast, efficient and very proffessional.
5 thumbs up !
Reviews: 2
two major and one minnor problems.

does not full support utf (greek)characters especailly with joomsef - not working well(plug in).

does not support gzip compress compoment!! it is very important for me!!

the minor problem is the css themes is need more working and 2 or 3 of this is repeat.... change only the colors!!
Reviews: 1
This is my first purchased extension because I really wanted a blog on my site and set up was easy. Searching the publishers website for information to resolve one issue was found with in minutes. Just a really great experience with a paid extension. I can not give more praise than 5 thumbs up
Reviews: 1
Easyblog is, without a doubt, the best extension I've ever paid for. I'm fairly new to joomla, but was able to get this up and running and customized to my liking within a few hours. I integrated it with my rockettheme theme and with jomsocial and everything worked great with very little pain in getting it all set up.

One of my favorite things about the extension is how smoothly it integrates with other things. It seems there is already a plugin to integrate it with most things that are related to it (different comment systems, jomsocial, etc).

However, the absolute best thing about this extension is the support. If you're anything like me you know how frustrating it can be to have a question about an extension that you just can't get figured out, and watch your question sit idle on the barren support forums for weeks. I have submitted quite a few questions about easyblog using both their support forum and email ticketing system, and everything has been responded to and resolved ridiculously quickly. I mean, one time, it took overnight to get a response and they actually apologized to me for the wait. That was still a faster response than any other support request I've submitted for an extension.

The best part is that none of these support requests were about a problem with the software itself. Rather, they had to do with customization (which they say they don't technically support, but they're still willing to go the extra mile to help you with it even offering to log in to your admin site and make the change for you at times) or settings that I somehow missed.

If you need a blog component for your site, I can't imagine you'll find anything better.
Reviews: 1
I do not normally post reviews but felt that it was important to share my experience. What a great product (and with the perfect name) EasyBlog is in fact VERY easy to set up and customize. There is so much attention to detail and so many features. You simply can't go wrong. After spending alot of money on wordpress integrations and other blog software, then spending hours and hours trying to get these components to work we reluctantly spent more money on yet another 'blog' component.

This was the best $59 I ever spent. The software simply worked perfectly.

Their website does not do this product justice. You will get so much more than you realize.
Reviews: 23
I bought this Blog component last week and it works flawlessly... It looks terrific as well! If you are looking for a professional Blog that blows all the "other" Blog components away then this is the choice for you. I have tried them all, nothing compares.

Support: You dont need support in such an easy understanding and terrific product! That's what it should be about.
Reviews: 6
I used MyBlog since 2 years - now I changed to Easyblog and I would like to say it's worth the money. Great component including all features you need to have at this time. Also integration with Jomsocial and JComments works perfect.
Reviews: 2
I tried many different Blog extensions before ending up with Easy Blog. I had a few minor installation issues, but their customer support is excellent and timely. Our bloggers are fairly inexperienced and they too find it easy.
Reviews: 2
I've been using EasyBlog on a few sites for a few months now. It works great, and updates come out on a regular basis.

But the greatest part is, that when an issue comes up, the support team is super quick to help out!

I certainly recommend EasyBlog.
Reviews: 4
I use EasyBlog for a couple of days now. It's easy to install, easy to use and it works really great! A lot of options to customize the blog. The responding and support is perfect!!
Great job!
Reviews: 1
This exstension work great... it's easy install ,very flexible, lots of options.
Is easy to customize in cases of personal blog or too fora a community of bloggers, but especially Sam replied to every problem I had very quickly and very professionally.
Perhaps the only drawback is that some styles of ccs are embedded in the code and not in an external style sheet but this is a problem that occurs only in the case of the blog 's extremely personalized . Recommended
Reviews: 2
This extension installed flawlessly and provides LOADS of functionality. It also seems to be very stable. I had a small problem (ended up it was due to my modification) and was happy to find support response to be very fast. Thanks Stackideas!
Reviews: 10
There is a reason why this blog component only gets five star reviews - because it is awesome.

I have tried all the blog solutions for Joomla. I have spent so many hours trying to get the other, sub-par blog components to work right.

I should have just got Easyblog from the start. It is so polished, so feature rich, and so easy to style.

This component could be a standalone blog CMS and would be right up there with the best blog systems on the market today. Don't waste time trying the other blog components for Joomla - just get this one.
Reviews: 2
I would never normally bother writing a review for any product but I've been so impressed with the level of support and assistance from the team with this one it seemed unfair not to recognise it.

After having issues with the payment gateway, and needing to get the component installed quickly so I could complete work, the team at Stack Ideas emailed me the software and got me setup while the problems were being solved.

My support requests were answered quickly and I am more than happy with the help provided.

The component delivers everything I was hoping it would. I looked at several other options and none of them gave me the facilities this one did.

Well done to the staff at Stack Ideas and thank you for the support you've given me!
Reviews: 1
You can't get better than this. A great extension with bulletproof support. When I did have an integration issue, the developers checked my code for issues, made changes to correct the problems, responded with a detailed changelog to their own .css files (necessary to integrate with my template choices) so that I could propagate those changes to additional styles when required. Above and beyond the call of duty. Great service!
Reviews: 1
Good component for blogging -- as easy as its name! Support in their forum is fast and helpful too. SEO must be good because on our first posts appeared in the #2 position on Google within about 2 days.
Reviews: 39
If I can give 10 stars I will give for this component and support. It is something more than blog. Very quality and professional work. Full recommend.
Reviews: 4
Look no further, stop wasting time and just go get this extension if you want to blog with Joomla!
After trying several free blog tools and even paying for MyBlog (like somebody else said) I realized all lacked the features I required and support was non-existent. I broke down and tried Easy Blog. I wish I had done so sooner!
I cannot say enough about this extension and the support team! The install is easy and it has a ton of features for integration with Twitter (like sending automatic tweets of your blog) Facebook, AddThis, Google Adsense integration and also works great with JomSocial. It has it's own slick comment system (with optional recapture) built in but also integrates with others like Jcomment and Jomcomment. Using the JCE editor also is very nice for my bloggers. (over TinyMCE)
This blogging tool is also highly customizable to do pretty much everything you need. Unlike other tools I tried, there are a ton of modules (all free) for almost anything and since they are module based you place anywhere you want on any page, but also you don't need to load extra "fluff" modules you aren't going to use.
Another great feature is the ACL - you can totally control what all built in Joomla! groups can and can't do. (like 19 or so settings for each group)
It also has a very nice image uploader that actually uploads images to your bloggers folder and allows great image tagging! This is a huge plus for me and is very easy to use.
Several really nice templates that will fit with any existing site look too. I'm using a Rocket Theme and Easy Blog integrated beautifully.
The support is responsive, knowledgeable, very friendly and helped with any issue I had very quickly. The year support contract is well worth the small price.
These are just a few things I love about this extension. Like I said - if you want a Blogging solution for Joomla! stop looking and try this one out, you will not regret it.
Reviews: 2
I got this Extension and am delighted with it. It is very easy to install. The code is very clean. The blog works perfectly. And a request for a small modification of a couple of modules was responded to within a day! Well done for a great product.
Reviews: 14
I am modifying easyblog for my requirements, and i can say that its is fantastic. Really a good work guys! Only one thing is that miss italian Language, and so im translating all words!!! Ufff!!! At the end of my work, i can to put on hand the Italian Traduction for who needs it. Ciao!
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