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ZOO is a flexible and powerful content application builder to manage your content.

* Create multiple app instances - Each one manages its own content like items and categories.
* ZOO provides a clean design with a JavaScript powered user interface to manage apps.
* Create your very own custom content types to fit exactly your requirements.
* Choose from a rich set of elements like forms, images, videos, ratings and more.
* Arrange your content via drag 'n drop by assigning elements to layout positions.
* Extend categories with custom fields and sort them using drag 'n drop.
* The slick comment system supports Akismet, Gravatar, Twitter and Facebook Connect.
* Adding tags is a breeze with text suggestion, auto completion and multiple selections.
* Use our form builder to let your users submit content via the frontend of your website!
* Trusted authors can review and edit their created content directly from the frontend.
* Import your content from Joomla, CSV files and popular Joomla components

Included Apps
* Blog - Easily build your own weblog with features like comments, tags and social bookmarks.
* Pages - Need a static content page like a Copyright or Team page? Here you go!

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Reviews: 3
ZOO is utterly great. And it's free - anyone who says otherwise probably refers to the "Apps" which are works of art in themselves. The concept of "overrides" offers the possibility of non-destructive changes that survive regular updates without any problems or conflicts, and give room for easily reversible(!) experiments. The documentation is well structured, extensive and offers very good explanations, tips and examples. The forum does indeed offer help. At least as long as the question or problem is explained correctly. In most cases, though, the solution is there after reading the manual. I found that I myself was the "bug" when I couldn't get something in ZOO to work. And I am definitely no specialist when it comes to PHP, CSS or even SQL. I cannot see much use in commenting some previous negative post by "paid customers" (must be great to actually GET money as a customer?!) in detail but there must either a general grudge or it's simply time for the one good advice: RTFM. Some owners of Toyota cars in the USA who didn't then suddenly realized that the brake pedal is the left one. The judge told them ...
Reviews: 1
I believe ZOO has great potential, but the documentation and support is VERY bad!! Even as a paying customer the support is below all quality. I agree with a previous reviewer that your left alone.
Reviews: 1
I have been using Yootheme Zoo extension for a while now and I think that it is a good add-on to the Joomla system. It provides a lot of additional and very useful functionality and is quite configurable. The Business directory application is very useful and can be used for numerous other items other than a business directory. So from an add-on point of view I would give this a 4 star. (lost a star as it takes some getting used to how to use and how to configure)

However... Please be warned!
The support from Yootheme is very poor even for paid customers. You are very much on your own if you get stuck or need to modify anything; and the more you use Zoo the more you find you need to make little tweaks. It very much seems that Yootheme are not interested in supporting their customer which is a real shame. So from a support point of view I give this only 1 star.

Overall 3 stars – Good product sadly let down by very poor support.
Reviews: 23
i use it with jreviews and created a lot of cool pages but with the latest version they somehow changed the apps class and now causes the site to go down.the zoo forum isnt very helpful. Its a good component ,but if your using Jreviews then dont use zoo.
Reviews: 1
My search for the perfect CCK for joomla would be over if Zoo used Joomla's native content system like Jseblod or Flexicontent. Still for now I rate Zoo at the top of the heap. For two reasons

A) It shows that Zoo is developed by a well known name in Joomla templates and extensions. It boasts a superior interface and is fairly intuitive .
B) Although all CCks have complexity and can be hard to master Zoo has extensive documentation. this might seem like a simple thing but unfortunately quite a few CCKs out there for Joomla seem to care little for how users learn how to get what they need out of the extension.

Using Zoo there is very little you can't get your head around to create compellign websites. I just wish it didn't create another layer of content distinct from Jooml'a default content system

There is little sense in trying to use a CCK if yoy can't figure out how to use it
Reviews: 1
This extention is simply outstanding, not more or less. It take a bit of time to find out how it works, but when that is in place, creating greath professional content is easy.

The support is exelent, and they even answer here in the easter.

I have only good things to tell about it, and look forward to further apps :-)
Reviews: 2
I´ve been using Zoo since it´s first release. And since then it´s been a non stop of releases. The support is great and is the most poweful and easily customizable CCK I´ve ever known. Of course, if you need something special for the site you´re building, you´ll have to work a bit but the good news are you can do almost anything you need. About multilingual sites, it´s not supported by yootheme team but I can confirm it works with ZOO. Not out of the box, of course. In sum, it´s really recommended.
Reviews: 6
If I could give Zoo an "Excellent ++" I would. It is, without a doubt, our web agency's secret weapon.

It's powerful, easy on the eyes, and comes pre-configured with some killer apps and add-on modules. The free version includes a slick blog and a page creator.

We use the commercial version, and it's paid for itself over and over. The two apps we use most often are the Item/Inventory Catalog and the Business Directory. But, honestly, we've put every app to use except, perhaps, for the Movie Database.

Our clients love how easy it is for them to manage their own content. And they get a sweet Submission app from the front end.

YooTheme has a pillar of Joomla society and they're actively developing the app.

YooTheme upgrades Zoo on what feels like a weekly basis - sometimes with major surprises. Recently, it added a much needed feature to send emails on Submissions and Comments. A Joomla 1.6 version is available and the upcoming Warp 6.0 and JQuery based tools are on their way (as of the time of this review).

How this does not have a 5 Star rating and a hundreds of glowing reviews is beyond me - my business depends on it.
Reviews: 1
I've been using ZOO for the last 3 months now and must say it's the best component I've had the pleasure to use.
It's easy configurable, easy to understand and has a nice feel and look to it.
Reviews: 20
Very good extension, good design and very fast
Reviews: 1
I think ZOO it's probably one of the best extensions avaiable for Joomla! it's very powerfull and just work when you need a cck
Reviews: 2
When looking for a good blogging component for a client, I tried several that we attempts at blogging components. With YOOTheme ZOO, that gap has been filled. I've actually been slowly migrating several of my clients over to ZOO, even if they aren't blogging, simply because ZOO is clean, fast, and user friendly.

Get ZOO today.
Reviews: 4
First of all, zoo is very BEAUTIFUL component, but it has many bugs and drawbacks, but still it has great potential and plenty room for improvement.

However, main reason for "fair" rating is their AWFUL TERRIBLE support... Even for paid members... I'm not the only one claiming that, on every forum and topic concerned zoo you will find few people complaining about their support... I had personal expirience with that, I notified them about a obvious bug, and what they did ? Deleted my post... Getting answer was dumb thing to expect i guess... Really shame... It could be one of the best joomla components ever...
Reviews: 2
Thanks a lot for this nice Component for free !

i have made a Application with zoo for a gaming site. you can edit a lot oft things and you can build own templates on the scratch.

Thats nice...

Now the things - what i am Missing
in blog application - what comes free too - i have the big problem to sort anything in frontpage, because, there is no alphaindex search for the user. so i take a look in the manual on there site - but...

there is no documentation, how to include this function. There is only a text, what will tell you, that is no Way use it in Blog template.

Now i know, that is a lot of nice stuff for free, but it shouldt come with full informations about handling the code !

but all in all - i love this zoo extension. it is one of the best, i have seen last time.

so again, thank you very much for this component !
Reviews: 9
We all know that Wordpress is better than joomla about the blog format, but with this extension that stay in the past. Excellent large part created by joomla.

Thank you very much
Reviews: 14
It's an excellent component, but made only average over-all by the poor support, even for the so-called professional version.

I would say that fewer than 20% of support questions get answered, terrible considering the high cost of the Professional component that I paid for. See the forum for more disgruntled users. It's a shame. I used to swear by YooTheme
Reviews: 2
This component a CCK creation tool has tremendous potential, setup is easy enough, graphically its looking very attractive, the only problems that i encountered is that front end submission is actually NOT completely working, for example uploading a gallery of images is still not possible which is a big handicap because users have to use photoshop to change the size of the images of the galleries and upload with an ftp client, additionally the support is simply put terrible. I really feel left in the cold after purchasing this component. We can only hope thing get better in 2011.
Reviews: 2
I had a look through all the joomla CCK's and found zoo to be the best. It's very flexible in terms of functionality and very elegant in design. Overall very impressed.

However from my personal experience the support is lacking. I've submitted created a couple of threads in the forum and commented on the documentation. My comments in the documentation are still awaiting moderation almost a month later. My two forum post weren't ever responded to. Even when i posted 3 follow ups to make my original post crystal clear. Honestly surprised and disappointed with the quality of support. Also I think the forum should be made public for SEO purposes. Also it's not a quality service that you should have to pay for IMO.
Reviews: 8
I have used zoo for a long time on my site. I started using zoo 1.0 and upgraded to zoo 2.0. They tried to make zoo 2.0 easier but i cant do simple things like display a raw field value.

Another thing. No multilingual support. YooTheme is based in Germany. How can they forget about German/English sites.

Support for free version is ZERO! I tried many many times to contact them. Including reading the documentation, leaving a comment there. My comment never got approved. I tried to leave a comment on their blog, also never approved. I tried to send them an e-mail and they never wrote back. Never! Not even to say, "you know, we only help you if you pay us".

I wanted to contribute and give ideas and hacks that will improve zoo. I feel sorry for the Zoo Component. It has a great potential but ZERO support from the developers.

Dear YooTheme make a public forum! Or change your license type because this is not Open Source ...
Owner's reply

In the ZOO description above it is clearly stated that ZOO does NOT support multilingual sites. It is also generally known that you can get support in our support forum if you buy to a ZOO membership.

We wonder why it is possible to give a bad rating in the JED because of a not supported feature request and because we only offer payed support?!

Reviews: 1
I had a very complex web site to set up that required a large number of nested categories, up to 3 or 4 levels deep. A very important requirement was the ability to add an item to more than one category at a time, in my case up to 10 categories for one item. Zoo handled this without issue.

Another great feature is, when creating a new data type, you do not have the notion of Joomla article fields and additional fields. You assemble your types out of a list of data elements and arrange them as you please.

Combined with the easy front end layouts, you put your custom fields wherever you like in what ever order you like (almost always without programming) they make short work out of customizing your views.

I value support and am happy to pay for it, especially with a component that plays such an important role on my website. Yootheme's support has been excellent and I am thankful that I have the option to buy it. A CCK without the option of paid support is too risky for me. I don't want to have to scratch and claw all of the web for hours or days to figure out if something is a bug or not and how to solve it.

Updates and new features arrive at a pretty consistent rate which also gives me great comfort. And, I feel that the Yootheme team WANT feedback and listen to it. I am a very satisfied, paying, customer.
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