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7 years - 7th generation of free CCK.

You can build almost anything: Blog, forum, support desk or private ticket system, real estate or auto market, job board or product catalog!!!

Cobalt is a successor of Mighty Resources but all new, completely redone.

- Flexible CCK - Wide variety of fields text, textarea, html, image, select, multi-select, ... All fields are highly editable and will always give you more than you expect.

- Notification System - iPhone or Facebook style notifications system allows users subscribing to articles or section/categories and being notified on any occurring event.

- Multi-type - Allows you to submit, handle, search, display, order and filter different content types of data within the same section/category.

- Search & Filtering System – Smart and configurable FULL TEXT search system. Advanced search using filters by field values.

- Speed - High performance is one of our main concerns.

- Multi-Vendor - Users submit from frontend and can even create their own categories and have their own home pages.

- Comment System – Built-in comment system, along with the ability to use any other system like Komento.

- Rating System – 3 different calculating modes. Single or multiple property ratings.

- Moderator Manager – Set any users as moderator to any section, and fine-tune his permissions.

- Templates Powered - Every record list or record display uses templates which can be managed through a Template Manager.

There are much much more features in Cobalt than what we can describe within this short description. Try for yourself this incredible component and become addicted by the unrivaled power of flexibility, which no other JOOMLA CCK can provide.

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Reviews: 3
My experience with Cobalt 7 and it's dev team has been great. I am using this tool to create a staff directory for a university where faculty can be linked to classrooms, labs and departments using the relational field in Cobalt. I recommend buying the complete package to get all of Cobalt's features. Support has been top notch.
Reviews: 1
I had a very positive experience with Cobalt and the team behind it.

I wanted a system that would keep users on the frontend but give them the option to enter articles using particular fields in a very simple manner. Cobalt achieved this, I did have to go through some documentation but it was all worth it.

I asked on the support forum about a feature and they had it ready in the next build a couple of days away - I don't know if it was planned or not but it felt really professional. I was also able to find a Russian translation (still to be installed).

The team was very helpful with several queries. 10/10, and it's free!
Reviews: 1
I have nothing but good things to say about Cobalt, The Unbeatable CCK. It is an awesome extension and a must have for those who wants to build an outstanding website.

As far as we know, standard Joomla installation only support standard article publishing. When we post article, we only provide title, category, article content and access rights. Nothing special. Our imagination is limited and we couldn't do anything to expand our website features.

I've been used Mighty Resources, the predecessor of Cobalt for years now. The same as Mighty Resources, Cobalt give me a chance to develop a customized website in Joomla. Whatever imagination do you have, you could make it real with Cobalt. The sky is the limit.

As Flexible Content Construction Kit (CCK), Cobalt open many possibilities. We could have a business listings, product catalog, knowledge base, real estate, cooking recipes website, etc.

Here are some highlights about Cobalt:

1. THE SKY IS THE LIMIT: You could create any website. I suggest you use it for complex website to maximize its power.
2. TEMPLATE MANAGER: You could display content/article in many ways or add standalone php code in Cobalt template.
3. ADVANCED CONTENT FILTERS: You could filter contents with many criteria through many fields (text, select simple, select relate, etc)
4. MULTI FEATURES: Votes, ratings, tags, notification system, content relationships, comment system, etc
5. FOR EVERYONE: Everyone can use Cobalt from novice to expert. If you already have some knowledge about HTML, CSS, Joomla, and PHP, then nothing to worry about. If you know a litle just like me, be prepare to spare some time to learn it but don't worry, your effort will not go in vain.
6. ALWAYS THERE WHEN NEEDED: Outstanding support from ME Team. Sometimes there are some misunderstanding because of language barrier but overall the people behind Mighty Extensions is helpful and know what they're doing.

Thanks for everything, Sergey and the team! Keep up the great work!
Reviews: 1
This is not a common component, this is a suite of components, plugins, modules which all together combine in an excellent solution. I've been using MightyExtensions (and now Cobalt) for almost 4 years, and have been doing lot of stuff with it!

I started using it for an old personal startup and then began using it as a base solution for almost all of my projects (I provide web solutions to agencies, so I did lot of different solutions, from multivendor websites to institutionals', all using Mighty/Cobalt).
I have experienced its quality, surf the code, change it, customized it, talked to support frequently. All is an awesome experience.

Frankly, I think this solution is great and I haven't had second thoughts on supporting the team behind. I certainly became a great fan! It's amazing what you can do with this extension and a bit of imagination!
Reviews: 1
This CCK is amazing especially the video field, the records field, the read more and relation field
This cck is the best of the big compagnies
thank you
(@ thank you to Clowride, thank to him, i know this CCK and thank for his french help)
Reviews: 34
I have a big compagny which win money thank to Cobalt component is the best CCK
component is stable and very powerfull
Strange review from aklisiewicz, he loves to write bad comment
i have no skills in web, php, css but the support is amazing, very good
thank you
Reviews: 18
I was hoping this extension deserved some attention, but,...I was very unsuccessful.
- when installing I got errors, then second installation went through
- after installing everywhere I moved I was getting Error 500, table does no exist. When I tried to looked at the site's forum to search for some hints, I got bunch of errors on a search page
- looked up in a DOCs but the documentation is completely disorganized, and there is no even a page explaining the whole concept of this component, and how it works, so most of it is a guessing...
English language used has lots of styling errors and sometimes it is hard to understand what the author is talking about
- I watched a video tutorial which uses a yellow cursor covering underlying screen which makes it harder to see where the mouse is pointing. This tutorial although pretty informative is very chaotic and doesn't start from the ground up how to use the component. Instead it shows unnecessary topics on how to download the extension from the developer site (waste of time).
Terminology used in this component is also somewhat strange as most people, while working with databases use the concept of: DATABASE, COLUMN (or field), COLUMN TYPE, KEY/INDEX etc. some of the terms in Cobalt have to be guessed a lot.
- developer website is causing problems as well. Forum is hard to operate and I was not even able to post a message. Their system supposed to send a confirmation email, which I have never received...

The bottom line is: I wasted several hours trying this extension, but it was not worth it. Perhaps developer will take all this into consideration and do some improvements

I decided to remove it as it was useless and full of bugs
Owner's reply

Sorry to hear about your experience with Cobalt.

The indication of missing tables points to a broken installation, which can be caused by a lot of reasons (broken installation file, permission problems on the server etc.)

We provide direct assistance through our support desk and even do the installation of our free component if someone experiences problems with it.

I am sure all this problems could have been easily resolved by reporting it to the support desk.
Your comment about the documentation is very valid and as indicated in our document section, after focusing on making the componet stable, documentation is now our priority.

In fact, over the last days we published several quite comprehensive articles for users who want to unleash the full power of Cobalt.

A demo site, which deeper explanation of fields and templates as well as examples are on the way as well.

Since I am the one who produced the criticized video, i have to apologize for my English. Unfortunately my native language is not English, but based on earlier feedback, it was quite well received by other watchers. Since the core Cobalt component is offered for free, we don't have the resources to hire professional speakers.

Your issue with the "yellow cursor" is based on the used screen recording software and is used in millions of tutorials worldwide.

We might consider your recommendation about our tutorial and split it into several steps, starting from downloading up to the actual usage (which is covered now in 1 video).

Since we are using some advanced technologies and a very complex database scheme, we try to simplify things for our users and don't want to confuse them with too technical terms. We follow the Joomla example here and using Section, Categories , Types and Fields. The average user will not need to know anything about SQL or database design. For the advanced user, we provide API access which will simplify the whole process of accessing data.

Something must have been wrong when you tried to post a message on our support desk, because since the start of it, we dont even require a registration to post there.

Sorry again for your experience, but if you experience some bugs, we would appreciate a detailed feedback (error message) to fix the problem and provide a better FREE solution to the Joomla community, as we hope the community will also to appreciate our time and efforts which went into this FREE component.

Thanks for your review.

Reviews: 1
I would never register to this site just to write a review for a component or something, but this component has truly earned it.
Although the learning curve is hard - as said before - it has nearly unlimited features AND(!) the support of the developers is just great. Bug fixes are made within hours after the report of a bug and feature requests normally don't take longer than a week (fastest for me was one day).
One component that was really worth buying (although the free version is already very powerful).
Reviews: 7
I used each and every content construction extension out there. No doubt, they all have their strengths, benefits and weaknesses. Somehow, its possible to build an extended content type in any of them. It really depends on the project and your needs. Custom type building and submission is common to all of them...

But did you think about how visiters browse and search your extended content types?

In my humble opinion, these are the major reasons to use COBALT as your Joomla CCK:

- Advanced Search and Filters
(total results are shown before any search is made)
- Multiple Types per section
- Moderator Manager & Notifications
- Template-based in all parts

Definitely try it out – it's FREE!

Even more advanced modules and fields can be purchased seperately for lifetime! or accessed via club membership. Check them out as well!

- Parent & Child relations!
- SSI (Simple Sale Interface)
- Geo Field & Distance Search
- ...


If K2 is an extended com_content, and ZOO is the pretty iPhone of a content component... than MintJoomla COBALT is more like Drupal7 Fields and the exposed filters of Views ;-)

I have to repeat myself and I will use the same statement I used for its pre-decessor "ME Resources": This Extension makes Joomla! a full-fledged CMS and ContentBuilder.
Reviews: 6
I tried several CCK in the past (seblod, k2, zoo, and joomgalaxy) but cobalt is the best, powerfull and stable
thank you for this great component and an amazing support
Reviews: 1
I am using Cobalt for a while already and for my demands it is the best CCK component out there. It is highly flexible and you can build theoretically any site you want. The subscription model is fair enough and the free version should work fine for most needs.

Nevertheless the learning curve is quite hard at the beginning. Later on it is really easy to configure and use.
Reviews: 2
Out of all CCKs, Cobalt (former Resources) i consider to be best and most reach with what it can do.
I would say the possibilities impress! Vast variety of fields and fine tune parameters is the paradise for someone who do not want to get into code.

What I like about new version is the speed. Thanks developers they really did a marvelous job on it. Aтв a lot of new interactive features.

I love Cobalt 7, and in fact I already love Cobalt 8 when I read roadmap.

Thank you MintJoomla for this wonderful experience.
Reviews: 1
I'm loving the latest generation of this Powerful CCK! Completely re-written for Joomla! 2.5 the integration is clean and seamless. Speaking as a long term user the continuous development and improvements has resulted in a refined solution balancing ease of use with features to keep the power users amongst us happy. Colbalt allows me to speed up my development cycle whilst retaining functionality and increasing user interaction.

By combining Colbalt with Emerald, the membership component also from MintJoomla I have a solution that improves on all of the best features from the previous MightyExtensions Components.

Colbalt is a fully blown CCK and as such is not for newbies who are probably better off sticking to the excellent but non-comparable K2. However if you have a bit of web dev experience with Joomla! then I recommend you give Colbalt a try.

The new pricing structure means the core Component, Plugins and Modules will always be free, allowing me to pay for only the premium features I need. The good news is that licenses are no longer restricted by domain and premium purchases can be used on infinte domains.

I believe that Joomla! 2.5.x has been a important milestone for the Joomla! community and a big step forward. Along with the recently announced roadmap for Colbat 8 with exciting new Enterprise features the future is looking very promising.
Reviews: 1
This is my first rating, because i feel that this component deserves some attention.

If you get COBALT, you dont need anything else anymore.
Nested categories, unlimited fields per article, flexible layout, comments, rating, etc etc ...

Only your imagination is the limitation what you can do with this extension.

Not only the product, also the support is outstanding. While experiencing some difficulties with my own import script, Sergey immediately went out of his way and fixed my problems within minutes. Free of charge. Thank you very much for your support.

The most incredible fact is that this high quality component is absolutely free as well.
I bought several add-ons just to support this extraordinary product -- worth every cent.

5 stars are not enough to rate this component.
Reviews: 2
Really nothing to say , is the best CCK For me !!
i can build any complex web app with Joomla! CMS and Cobalt , it's very powerful than others (K2, Zoo,seblod...)

Great Component, Great Support, Good Prices for Addons, Great 3DP extensions.

5 stars, and 10/10
Reviews: 20
Great component, and great support
This component is powerfull
now i'm waiting a mighty touch integration
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