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JUblog Component

JUblog allows registered users create their blog and a personal page (one profile, like blogspot).

JUblog create all articles in Joomla Content, so all plugins for content works with Jublog.


1. Download JUblog
2. Install it
3. Create two categories in Joomla
3.1 One called "Blogs" for users blogs
3.2 Other called "Personal pages" for users profiles
4. In Joomla Admin > Extensions > JUblog > Options > Choose the categories created for blogs and profiles
5. In user menú create the 4 links provided by JUblog: Manage blog, See blog, Edit personal page, See personal page
6. The user, with those links, can create his personal page and add new articles in his blog
7. Now, you can create one link in one public menu to: Articles > Show categories format list > choose the category "Blogs". The link can be called "Users blogs"
8. Login in front and try the links

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Reviews: 1
It's free. What can I say. It installed. 1 language constant visible. Configuration is almost non existent and that is excellent. It has NO ACL options configuration. Not good. So it looks like it's just been made to work from Joomla 1.5 to 2.5. In the front end there are errors too.
Reviews: 3
JUBlog has provided some great functionality for my site. It is simple to use (if you follow the simple instructions) and does what it sais it will do. The support from the developers site was excellent and there was an update provided to fix a small issue I was having. The developers site is in Spanish I think and difficult to navigate if you don't speak that language BUT I posted in English and the response was in English so who can complain.

Thanks for a great simple yet functional component.
Reviews: 18
First of all let me point out that extensions which are language specific should not be on this list. I do not speak Spanish and don't want to browse the developer site with the Spanish dictionary in ma hand. Even if this is the best Joomla extension ever it should be on the website which is in English. English is not my native language but one should realize that it is an international language for computers, internet and many other fields. Their website doesn't even have any translation tool, so my conclusion is: if I cannot read thir website I would not be able to communicate in English with the developer, so the bottom line is - it is not worth my time even to try it.
Reviews: 1
Unfortunately, the documentation for the configuration and use of JUblog is almost non-existent. The directions that are provided are not complete and in some places incorrect. The idea of JUblog is a good and simple one, but without proper documentation it is not going to be usable by either site admins or end-users without a great deal of support given.
Owner's reply


I have updated the steps to configure it. It's a small component, there is two things to do. But the support is in my forum (I am working in a new website, Joomla 3.0, multilanguage, etc.)


Reviews: 1
This is the kind of Component I am looking for since long. Thanks for developing such simple and useful content.