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JoomBlog is a fully-featured and easy-to-use Joomla! Blog component used to set up a blog directory on your web site. With this blog extension you will manage personal blog and/or Team blog efficiently. The Joomla! blog site has Social Network integration with Facebook, Twitter, Google+,StumbleUpon,LinkedIn, Pinterest and JomSocial. It needs no design adjustments as it takes all styles from your site’s template. Start your blog quickly with any of the two sample blogs containing three posts each which are delivered with the JoomBlog package.


Multiple Blogs on One Site
Set up as many blogs as it is required. They can be Private and Corporate, thematic and general; they all can be available in one interface and listed in a free module List of Blogs.

Team Blogging
Create both Personal and Team blogs. With this team blog for Joomla! multiple bloggers can contribute to a single blog. It is possible to give different permissions to blog users: you decide which members have administrative authority and those who are just blog authors.

Blog Front-end Management Dashboard
It’s absolutely easy to manage all your blogs and create new ones right from the front-end! You can add post/blog, edit blog settings as well as provide permissions who can post and who can view this blog. The Personal Reading list on the front-end management dashboard enables users to read only the blogs they have chosen.

Blog Social Sharing Options
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, StumbleUpon and Pinterest sharing buttons are built in JoomBlog. Open Graph protocol implemented within JoomBlog will reinforce links to your blog posts with media-rich preview for friends of your loyal readers. Embed code and Social share buttons for blog post images and videos help to drive more traffic to your Joomla! site. You can also promote your blog online using JoomBlog extension integration with AddThis service which makes social bookmarking very easy.
Google Authorship integration helps to promote blog's content and increase search ranking.

Commenting System
The Joomla! blog extension uses a built-in commenting system to allow readers leave blog feedback. It is possible to moderate comments as well as integrate JoomBlog extension with Disqus.
WYSIWYG editor enables users creating visually pleasing comments. Threshold to Collapse useless comments allows hiding the comments with a certain number of negative votes from readers automatically. The commenting system has anti-spam CAPTCHA. Gravatar service support helps to identify the posts & comments.

Cross Browser Support
JoomBlog responsive templates assure correct information display in all browsers, including mobile devices

Joomla! to JoomBlog Data Import
JoomBlog allows you to import from Joomla! all the users, categories and blog articles with comments.

Find more JoomBlog features on our site!

FREE MODULES come in a package with the blogging component: Tag Cloud , Popular Bloggers (shows bl

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Reviews: 1
Joomblog is easy to install and configure, had a couple of problems, but the support guys were quick and precise in helping to fix them, if I could give them 100 stars, I would!
Reviews: 1
I recomend joomplace sofware and plugins, i buyed a joomblog, and receive a good support.
Reviews: 9
I tried 2 other Joomla blog extensions and was very disappointed with them. One did not offer enough features and the other was far too complicated and required a lot of support. JoomBlog is the ideal blog tool. It's simple to set up, easy to use and the support is outstanding. I had a problem with my subscription and Maria resolved it immediately.
Many thanks to the JoomBlog team for making blogging on Joomla websites easy!!
Reviews: 18
This extension does what it says it will do. It blends in beautifully to the style and colour scheme of my site. It looks smart and it is very flexible and easy to use. I had a problem loading it on to my site initially and support fixed that extremely quickly for me.
Reviews: 8
This extension just keeps getting better and better. When we first acquired it - we were just experimenting with the usage for groups and individuals members. With each update they provide new enhancements and features that make it even more useful and powerful. Definitely an extension all should have if they want to provide blogs.
Reviews: 3
I have been a user of Joomblog for some time now but recently there was a problem because of the size of the package becoming over 2M and caused an issue on my site/hoster. Due to the excellent support of the Joomblog team, this issue was solved in a short period of time.
Reviews: 1
We've had this component in use for about four months now.

There was an initial glitch with obtaining the correct file from the Joomplace website, but support was fast and friendly, and the problem was swiftly resolved. Thereafter, the component has been easy to use.

If I have one minor criticism it's that a couple of the modules include style sheets, causing JoomBlog CSS to override the template CSS. A quick and easy fix for anyone comfortable with PHP.

Overall - recommended.
Reviews: 7
This is an easy to install and maintain extension. The bloggers on our website can now easily maintain there own blogs and posts.
I had some problems with one of the modules, but the support people took immediately action and solved the problem within days.
Reviews: 1
We've been using Joomblog for an educational site for parents ( and are very happy with it. Of course, some issues pop up from to time but the support team is always timely and helpful with their response. I must also praise the team for the level of English which is excellent for a non-native context.
Reviews: 1
Our Blogging tool
Within our ministry we have been using Joomblog for a while, upgraded to a newer version and something went wrong.
The support team of Joomlapolis is just excellent, the customer is king and they treat you like that too.
The knowledge of the people involved is great and the way they communicate with you make you feel that you ARE important.
No other words then an excellent blogging tool, an outstanding and responsive support team.
Joomblog is for us the tool.
You can check out this solid tool on our website and see how we use it.
Pastor Chris.
Reviews: 2
Hi, I've just installed this component and was extremely satisfied. Sure, UI/UX is not flawless - but considering the truly bargain price that is totally forgiveable. Also integration with JomSocial came in very handy!
Reviews: 1
i was looking to migrate from WordPress to Joomla and i've bought this blog based on it's features for money + automatic ability to convert from WordPress to Joomla. I've installed it without major problems and converted my blogs into Joomla ones! It saved me tons of time. Thank you, developers!