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FLEXIcontent is an advanced content management system developed to greatly enhance the native article manager of Joomla! (com_content)

It adds most of features offered by other CMS like drupal, wordpress, and much more than them:
- Content Types (=custom forms)
- Many highly parametrized powerful fields with SELECTIVE Content Plugin Triggering
- Drag-drop templating
- Multi-Category assignments
- Complex filters in category/search views
- Author management with limitations for subscriptions sites
- etc

10x-20x more features in free version, compared to other Free CCK/Directory components

Thus, FLEXIcontent was designed to manage content in a broad sense:
- articles,
- image or video galleries,
- job offers,
- product catalogues,
- business directories,
- hotel directories
- etc
within a single user interface.

-- This means for the end user, unparalleled simplicity of use, everything happens in one place.
-- Mastering 10 components to be able to administrate an entire website isn’t required anymore.
-- For the web designer / end user / developer, it means a lot less headaches of interoperability/maintenance

Some of FLEXIcontent Unique features:
(none in other component's Free versions, many unique compared to commercial versions)

-- Multi Category assigments, with multiple featured categories (configurable via our Advance Route Plugin, see our FAQ)
-- Multiple Document versioning (combined with workflow and powerful notifications messages, see below)
-- Multi-state Workflow to assist both editors & publishers to add/update content to your site
-- Highly configurable powerful notification system: (Global) Component + Per Content Type + Per category
-- High parametrized Fields(=joomla plugin each) (carefully structured to assist configuration and be performance wise)
-- Powerful relation/reverse Relation fields to create custom Content Item sub-listing inside a Content Item
-- An powerful image/gallery field to create DB-reusable image/galleries or item-field specific galleries with numerous parameterization options
-- Multiple filter apperances: text field/single select/dual text range/dual select range/toggle radio/toggle checkbox(multiple filter values)
-- FACETED filter behavior for almost all searchable fields: showing filter values according to current filtering and current
-- A -Free- Advanced Search view (to host the above 2, but also available in categories too) and create content-rich listings
-- Directory/Catalog features, directory view + a powerful Alpha-Index with character aliases, character aggregations, language customizations
-- Selective plugin triggering in all fields
-- High performance frontend views and items manager, with steady performance as sites grows (**installing on EXISTING larges sites 20,000+ items is still slow, TODO), (and works with full page caching extensions)
-- 30+ ACL actions (e.g. edit field value)
-- ... many more UNIQUE

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Reviews: 1
This one appears to be the ultimate k2 killer.
Reviews: 1
I suggest you to stop any ongoing activities and install this component for evaluation. I did the same today and I remain glued to the screen for hours.
Try it out and you'll quickly understand what I'm talking about.
I don't know how to thanks more vistamedia (more than I already did).
I highly recommend it.
Reviews: 1
Excellent addon for Joomla! very simple and nice component.
Reviews: 2
The great tool for any website. I highly recommend it.
Reviews: 3
Fantastic component. I really can't wait to see where this one goes. I've been using Joomla for some years now, and have been waiting for this functionality. Bravo. This is a "must have" component.
Reviews: 5
Since I saw this extension I did not wait for j1.6 anymore!
Reviews: 6
Thanks to vistamedia for this component. It's easy to costumize (design and custom fields)
Reviews: 4
What a wonderful component.
Fast installation and working well though I think a tutorial in English will help to master it faster.
Thanks for this gift!
Reviews: 2
Easy to use, this component is great, useful and powerful! You can customize everything and it's free :-)
Thanks +++
Reviews: 1
I have been using this component since Beta3, and it's a must have. You can use just as many categories as you want, create personal fields and template for your articles and your categories, and more. The installation - and upgrade - is really easy.
Reviews: 3
FLEXIcontent is an incredible component.
After testing others CCK I can say that that it's the most ergonomic one.

We can think that FLEXIcontent will be in advance when J! 1.6 will arrive.

Let's test !
Reviews: 1
What to say about Emmannuel's work ? You just did great job man. This component is awesome. Just add fully qualified content to your website using any type of content and without difficulties.

The major point is to continue using the Core database and functionnality instead of recreating another brand new wheel.
Reviews: 1
when I installed this component, my eyes nearly jumped from their sockets in surprise!
I cannot express how glad I am to get it.

Thank you very much.
Reviews: 11
This is great - not only does it have all the features that I've waited for Joomla! to have for many years, but it also has some major advantages over other Joomla! CCK attempts. The biggest being that it utilizes and extends Joomla! core content rather than using its own isolated content structure. Thank you for this!
Reviews: 25
A dream comes to every one deal with Joomla!
Many (designers and Developers) Suffer of Large number of updates for all Extensions & applications per year/month ..
Finally, with FlexiContent, We have strong and professional Tools through FlexiContent's Control Panel. Wonderful and amazing potential. It would be possible with very little experience and art to produce what you want.

I wish you every success.
Reviews: 1
Whaouh, CCK will be on all of my web site now !
Thank you for this awesome component that extends with no limits all the things we have always dream about ... I have now no limits to make wonderful joomla business solutions ! Thank you FlexiContent ;-)
Reviews: 2
With FlexiContent i can do all what i have missed in Joomla so far: Custom Fields, Tags, nested Categorys etc and i can use many of the exist content extensions! With other CCK i must use new,extra, Modules to get the full power.

Every new Version comes up with more and more user usability and improvements, so the workflow goes faster and faster.

And you must NOT fight with many many Params in the Setup!
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