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Easy Blog is the best Joomla blog extension which powers more than 50,000 Joomla! sites and blog. Easy Blog can be used to manage your personal blog, company blog, category blogs or even team blogs. Easy Blog also has tons of Social Network integrations that allows you to automatically post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedI. Easy Blog extension also has tons of integrations with EasySocial & JomSocial.

Easy blog was featured on the Community Choice Extensions in Joomla Extensions Directory as one of the best blog component.

Why Choose Easy Blog?
1. All-in-One blog component to start blogging in Joomla because it has tons of features

2. Easy Blog is integrated with tons of 3rd party Joomla extensions & non-Joomla addons

3. Smooth and seamless blog layout integration with major Joomla tempates in the market

4. Great for managing team blog and group blog with extensive ACL flexibility

5. Top quality products backed by a team of experienced web developers (see our Reviews below)

6. Most popular Joomla Blog component that professional and novice users love

Key Features of Easy Blog
- Support multiple blog authors in a single blog extension without requiring users to login to the back end
- Start posting blogs remotely from Windows LiveWriter, ScribeFire or MarsEdit
- Migrate blogs from Joomla articles, My Blog, K2 or Wordpress
- Easy Blog bundles with a built-in blog comment system; supports Facebook Comments
- Share blogs to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and more
- Manage images, files and other medias with group media sharing in the blog dashboard
- Display news within EasyBlog from other websites or blogs via feed imports
- Create blogs from Gmail or Yahoo! Mail to appear in EasyBlog

Additional Features for EasyBlog:
- Many blog templates available supporting Joomla templates/themes
- Control spam comments with built-in captcha tool, supports Recaptcha
- Viewable in mobile phones or tablets with Weever Apps support
- Monetize your blog with display ads by Google AdSense
- Micro blogging for short and fast blogging on the fly
- Supports a variety of search engine friendly plugins
- Add geo-locations with Google Maps
- and tons more...

EasyBlog Integrations List:
• Joomla Content Editor (JCE) / Joomla CK Editor (JCK)
• EasySocial / JomSocial / Community Builder / JomWALL / MightyTouch
• JFBConnect / AutoTweetNG
• sh404SEF / joomSEF / AceSEF / SEF Advance / ARTIO JoomSEF
• PayPlans
• SocialAds by TechJoomla
• MijoACL
• J!MailAlerts / MailChimp
• JA Comment / JComments / Facebook Comments / Disqus / Intense Debate / Komento
• RokSprocket by RocketTheme
• iJoomla SEO
• Joomla Content Statistics
• JV-Extensions
• Blogsy / Weever Apps
• Zemanta
• and tons of other blog integrations

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Reviews: 4
Joomla doesn't handle blogging that well natively. I've tried other plugins and they all had issues requiring hacks and edits. EasyBlog is the absolute best Joomla component I have used. Great documentation, great function, and no issues with templates.
Reviews: 14
The only way to go if you're already into 2.5. Well worth the pro price. Everything works out of the box. Support is swift and the level of documentation far above average. Social integrations include all the mandatories. Except Google+, but am told that's because Google hasn't enabled it yet. Kudos to these guys. Using EasyBlog on my company site and now will be offering it as a value-added service to customers.
Reviews: 1
Ok.. I thought all the reviews here were too good to be true, but i can tell you, support from these guys is amazing.
I just wish publishers of other extensions will borrow a leaf from stackideas. Right from installation, you have well documented step/help that shows you what to do next.. and the online chat (good job Mark!) is such a welcome feature.
Reviews: 1
I love this blog. The ease of use and versitility of features makes this blog head and shoulders above what I have used in the past. WORDPRESS, EAT YOUR HEART OUT! I especially loved support, which helped me through a couple problems in the past. If you have problems, try and find Mark in support.
Reviews: 2
An amazing product which was simple to install and modify (even with a quite unusual template). Easy to use and modify according to your requirements. Support is just incredible and they are currently trialing a live support chat which is awesome. Special mention to Mark who walked me through a couple of minor issues I was having due to my inexperience. Just top quality!
Reviews: 2
Amazing quality, amazing support. Keep it that way and i am sure that you will be awarded, i am sure that the next component of the year will be "EasyBlog"!
Reviews: 1
I have used EasyBlog for some time now and after experiencing their support and product I am so impressed. It just re-affirms that I made the right decision when choosing EasyBlog for all of my sites.
Thank you Stackideas for a great product.
Reviews: 7
I have paid for and used other blogging extensions in the past and I needed one for a new website that I have been working on. I checked out EasyBlog and it looked good from what I saw in the demo, both n function and in appearance. So, I went ahead and purchased it. I have been amazed by what I received for my money. The extensibility of EasyBlog is nothing short of incredible, able to do things that other blogging software cannot do, at least not without custom work and lots of hassle.

But a good working extension is not the only thing to consider when buying a commercial extension for Joomla (or any extension for that matter, paid or not), a major consideration has to be the timeliness and quality of support. There is simply nothing to compare with the speed, friendliness and quality of support that comes with EasyBlog. Questions are answered amazingly fast and answers are as complete as you need. Even for someone, like myself, that dabbles in Joomla and may sometimes be a tad dense, they work with you until you "have it down", literally until you get where you need to be with your work.

If only all Joomla! extension suppliers could be this good, this fast with support and offer such quality products!!
Reviews: 1
I'm one of those inept folk who struggle enough with the front of a website, so I hoped Easyblog was just that - easy. It is, in fact it's a doddle to work with, and a joy to use.

And it gets better: on the rare occasions I've wanted to change something on the back end, I simply ask for support, and this is the 'miracle' bit, I get it! Recently hoping to adjust the size of the media manager upload thumbnail, I asked for advice and, virtually instantly, got an email suggesting a way of doing just that. It was all a bit technical for a luddite so I asked for further help. Despite my not even being able to provide FTP access details, over the course of a few hours and three emails, a member of the Easyblog support team had accessed the back of my site and changed things. The very large images I occasionaly upload now have the quality I desire.

I've been with Easyblog long enough to appreciate the benefit of upgrading from V2.0 to V3.0 and am looking forward to things getting even better with V3.5

I did try a couple of other Joomla blogging options before settling on Easyblog. All I can say is that I am, genuinely, hugely impressed with both the product and the support offered and cannot reccomend either highly enough.
Reviews: 4
After trying several Blog components for Joomla! I became frustrated for various reasons, and always had a "But I wish it could do...this" moment with the others. After trying EasyBlog, I was blown away with it's feature rich admin and beautiful front-end presentation. I have been running this on a site (won't name here) and I can tell you that I have over 1,500 ORGANIC unique hits per day on that blog, 75% of which are unpaid organic google search referrals! I'm an EasyBlog "lifer" at this point! Thank you StackIdeas for a masterpiece component, and thank you for caring for your customers. It shines brightly through your fantastic tech support. Every email thanked me for being a customer, unnecessarily apologized for any even small inconvenience, gave a fixing solution promptly and stressed to not hesitate to contact if I had an ounce of trouble! You guys(gals) ROCK!
Reviews: 6
I have been using Easy Blog for about a year now and I must say this has got to be the best blog extension on JED. I know some of you might say... but – but -- it isn’t free! Well, the old saying is true; you get what you pay for. The free blogs out there don't have the features Easy Blog has but more importantly, they don't have the support. There are a few commercial extension vendors out there with amazing support and Stackideas is one of them. Not only are they willing to respond to your messages but they do so extremely fast. They will explain what needs to be done and if you still need help, they will log in and fix it for you. I think what I like the most is they were willing to teach me. If you are looking for a blog… look no further – Easy Blog is feature packed, quality coded option with superb support.
Reviews: 5
100% support!
100% listen to customer.
100% improvement all the time.

This is the only 100% good component I try so far.
Reviews: 2
When I saw the first time all those reviews rated at 5 stars, I thought it was not possible, incredible I said.

But I decided to give it a try first because I needed a Blog application that fits Jomsocial and why not... it wasn't too expensive.

Let me tell you that I have been very surprised not only concerning the application itself, but about the service I got after I found one little bug displayed on a bilingual site.

4 hours, some testing and I had a patched site.

Thanks to the team, thanks to Mark :-)
Reviews: 2
I've used several blogging tools over the years. I'm a developer myself so I know the time it takes to create a product like this one. I needed a blogging tool that fit in with JomSocial and could handle the specialized layout needs of the client.

EasyBlog was the ticket.

Most blogging tools have great features but they tend to lock you into a certain way of doing things. No special templating to override the look and feel. No enormous framework to figure out. If you know how to do it in Joomla then you can do it in EasyBlog.

Support is top notch. Most posts on their discussion forum are answered in a couple days or less by a tech. Give them the login information to your site and they'll generally have fixed the problem in no time flat.

Best experience I've had with 3rd party Joomla extensions.

Reviews: 3
Nice extention and excellent support. wow..., thank you
Reviews: 12
I've been running Joomla websites for about 5 years. I've dealt with all sorts of extensions, and support. Most are ok, some are bad, but very few are amazing. EasyBlog is one of the amazing extensions. It is a rare gem.

I had never blogged before, but new it was necessary to build my website/business. So, I looked over a few extensions, and finally settled on EasyBlog. With a 30 day money back guarantee, what could I lose?

I could rave and rave about the product...but I would eat up too much space. There is so much going on with the software - it does EVERYTHING! Every time I go back to their website I discover a new feature that I didn't know about. I am constantly learning about new tricks and settings in the admin area. It you want it, it will do it! And, if it doesn't yet, then they will probably work their butts off to make it happen.

That leads me to the next point: Support.

I am always happy to pay for extensions, because it usually means that they will have good support to back up their product. Sadly, that is not always the case. Some support is slow, rude, or non-existent. That IS NOT the case with EasyBlog. Their support is one of the best I have ever come across. They are fast, knowledgeable, super friendly, and ALWAYS ready to bend over backwards to solve a problem. I can't even count the number of times they have gone above and beyond to help me out.

Sure, there have been some conflicts. I've had some issues with JomSocial, sh404sef, etc. But, they have come to the rescue each and every time, and solved the issues. They really stand behind their product, and are constantly working to make it better.

You will never regret this purchase. Get it, love it, and forget about all other blogging extensions. EasyBlog has the market covered!
Reviews: 2
I must have used 50+ plugins/extensions/modules from JoomlaExtensions but this is the first time I felt compelled to post a review.

I was going to use MyBlog for re-launching one of my Joomla sites, but I had a small bug and so looked around on here instead.

I gave EasyBlog a try and I am overwhelmed.

I sent support 3 emails (with pretty complicated questions, 10 in total, just customisation features I was looking for) and they answered all of them super fast and super friendly.

So the support is the best I've ever encountered (even better than the support I try to provide on my joomla website haha).

The Blog itself is awesome. I LOVE the facebook and twitter integrations, it will help to spread the word very well, plus the backend and front end all looks awesome.

My only warning is this - if you're looking for an awesome blog tool, without a doubt go for this. However, be prepared to set aside a few hours to set it all up. This is because, quite simply, there are loads of cool features, however, you may not want all of them or may want to change some minor aspects. I searched the forums and FAQs which helped solved some of mine, and sent the rest to the support ticket team, who are unbelievably good.

Overall, without a doubt, the best extension for blogging, combined with incredibly good support.
Reviews: 1
I'm a webmaster for a New Jersey county veterans organization. Even though this is more of a blog, I use it to post updated information for members of the organization. It is really easy to use and saves me time. I receive many emails from members with information to post and all I do is log-in through the front end and copy and paste the information into easy blog. A few times I needed tech support and Stack Ideas response time is unbelievably quick, plus they are very nice. They know what customer service is all about. I highly recommend easy blog.
Reviews: 2
Having been a Joomla! user for nearly 2 years and host to 25+ Joomla! websites for clients you can probably imagine how many extensions I've paid for and downloaded!
By far this is not just the best blogging system for Joomla!, it's the best Joomla! extension I've used full stop! It is simple to install, simple to configure and works like a dream. It has not been necessary to hack back end code to get it looking right, you simply select your options using a toggle button system in the back end.
This means when it comes to installing any updates I don't have to worry about breaking the system when installing.
Very accomplished software and not surprising it has had this many great reviews.
IMO this is the best blogging system for Joomla! by miles!
Reviews: 1
The, Best. For blogs that is.

Out of all the extensions I bought for my website, Easyblog takes the cake as the most worth while money I've spent.

As the name implies, its really EASY.
I love the attention to design as well, in the back-end and specially the front-end. The dashboard feature is one of the best I've seen. Basically gives your bloggers complete, professional front-end control.

One of the requirements for the website I'm working on is, front-end controls, and easyblog dashboard handles it like a champion times three! Never seen any better front-end detailed attention.

Moving more technical,

First the component itself is well-coded, the attention to design is also there, meaning if you want to edit things yourself you won't have much of a hard time.

The component has its own templates system. Almost all of the edits you'll ever do are template related.

Great deal of attention went into the SEF URL re-writing engine.

Last but not least, an incredible support team. Honestly a component without support is like a bare bone meal. I bought the package that has the ticketing system support and I have to say, it's the best support team I've encountered. Even you require features that are not built-in Easyblog, the support team will try to customize it for you. They have customized the SEF URL to my clients specific need, and other various things. They're also fast, even on weekends! Very helpful, and polite.

The first time I actually bother to make an account and write a review.

Thank you Easyblog team. I'm one of those annoying customers who keep on bugging you for customizations ;)
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