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FieldsAttach ComponentModulePlugin

CCK for joomla

Easy, simple and powerfull.

Component for attach all kind of objects to a ARTICLE or CATEGORY: input text, select, image , image gallery, youtube,...
You can may edit the new fields in the content edit default page, as usual.

Very intergrated in the normal editing articles.

- 100% Native Articles- No Joomla! core replacements
- Front-end article manager
- Default article templates
- Advanced Search
- Required fields
- Auto re-size image
- Automatic show, after or before article
- Search view, with extra fields filtering and ordering


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Reviews: 11
This is wonderful. K2 is no longer needed or any other cck, with this get your additional fields and in a simple manner. Most imprecionante for me was, I can put these fields to show places you want.
And for those who like me do not know how to put subtitles to your articles, you FieldAttach provides that and more.
Thank you and continue to help the developers of this great extension for this to be one of the best.
Reviews: 9
I would like to rate this component excellent. With field-attach, we can include custom fields in Joomla default core article. No other cck's provide this feature in a simple way. I used field-attach for one website. I found it is easy to use field-attach fields with NoNumber's content templater + module anywhere plug-ins. Using Field Attach Module, I inserted extra fields in NoNumber Content Template and it worked smooth with fixed styles and position. I feel, A step by step tutorial to create Template API (current one only help advanced joomla users) would surely increase this component's popularity
Reviews: 23
I look for put some extra field in joomla article, and after long time searching I found solution in Fields Attach. The component is more simple of the others cck, and much more easy. That is a component which missing in joomla.
Reviews: 24
I actually just stumbled over Fieldsattached, wondering if THIS could be an answer for my quest to find a *simple* and *easy* way, giving my customers the possibility to add info in a padronised way... something I searched for a long time already.
Many CCK´s are just to bloated up, don´t have a seamless Joomla integration or are just to hard to learn for my customers.

Installing Fieldsattach is simple, the free extension is covering almost everthing you need. Some plugins you may buy from the developer site, what I think is a good way to secure the ongoing development.

I started to play around with the extension and some minor bugs came up. The forum is free and I posted my findings, hoping that during the next week somebody would answer. The very next day Cristian, the developer, already started working on my problems and he needed less than 24 hours to remove the bugs from the program and release a new version! That´s a new record!

I really am grateful for such a fast easy and near time response. We have here a very dedicated programmer which is very valuable to the Joomla! community... I can not say "THANK YOU" enough!

I did spend Cristian a beer and I really hope, everbody will do the same. Fieldsattached is THE answer for everyone trying to add custom fields! Try it out and get back to the developer if you have any problem!
Reviews: 1
allowed for rich content/layout articles and without a bloated interface/functions list.
Reviews: 1
Impressive and likeable extension. This is not the most configurable, but it's the best for quickly create content type. the strength of this extension is to use the base Joomla rather than separate the cck management system from the basic content management system.
Reviews: 2
after checking and using for the last years many other cck, this is by far the most easy to setup for basic needs. maybe it is also a good fit for more advanced scenarios, havent checked though. it does what it says, easy, quick and good
Reviews: 2
Finally I found this extensions and I am happy with it more and more. Easily installed, easily configured and very powerfull.
It provides simple API to use the fields however you need.
Reviews: 3
I've spend some hours trying out different plugins and solutions. But this is by far the easiest and best I've come across! A fantastic component, easy to use and fast to set up. Exactly what I was looking for!
Reviews: 35
if i could give 7 stars i would! so simple to use and i asked for a search feature and the developer Cristian immediately made it in 2 days! What a support for a free component... this is the kind of components are a good sign for the joomla community... people who believe in open source ! BRAVO Cristian good job man!
Reviews: 8
Works good would work great if extra fields showed up before save. With allowing content from public and having to approve it the extra fields don't show up in till you go back in and edit the article and I don't allow public to edit there own articles or site would become a link farm. So they never see the extra fields.
Reviews: 3
I was building a website to hand over to the client to use, and needed it to be straight forward. Using this, i was able to make an easy backend image and document uploader for the client to use when making new articles.

Works great.
Reviews: 1
This extension was just what I was looking for - custom fields without any extra fuss. You can make fields display on all articles or just for certain categories (split up by groups). Very easy to customize. And hint: for easy customization of the field titles, you can use HTML to bold, underline, color, etc. You can even use line or horizontal breaks to change how they display on the article without changing any templates. SO SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE! And the extension developer was very kind to answer any questions I had. :)
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