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Blog Factory is an user friendly, webmaster friendly blogging extension for Joomla. Full of features, it is a well thought alternative to Wordpress blogging, allowing you to use Joomla versatility and well known blogging conventions - like RSS Syndication, Bookmarking Sites (like Digg, Twitter, Facebook, etc). Featuring a Web 2.0 Dashboard with draggable panes and all-in-reach controls, your blogging experience is truly comfortable and in a luxuriant environment.

With its integrated commenting and following system, Deluxe Blog Factory does not need additional extensions in order to function at full potential. No need to get support from two different extension providers that keep pointing fingers at each others program.

User Avatars, Pingbacks and per user settable Media Upload capacities add to the Extension an amazing set of features and possibilities.

Deluxe Blog Factory provides exactly what bloggers need:

* Frontpage with all posts listed, paged and sorted.
* Individual per blog listings - every user gets his own blog front page.
* Possibility to import Blog posts into regular Joomla content.
* Easy to add any Bookmarking for social sites.
* RSS feeds and syndication.
* Pings and Tags, pingback and bookmarking.
* SEF urls.
* Avatars with Community Builder integration.
* Built in Commenting system.
* Built in Media uploader with per user Disk Quota.

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Reviews: 28
Would be excellent if you could import.....

Yes, look through it and you'll see "Import" but that's wrong and relates to English as a second language (I assume). "Import" allows you to "export" BF articles to make them regular Joomla articles (guess it has some use). But there is no way to really import anything into BF.

So, if you have an existing site, with many posts, be prepared to manually add every post to BF to make it functional. IMHO, this is a fatal flaw. I asked about import and was told "'s not implemented in this version..." No thank you, no "we're looking into it", no "gee, that's a good idea".

Having said that, for a new site or a revamp of one which doesn't have a blog, BF would be a great component. Powerful features and reasonably intuitive even without reading the dox. If they put in a proper import of Joomla articles I would give it 5 stars.
Reviews: 2
The installation of the component is pretty straight forward. The support for it is, in my opinion, outstanding. I did not think I would get much support on a free extension but, I was thankfully wrong. I heard back on the forum within the day. Mind you there is a seven hour time difference between me and the support staff. I am delighted to say they were able to figure out what my problem was the first try. I have used the component before and it works like a charm and I anticipate it will only get better as they develop it. Thank you for your help and for such a great component. You have my word of mouth advertising for The Blog Factory. Keep up the great work.
Reviews: 2
Very good and easy to use extension, just install and run it without any problems, just hope it will come with more option on next update, such as:

- possibility for users to report a post to admin.

- badge for blogger.

- an "accept therms and conditions" before posting
Reviews: 2
After reading all parts of manual, I managed to install and got Blog run. Excellent product, thank you.
Reviews: 1
Great extension, normally I don't take the time to review, but since it is a very new component, I will encourage you to use it. Thanks for creating this component, easy to manage, and to post for users in the front end. I liked how you setup the dashboard, too. For all of you that are going to use it, READ THE DOCUMENTATION FIRST, and try out the demo to see its full potential.

Thank You.