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CjBlog is a powerful blogging extension with social touch. CjBlog is not just a blog but a complete social blogging platform. Why to reinvent the whole wheel? CjBlog uses Joomla articles to properly present your user's blogs with social touch. What's more, it is completely FREE.

Key Features:

1. Stores articles as standard Joomla articles, if you don't like the extension, simply uninstall it. You will not loose any article or don't need any other migrations.

2. User Avatar & Profile System: Built-in user avatar system to complement your users profiles. Already integrated with Community Polls, Community Answers, Community Quiz, Crosswords, Community Quotes and Kunena. More coming soon.

3. Badges System: Give badges to your users based on the number of articles they submit, the number of hits their articles get etc. Not just the articles, CjBlog powerful API lets other extensions to use the badges system. So extend the badges system to your entire site functionality. Plugins for Kunena and Community Answers are provided, more coming soon.

4. Points system: Reward users with built-in points system. All coupled with user profiles.

5. Article Ratings: Adds star rating to your existing Joomla articles.

6. Favorites: Users can add articles to favorites for later viewing.

7. Beautiful category listing page: Have hundreds of article categories but don't know how to display them properly? CjBlog has built-in page to properly display your categories.

8. Social sharing

Plugins provided in the package:
* CjBlog Component'
* CjBlog Profile Plugin for Articles
* CjBlog Profile Plugin for Badges
* CjBlog Content Plugin
* CjBlog Users Plugin
* CjBlog Kunena Plugin

9. Tagging System: Allows you to tag articles and search, organize all articles with powerful tagging system.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

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Reviews: 4
CjBlog is a delightful extension which is in the class of a 'paid for' extension. It is very well designed and works out of the box. I only had one issue in which 3 of my previously installed modules also included jQuery on top of the default Joomla version. This caused issues, but the great support by Maverick pointed me to the root cause of the issue. CjBlog utilizes Joomla articles so that the blog articles are not restrictive only to the extension (huge feature). Give this extension an A+.
Reviews: 1
I had a few problems installing this, down to my own lack of expertise rather than the design of the blog, support was absolutely first class and it now looks great and runs like clockwork.
Reviews: 1
I am brand new to Joomla and hosting sites, so my expertise is lacking.

I installed and use CjBlog and have really liked it.

When I had a site-specific issue, the support was quick and easy through the CjBlog forum. The support was top-notch!
Reviews: 8
If you are looking for a blog component that is easy to integrate, professional looking and gives just that extra 'attention' to your bloggers via personal blog pages, badges, points and social sharing: look no further!
Excellent support via forum: questions, issues, 'features' are all dealt with very quickly and professional!
I love that it extents Joomla without migrating or converting articles, categories, etc.
Keep up the good work!
Regards, Ruud
Reviews: 6
It took me a while to get the extension installed and to find my way around it. Thankfully the developer was always on hand to answer my questions in the forum. Once you get your bearings with the app you realize how simple yet powerful it is. I'd say this is the best free blog extension for joomla so far
Reviews: 1
after banging my head on the wall few times, eventually CJ worked great. Reason why CJ was not working from the 1st time, was no foult of program, but mine. I'll write a heads-up for this common problem, that other users might run into, for cj to work on you're article (besides publishing plugins) those article must be published in a menu in the site, it will not work otherwise. And stay away from scriptmerge, it seems to interfere with CJ and makes it give errors. Other then this, only good words to say, language files is easy configurable, dosen't have that many fields.

But the great thing about this, is the (free)support that comes with it, have so far a total of 8 e-mails with support, that helped my by figguring out what was making CJ not to work on my website, so only good things to say about support.

I gave it 5 stars, beacause it deserves 5 stars.
Reviews: 5
CjBlog is very simple and easy extension. Very easy to localize and adjust everything. Fast and great support and help. If you don't have great knowledge or you need simplicity and functionality - CjBlog is for your.
Reviews: 1
CjBlog is a great component and relatively easy for a noob like me to set up, however when I did need some assistance I was blown away by the speed and helpfulness of the support team, a first class service to accompany a great component! Highly recommend
Reviews: 2
Just wow, the product is great but more importantly to me was there are some instructions and their support is real. Absolutely impressed me to the core. Not only was there a quick response to my issue that I had caused but they also helped fix it. Was so impressed at the support of their free product that I ended up buying the rest of their kit. Which you don't need for the blog by the way.

Their support forum is also good and active.

One point is, don't uninstall it without their instructions, unless you never want to install it again. There does seem to be a specific order required.
Reviews: 1
What can we say: excellent. Easy to install and use it. Good guide in the site for beginners and well explained the target to use the xtension.
Reviews: 1
Application installed without any issues on Windows 8 using XAMPP server running Joomla! 3.0. Getting reading to explore its full potential. Waited a long time for a blog component that is filled with features. Five stars!
Reviews: 9
Yes with time, cjblog can become better than Easyblog, i hope they improve seo feature and will make a powerfull cobalt 8 cck integration
thank you
Reviews: 1
Nice extension, worked fine upon install, just lacking docuementaion for features and use.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback. The extension is pretty new one and we are adding documentation on priority. We have already added most documentation for API access for third party components as well as user guide. Please checkout our documentation section. We will add more required documentation soon.