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ZOO is a flexible and powerful content application builder to manage your content.

* Create multiple app instances - Each one manages its own content like items and categories.
* ZOO provides a clean design with a JavaScript powered user interface to manage apps.
* Create your very own custom content types to fit exactly your requirements.
* Choose from a rich set of elements like forms, images, videos, ratings and more.
* Arrange your content via drag 'n drop by assigning elements to layout positions.
* Extend categories with custom fields and sort them using drag 'n drop.
* The slick comment system supports Akismet, Gravatar, Twitter and Facebook Connect.
* Adding tags is a breeze with text suggestion, auto completion and multiple selections.
* Use our form builder to let your users submit content via the frontend of your website!
* Trusted authors can review and edit their created content directly from the frontend.
* Import your content from Joomla, CSV files and popular Joomla components

Included Apps
* Blog - Easily build your own weblog with features like comments, tags and social bookmarks.
* Pages - Need a static content page like a Copyright or Team page? Here you go!

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Reviews: 1
I'm giving Zoo a test drive. It is very powerful and easy to use for the most part with an easier learning curve compared to other CCKs available for Joomla.

The only real drawback I've encountered so far is in relation to how the Google Maps element for ZOO geocodes. Here, it provides just one single address field called "location" that it geocodes and puts on a google map. Problem is that if a user wants to have separate fields (to make sorting, filtering, and ordering easier based on Country, City, Postal Code, etc... or to be able to present the info on screen in separate rows) for different parts of an address (or even using the Business Directory app that is included in the apps Yootheme offers for sale), users would still have to input the entire address again in a single line in the Google Maps element Location field for the content type in question to be able to geocode it.

What would be nice to see in a future release of Zoo is the ability to add the Google Maps element to a content type and designate which other existing field/element or group of fields/elements of that same content type to geocode for the Google Map without having to duplicate information.
Reviews: 8
I started using ZOO two years ago as a paid user. The product is now made responsive which for me is just what I needed!

The product is easy to install, and the looks of it are clean.
There is a lot of documentation but the support is unfortunately not the best. It might be temporarily due to lack of enough employees but you would expect more since it costs quite some money each year.

If you don't need to create new fieldtypes and are comfortable with css then you probably won't need support very much anyway as the product is pretty straight forward.

The only negative thing I came across with the product itself is that sometimes with a new version update you have to set up all the layouts again (it would be great if this could be automated in some way) otherwise you end up with empty pages on your site.
Therefore you have to put your site offline for at least an hour, plus make screenshots of all layouts before you update the product. So keep in mind to document you app well. If you do that then ZOO is an excellent product to work with and easy to understand for end-users.
Reviews: 3
ZOO is one of the best CCK for Joomla. The free version is fully functional and you can build a great website without restriction. Obviously, ZOO runs perfectly into a YOOtheme template and especially with WidgetKit. The component requires a learning time. Some features could be improved, but luckily there are people like ZOOLanders, HerdBoy or YOOnique offering these improvements.
Reviews: 5
At first blush the component looks strong but after paying for the full extension I would say you should skip this and move onto another CCK (Jreviews, K2, etc)

As others have mentioned the support is non-existent and documentation is also slim. That is a bad combination.

This is actually the first negative review I have ever taken the time to give after installing literally hundreds of paid on free Joomla components over the years and I hope the developer starts deciding to back up their product.
Reviews: 2
Nice component, cool features, absolutely zero support for the free version. I spent several hours setting it up and playing with it to make it work successfully by following the tutorials. However, I could not get the download limit feature to work even by following the instructions. If you have half a day to spend figuring it out on your own go right ahead. I'm going to use it and hope someday I figure it out.
Reviews: 6
I like the Zoo extension, but as soon as you have any problem, nobody is there to help you. They charge you 79 bugs a year just to access the forum, but theres noone to answer your questions. If the forum would be for free, I would not say anything... but for this price i think it is an audaciousness. I feel betrayed about the 79 bugs.
Reviews: 3
I think it is very important that people choose their words wisely when criticising other developers plug-ins and code.

Firstly, bare in mind, they give the normal Zoo Plugin for free of charge, how anyone can complain is just beyond me.

Actually, I tell a lie, I used to be the same with similar plugins, frustrated by my lack of understanding, problems, bugs and generally not being able to finish the job.

But as time has gone on, as I have grown and learnt more, one thing is for sure, YOOthemes are a double edge sword when it comes to their coding.

The template I have been working on, works flawless and when I have experienced the few hiccups, I find my way around with the neat and tidy code.

I think people expect way too much generally from their customer support, not realising the amounts of effort that must go into a huge project like this.

I also noticed how YOOthemes have revamped their whole site and are really looking into their customer service, I find it quite sad for the company that people are leaving bad ratings because of their frustration, impatience, and possibly lack of understanding, give them a break.

ZOO works perfectly with their own templates, if you have numerous plugins using various frameworks then of course you will encounter problems.

I admit, they if you purchase the ZOO and a template, you will have a little learning curve, but its never a bad thing to learn.

I have learnt an incredible amount from reading through their code and will be forever thankful.

I dont know the ins and outs or the more technical stuff, but for other noobs like myself, I find this one of the best systems out there and trust me, I have tried a few.

Keeping working hard YOO, I appreciate it.
Reviews: 3
I've used some others but out of the box Zoo is my default favorite. The component is powerful and not for the beginner as it offers an endless array of configuration options.

I give it 5 stars because I have had very little issues with it on multiple sites and it is a free component. I find the interface logical and easy to understand plus the support documentation available on the Yoo website is outstanding.

In my experience there has been very good backwards compatibility up to this point. I have not utilized it as of yet on 1.7 but will provide feedback if something changes.

Great FREE component if you are comfortable with Joomla and have a decent understanding of CCKs in general.

Would not recommend if you need person to person support but as I stated their help documentation is really thorough even walking advanced users through the process of developing your own apps.

Would like to see some features implemented on the frontend in the future. Cannot disagree with some other comments regarding that end of the spectrum but still have to recommend it without reserve.
Reviews: 7
Yes, this CCK is a bit to get used to, but once you do, it flows so nicely, outputs content so beautifully you may wonder why you had ever used the core Joomla! articles before.

The apps (commercial) are very, very handy and very versatile. It is possible to configure many different ways to output the content, also add Joomla! modules of any type within the Zoo content, and with some extension-specific plugins, really make a superb site using only ZOO.

I switched from K2 (which I did love) to ZOO because of the flexibility and beauty of the output. Sure, some fiddling with code and options (of which there are a lot) was necessary, but I think it has been worth it - and so do our site visitors. Our site traffic has increased due to the better output organisation and overall look (basic psychology: if it looks prettier, people want it more, no matter if the quality and content is exactly the same as before) and it is very easy to add new content.

If you are moderately familiar with css, xml and some php, this may be just the thing you were looking for in a CCK. Take the time to explore all the options of layout, modifying existing 'elements' and adding and tweaking them to your purposes.

Don't count on any assistance in their forum, however, it is notoriously unhelpful (otherwise I would give it 5-stars). On the upside, they do have a pretty extensive help section on the site, but it would be a lot more helpful to have a .pdf to download.

It also would be really nifty to be able to actually add videos to their Movie Database App, but oh well, we can't have everything!
Reviews: 18
I give 5 stars, because I can do everything I want with this component. Yes, it is a little bit hard for new users. But if you are experienced, you can do a lot of things with Zoo and the apps.

The support is not for free, but this is okay for me and I could solve every problem by myself.
Reviews: 2
A product or catalog business offering without the opportunity to manage the images is simply ridiculous. To understand what I mean, per item you invite a few pictures up. Now you want to change this in the article and see all the pictures. Yes! all the thousands of pictures where you want to change that one. An absolute no-go and badly thought completely. Apart from the updates, which often are not backwards compatible, there is also the bad support.
The ACL in Joomla 1.6 and 1.7 not to use is also a no go.
I can not recommend unless you are a code guru himself, and can tinker it.
Reviews: 23
I purchased Zoo for one period and will never go back to using it as they seem to think updating the framework is adding new features.

When you do need help you need to wait a week to get a reply and when you do get a reply its a rushed reply which is of no use.

I would stay clear until they bring it out of a BETA.
Reviews: 5
First the positive, ZOO is far and away the most solid, best programmed, most flexible CCK out there. It is vigorously maintained and updated and everything works and works beautifully.

BUT Support is dire, you will wait weeks if ever to get any help from a member of the team AND you will have to pay to even ask a question. I am sure the reason why ZOO is so good is because their developers spend all their time on the product and not the forum, thats fine- the product is great- BUT you have to pay to access the forum, where you will almost never get any official support. And because it is a paid for forum, you will most likely be the only person on it, so you wont get much help from the community either because nobody wants to pay to access a support forum that offers no support.
Reviews: 13
I moved over to the Yoo themes products because of poor experiences with another provider. The ZOO framework was enticing because it promises the potential for advanced customisation. In fact today I sat with a professional design company I frequently work with and gave them a good account of why they could make tremendous use of the Yoo theme products, spend less time re-inventing wheels and more time applying creativity to bespoke graphic designs. And I meant every word of it.

For me though - as an interested but non pro developer, the total lack of anything approaching adequate support makes a huge dent in the value of the yootheme products. These products are fairly complex and clearly well thought out and designed. But that makes them impossible to customise without at least some support.
Reviews: 18
As a developer, I found this software easy to use in some aspects, and actually very powerful. I'd be willing to pay a lot more for some actual support. There is basically none, hence the fair rating.

Plus, I've noticed some bugs in 2.4 in Joomla1.7.

I'd say go ahead and use it, only if you don't want to modify it too much
Reviews: 8
It's bristling with features but even with a well written set of documents you're going to find issues. There's got to be a way of getting more support. It's got enough here that I'd be willing to pay but it's not even on the table. It's really a shame.
Reviews: 1
It pains me to give this such a poor rating, but like most of Yoo's products, Zoo is a great tool that is undermined by non-existent customer support.

Like most of their products, your purchase gives you access to their support forums. This is considered your "paid support" even though pretty much every other developer offers user forums for free. And there is little developer involvement in the forums, so you won't receive much help.

Basing your site on a CCK is a big decision that will affect everything else you do. If you are an advanced Joomla user, then Zoo can be a great way to go. If you are a beginning or intermediate user, stay clear of Zoo. It will make your life very difficult.
Reviews: 1
So far Zoo is the best CCK component for Joomla in the point of design and usability. If you want to set up a simple blog or catalog-like- applications its a great extension.

But it has some mayor problems that makes it unusable for me:

- No Multilanguage-Support
- Bad Frontend Editing:
- Why is it not possible to sort in articles in categories in "trusted mode"?
- Why is there no support for using the filesystem in Frontend (i want to use the Image choose/upload editor like in Backend editing)?
Is it so hard to restrict it to predefined folders?
- Why no Support for the Gallery element in Frontend?

Beside i had no luck to get the Lightbox function to work (why no automatic lightbox to full Res image?) And why the hell is the image element not repeatable?
Reviews: 1
I love this component. It took me a little while to understand it's capacity and especially how to create own apps - but once you understood how it works - there is no reason to program basic components which basically just present some content, anymore!
Reviews: 1
There has never been easier thanks to ZOO
Although it took me days to learn and understand, but since I understood the idea behind this

It just completely changed my perception in managing information - and only made ​​my life easier
If I can show links to sites that are fun showing off 100 percent ZOO

I actually think joomla should implement the ZOO version 1.7 as part of their future
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