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FieldsAttach ComponentModulePlugin

CCK for joomla

Easy, simple and powerfull.

Component for attach all kind of objects to a ARTICLE or CATEGORY: input text, select, image , image gallery, youtube,...
You can may edit the new fields in the content edit default page, as usual.

Very intergrated in the normal editing articles.

- 100% Native Articles- No Joomla! core replacements
- Front-end article manager
- Default article templates
- Advanced Search
- Required fields
- Auto re-size image
- Automatic show, after or before article
- Search view, with extra fields filtering and ordering


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Reviews: 1
Excellent contribution. It works really well. And the support is the best. If I could give more stars I would ... thanks Cristian.
Reviews: 9
This is a great solution to adding structured data to Joomla. All the other CCKs duplicate large amounts of good Joomla functionality, which is just like reinventing the wheel. FieldsAttach has a much better approach in just adding a layer on top of Joomla, nicely augmenting the existing UI and features.

It's a fantastic solution, Thanks!
Reviews: 19
I came across this extension because of a presentation by Brian Teeman. He coined it "The cck that is not a cck". I think he's right, as Fieldsattach is not trying to replace Joomla core functionality, as most cck's do. It rather is complementary to the core, and in my opinion this is a very good concept.

It works pretty good as well, and I am very happy with it. For the inexperienced user, some aspects could be smoothened a bit more. Also I found a little bug when using it for categories rather than articles. The bug was solved quickly by the developer.

Which brings me to the point of support, and my experiences with that are excellent.

My overall rating of this extension is "good", not "excellent" because I think there are still a few rough edges. Yet I do hope that Cristian will continue developing and refining Fieldsattach and keeping up his high standards of support. If he does, I suppose that I will have to update my review.
Reviews: 2
Installation was completed. All settings were in place and I could see the extra filed in article edit mode. Problem I'm not seeing the content displayed in frontend. I'm not sure if i'm missing something though i believe all my setup is correct. Documentation is not helpful either.
Owner's reply

Hi, I'm so sorry for you first impression.

Fieldsattach is a extension for help you make a administrator easy and fast.

The problem with the front end is than joomla not give a type plugin for render it. Only for a com_content -> article. for others places we need other ways for render the extrafields. BUT, this ways are more powerful than automatic form.

The overwrite template and fieldsattach API is easy and it's useful not only for fieldsattach, for every component in joomla. It's a general technique, for this with fieldsattach you learn a lot of things for use in others components.


Reviews: 4
I have been using this extension for a couple of years now and it has always been a lifesaver for making my website a lot more user friendly when the client comes to edit content.

I had an issue with the newest version on Joomla 3 but that was promptly resolved by Cristian.
Reviews: 1
I thank the developer a lot of this extension. I have used it on all 4 big websites I have built since starting with Joomla 3 when it was first out.
The updates have come out and kept it up to date. Its just nice to be able to add extra fields to the article and then put one line of php in the content article template for each field to bring it through. No need to restructure content and I can add it to old articles too.
I wish this feature was built in to joomla but thank the developer they built it.
Reviews: 1
I use Fieldsattach on my intranet website where it serves me with great forms used to enter and search data.
It is very easy to install and use. I would say that it's pure logic.
In case any problems occur. Don't worry. The support is fast and really great!
I used most of the CCK's and I can say that Fieldsattach is in my top 3.
Just instal it and use it! You won't regret it.
Reviews: 3
It has got to be the best extension I have seen for joomla (I have being using joomla for 3/4 years).
I think the biggest difference to me beetween other CCK is that Fieldsattach makes use of what is already there, THE COM_CONTENT/ARTILES and CATEGORIES. Iy is perfect, in reality most users want something simple and straight forward. So rather than saying, got to articles to edit the text, go to component/gallery to edit the gallery, etc. Now it is all in one place. PERFECT! 10starts for just following the logic.
Reviews: 6
I needed to create richly annotated articles to create a research database. FieldsAttach gave me exactly what I was after. The support is incredible, and the prices reasonable. I would not have been able to complete my project with other tools! Cristian, you are awesome!!
Reviews: 1
This component is wonderful!

works perfectly well in Joomla 3.2!
Thanks to Cristian, its developer, who kindly invests his time to write and improve this extension, the Joomla now has a simple and powerful CCK

It is really a great component!, Simple to use and integrates with joomla articles or category

If you need a simple CCK and especially working with com_content (default joomla items) .. . FIELDSATACH is your extension!
Reviews: 2

thanks a lot for making something like this. however their seems to be few things missing like if you can add the option to put title or alt text for images that would be great. this one is not working in particular. the plugin seems to be taking article title as the title and alt for every image but its not picking up or showing on the front.

thank you
Reviews: 1
I raised a bug on the version for J3 and in just two hours Cristian fixed it by releasing a new version.

This guy has won me over, when will release: Extra types, Modules or Plugins for J3 I will buy them.
Reviews: 1
Very excited to find this and start using it. I look forward to more tutorials and information in English. Thanks!
Reviews: 7
I m giving 5 stars to this extension despite it is not yet 100% ready and mature. It worths finally the 5 stars mostly because it has a great potential and needs the attention by the joomla community.
First of all it's free. Second the developer is passionate with it and provide fast responses in support requests. He gave me the feeling that he wants to see this extension growing.
And I strongly believe that this extension has plenty of room and chances to grow, as it opens a whole new world of possibilities for our beloved Joomla and the native article management.
Now in the usage, at first, it is not the easiest and most straight forward extension for beginners, but at the other hand with some efforts and research everyone can make use of it, even if he has to ask for help from the support.
There are several improvements or enhancements that can be implemented to this extension and all depends on the direction the developer will take for it.
For example:
Focus on making it a system for developers to deliver a custom ready to use CCK solution for their customers ?
Put more efforts to make it even easier with back-end creation of html templates output for the end-users?
Create patterns for integration of the custom fields, like the drop-down list, to get data from other extensions ?
In any case the possibilities are endless here...
Even it is still under development, I believe it needs the support and the attention by the community. Its functionality can be considered a must have or even be included in the core as it shows the potential to drive joomla to even higher flights.
Can't wait for the future...!
Reviews: 29
It is very useful when you need add some custom fields to Joomla Articles. It would be nice to design the output of content plugin by yourself and put it in any place of article or use PHP variables in layout template.
Code of this extension might be more clear but it is quite good.
Reviews: 18
I like this extension because I don't need to use a big CCK for some small changes in the output. I had some problems at first but now (almost) everything works as I need it.
Reviews: 2
So, I have not gotten a long way into using Fields Attach but I am already more impressed than I have been with any other CCK I have used ( k2, Flexi, Sobi ), and with just what I have seen so far I am impressed enough to give a 5 star review.

Compared to other CCKs, it’s more intuitive, runs off standard articles / DB and .. and well.. it just works!

I am still using K2 for certain things as I know it well, I like it, and for certain jobs it is very hard to beat, but Fields attach (along with learning how to do article and category output overrides through the menu item selection) means it is just as / if not more powerful than others, opens up huge possibilities and frankly it is actually easier to achieve more complex results - plus I believe more extendable in the long run.

I will say you may need some PHP knowledge to get the most out of the product but if you REALLY use other CCKs, you need it anyway.

Fields Attach deserves a lot more attention. Great work, and I look forward to the future of this tool.
Reviews: 3

The world of CCKs is exciting. There are different types and each one has pros and cons. Choosing one is a hard work because you have to test them thoroughly to know them well and because most of them are very good.

In recent years I have tried almost everyone (K2, Zoo, Seblod, Pages-and-Items, FLEXIcontent and ContentBuilder). For large projects I choose Seblod because it is extremely powerful and although gain control over it is an arduous task, it allows to do anything imaginable. But for most of sites is overkill.

Then I decided to try FieldsAttach and I fell for him. Easy, stable, free and works with com_content.

If what you need is to add some data quickly or completely control the look and feel of the Joomla articles (through Joomla and FieldsAttach overrides) to create all kinds of content (Catalogs, Downloads, Blogs, News, etc.) there is no doubt, FieldsAttach is the king.

My customers are happy because they add content articles from the standard manager (FieldsAttach adds form fields to default Joomla article manager) and I'm happy because I can do it easily and effectively.

And better, the development is fully alive.

And much better, the developer answers your questions or solves your problems with an astonishing speed and friendliness.

Thanks Cristian
Reviews: 1
Very good component, just that what im was searching for! Easy to configurate, looks nice on the homepage. As i needed help, the developer was realy quick availibe and helped me out!

Big thanks to you!!
Reviews: 2
I was looking for an extension that would allow me to easily put extra fields in the articles pages, a bit like the custom fields of wordpress ; I tried K2 but found it quite complicated, then i discover Fieldsattach and it was exactly what i needed ; texts, images, links, gallery, forms… the extra fields can have different types and will certainly cover all your needs… above all, it's very easy to configure and to use : you create a group of fields, attach it to a category or an article ; and when you edit the article, the fields appear just under the article and can be filled… in the front end, the fields appear in the content or via a module that you can put anywhere on the page ; also you can put tags directly in your template to place your fields where you want…
The extension is in constant development, so the author add often new functionality but it's already fully working and stable…
Plus the developer is easy to reach via its plugin forum and always ready to help !!! great !
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