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ShellManager ComponentModulePlugin


ShellManager allows you to build your own components and modules for Joomla 1.6 / 1.7 / 2.5
You can export and install your components created with ShellManager in other Joomla based websites equipped with ShellManager extension.

Q: What functionality i'm gonna be able to implement in my own modules and extension created with Shell Extension?
A: In your own modules and extensions you will be able to:
✓ Create administration and user side control panels
✓ Manage a huge number of different fields in your forms
✓ Apply customized DB queries
✓ Manage files
✓ Manage links between tables
✓ Create search filters
✓ Manage XML Joomla menu parameters
✓ Make your module interact with articles content
✓ Manage user permissions by groups or single users
✓ Export your components and modules
✓ Install your components and modules in other ShellManager Joomla websites

Q: How awesome are gonna be my components?
A: It depends on how awesome you are ;-)

Q:Is it a free extension?
A:Yes, ShellManager is a free extension regularly updated.

1.2 Ver. "Clam"
Help buttons are now in Italian and English.
Component and tables have been renamed
Clone form in frontend
Permissions have been improved
Misc bugs fixed
Tested and working in joomla 2.5 beta

1.3 ver. "hermit crab"
works in joomla 2.5.7
misc bugs fixed
import/export csv
database decimal value
improve search
and some new fields

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Reviews: 1
Its just what Ive been looking for.

It has some bugs that is expected because its pretty complex.

Only negative is that I can't register on the support forum, I get no activation mail and I tried with to different email accounts.
Owner's reply

Maybe I fixed the registration on the forum.

Reviews: 3
Great extension! does everything I need!
But how to remove Joomla extension by ShellManager for a professional job gets weird! :)
Owner's reply

you can register you in my forum ( and send my a private message (I'm admin) with the name of the site and the activation code. I reply you with the code to remove the 'Joomla extension by ShellManager'.
it's all free :)

Reviews: 1
I planned to develop extension like this, but when i found this great extension, i dont have to. I have to say Big thank you to this developer:)
Reviews: 3
So far, after downloading, installing and reviewing the logic behind it, it looks pretty solid. The code appears to be well organized and clean, and the hopes that this tool may help speed up extension development is high.

Really looking forward to rolling my sleeves up on this one.

Reviews: 2
but without tutorial in english is have not reason to add here. But off course, VERY THANK YOU. And i wish you patience to complete this revolution CCK.
Owner's reply

Hi, I added the new version with english help. It's not good english, it's not complete, but I have started :)

Reviews: 22
It's a realy usefull extension.

it's not easy to use, so you need two days of rain.

The reason for the four stars is the not existing documentation in english and the bad translation which is not complete in english.

English is the language on the whole IT business and italian documentations are not realy usefull if you have a global product like joomla.
This is not important for a image slider module or other simple extensions. But for this extension is the documentation extremly important.
Owner's reply

you're right, when I have finished version 1, I will focus on the translation of the manual (which I still have to finish writing).

Reviews: 1
This is a nice extension. But the text is not in English.
Owner's reply

the component is in Italian and English. Maybe there were problems in the installation, but you can find the traslation files when you download the component.

Reviews: 1
Although I am still a beginner in joomla, watching the tytorials could easily make a component.
I look forward to the next, improved version.
Thanks Giulio Pandolfelli