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While being an easy-to-use, quick and powerful content construction kit that everybody understands, ContentBuilder fills the gap between cracks and regular Joomla! users, who finally want to get the advantages of a CCK -- Check out our demos and videos!

Video tutorials and demos:

The main task for ContentBuilder is to structure Joomla!® content (articles) while preserving content layouts - but you can do a lot more with it, including:

* Catalogs
* Directories
* Classified Ads
* Contact Forms
* Article Submission
* Basic Communities
* Paid Content
* File Directories (Upload/Download)
* File Selling
* Image Galleries
* Extended Joomla! registrations, including Captcha and paid registrations
* List/Details views (Record Display)
* …or regular CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations on your data.

Supports CSV Import!

Joomla!®'s article system is not replaced. ContentBuilder provides list/details views by default that can act as administrative panels. It also creates regular content items if desired, which you may use on your site just like any other content -- without the need of core replacements.

Additionally, you can use ContentBuilder to control user permissions for several actions, such as content access, content editing, rating, article parameter settings, publishing, etc.

ContentBuilder provides a well-defined plugin infrastructure to enhance its capabilities:

* Content (extended ratings, image resizing, downloads or any other content plugin available)
* Form Elements
* Form Validation
* List Actions (select records and perform actions on them)
* Verification (think of payments and coupons)
* Themes (yes, even themes are pluggable)

There is a variety of plugins that ship with ContentBuilder already, such as PayPal payment, image resizing (thumbnails, modal details), downloads, list actions and common form validations. Plugins and modules like Advanced Search, Videos and Article Selection Form Element are available seperatly from download page.

ContentBuilder offers an easy-to-use integrated form builder that can operate on the data source of your choice.

For our BreezingForms fans, you might be interested to know that it also integrates perfectly with ContentBuilder (

*** NOTE: version 1.0 is in the works. The current version may be used in production already ***


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Reviews: 5
Initially I installed Content Builder and navigated through the setup with minimal issues. The extension works great after it is configured. It took me while to get that worked out. Then I ran into a stumbling block with the final configuration. Thanks To DJ and the Crosstec Team for helping me through the issue. The extra for the subscription is well worth it in my opinion. Interfaces really nice with Breezing Forms as well. Great extension. Thanks for the assistance. G
Reviews: 4
Content builder is a good and easy to handle contet builder. it works perfekt together with Breezing forms. so its a little sad that it seems the development slows down because we wait now a long time for 1.0
Owner's reply


the development is very active and 1.0 is on its way. We decided to make it joomla 3.0 compatible in once to have ContentBuilder prepared for the future. Additionally there will be another large BreezingForms update that we need to take care of and keeping its integration with ContentBuilder.

Thanks for the review!


Reviews: 1
I am fairly new to Joomla, although no web design/programming. I have found the learning curve to be a tad on the sharp side. This extension, however, was very straightforward and easy to use. Setup was a breeze. There are a few little tricks that have to be learned to get the full effect of this product, but it is not hard at all to learn or use. The support provided for the product is decent, at the moment, but is usually great. I have been very satisfied with the over all functionality of ContentBuilder and recommend it very highly.
Reviews: 1
Works Great. Lot of options. The menu type Public Views List does not work at at all. Any help from the creator would be greatly appreciated.
Reviews: 1
This app was very customizable and worked perfectly up until the beginning of this week. Had some issues with a 403 forbidden error when trying to do some edits on the back end. Tried for two days to get support and was never replied to once. Ended up figuring it out myself. Would rate higher except for the lack of support.
Owner's reply


Sorry that it didn't work well for you, but the settings to prevent a 403 (access denied) are accessible for the public in the documentation and also in the forums.

As for the support: we raised the support staff by 2 new team members. Please understand that with the growing popularity of our extensions, it took a couple of weeks for these 2 new team members to catch up.

Last but not least we are giving free support with highest quality, which is outstanding in the joomla world.

I hope in the future you will recognize the changes we made already (and the future ones) and update your review.


Reviews: 1
This component is great for creating custom forms and functionality in Joomla! without doing development work. I would recommend watching the Introduction video before trying to use this component.
Reviews: 1
I used this extension now for 3 websites and i´m just in love with this. Best support ever and really nice homepage.
Reviews: 1
A great addition to joomla... I was looking for a way to add custom fields to joomla articles and I found this great extension.

Thank you for the great work!!
Reviews: 6
This extension is really perfect to develop your own content management and migrate old system data to joomla.
Some great features :

- Datastorage can build automatically from existing database table !
- Joomla article can be automatically created when a content builder is created and a template for article can be customized!
- Multiple view can be associated to each datastorages (so multiple access right) !

Also Markus is really reactive on support and upgrades.

A must use product.
We also tested and worked with Zoo, K2 and F2c.
Reviews: 2
I decided to use this extension 1 month ago and today I come back to write review for it. I rate this extension 5 star and recommended for other Joomla users. I have used this extension on 3 site and all working as more than my expectation.
Reviews: 1
A must have! It's incredible what you can do with this component extremely flexible, you can generate almost any kind of content, forms, registration, download section ans so on...

I still can't believe that its free!!!

Thanks very much!!!
Reviews: 5
Excellent job guys!
Make sure to see the introduction video as it could be hard to get initially. BUT! once you get ur hand on it, it's an AMAZING, SIMPLE, SOLID content builder. A perfect name ,really!

Reviews: 1
Working with Joomla for years now but this is the first time I feel like I have to write a review!
This component is fantastic! Works like a charm, integrates perfect and is imho very easy to use.
Can't believe this is non-commercial.
I'll donate a few bucks for sure!

Thank you for this mighty component!
Reviews: 1
I can't thanks the developers enough for this extension...I used it to migrate data from another database into JOOMLA using the CSV import feature...about 1500 records. Super fast. Once all the date was imported I created a "view" to display the data in a customized way...Then used the advanced search module to add drop down search box. I cannot believe this is free (Although the reason I tried it, is because it is free). I do not need any support, but the product is so good that I will register and pay for support just to contribute and for them to continue improving it. Content Builder is worth it! GET IT! USE IT LOVE IT!
Reviews: 1
This is a good extension, but overall the support and documentation is lacking. I've had two issues with the extension--i.e., getting page errors and the auto publish feature isn't working in Joomla 2.5.1. The documentation doesn't have any useful guidance on this, and the community forum is hit or miss in terms of responses. Overall a good product, but for a paid solution, documentation should be better.
Owner's reply


The auto publish feature is working perfectly and the response times on the forums are outstanding. We had a delay on responses because one of our crew members got _seriously_ sick. Still we give an amount of free support that is absolutely unusual in the joomla world. Of you don't believe me, scroll the recent pages on the forums of the last 7 days.

If you use the auto publish feature, then make sure you publish the records from the view panels, not from the artic manager. This has been discussed many times in the forums.

After reading this, please get back to me to in the forums an I'll point you to the right topic.


Reviews: 2
I started using this extension on one customer's site when I needed a customized content structure with great search capabilities provided by an easily configured module. I've now added it to several other sites where I need a simple and flexible extension to the basic Joomla content model.

Any other praise I could add has been well covered in the other great reviews here; I'll just say that so far anything that has fallen short of my expectations in the software or documentation has been quickly and kindly handled by the great support I've gotten.

Danke Markus, gut gemacht!
Reviews: 1
Not very easy to understand first, but I got support on the forum very quickly and it works very well.
Reviews: 1
I have tried other CCK and most of them are separate from Joomla's core articles. I like how this component can create a copy of Joomla article.

It might be intimidating to use at first glance, but once I followed the video tutorial everything makes sense. There are some little annoyances that if fixed will make the user's life easier, and I'm pretty sure they will get fixed in the future.

Thanks for the great work and I look forward to seeing how this will grow.
Reviews: 2
3 hours since I wrote my first email to the developer, Markus and 21 mails between us since then, my problem has been solved by him sending me a new file to overcome the bug found! Now, how better can customer support get?
As for the extension, it is AWESOME! All I can wonder is how come this is not paid and that too heavily! Serves every purpose it is meant for and then some!
Markus, you are awesome man!
Let me enumerate:
a. Excellent features in the extension
b. Even more awesome support.
c. Great looking user interface.
Reviews: 2
ContentBuilder is a very powerful component. The possibilities seems to be endless!
And the support is GREAT! You can find a lot of information in the forum and if you don't find what you need, you submit a new topic and Markus is answering faster as you can imagine!
Thanks a lot for this component!
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