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PageBuilder Component

The PageBuilder is a Joomla component support for Joomla 2.5.x and Joomla 3.x integrated Bootstrap is required for use this component.

We created it base on JQuery/HTML5/CSS3, you can use the free version for your site and look & feel.
You can easy build your layout by all Elements provided.

With Drag and Drop and Responsive support.

Watch video:


- Drag and Drop layout
- Front-end RESPONSIVE


- Columns: Make a space divided into columns to arrage layout -->
- Module: You can call any module in Module Manager -->
- Gallery: Show images to creat an album -->
- Divider: Can changes space between every element-->
- Vimeo: Embed Vimeo video into your site -->
- Message Box: Show information or a alert -->
- Youtube: Embed Youtube video into your site -->

Hope you enjoy it. And feedback you can contact us at

Version 1.1 – December 17th, 2013

ShineTheme Team

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Reviews: 3
If you plan to create a page with modules and video, this extension is great. I suggest though that you make the content component available to drag and drop as well. Then, it would be a great way to create alternative layouts.
Reviews: 10
This extension is great! Yes it's a component and no it does not embed into articles. All you need to do is use the component to add layouts, then name your layout, then add your new page/layout via a menu item by selecting PageBuilder menu type...then select one of the named layouts you created. It's very simple and you use it just like any other Joomla component. Thanks to the Dev for this awesome extension...saves so much time especially when laying out a page with columns.
Reviews: 52
We installed the free version and what we liked about this addon is, it feels like the commercial visual layout editor for WordPress.

Here's the downside, unless we're using this wrong, this layout editor doesn't embed itself in the actual article editor. You have to use the Component Menu to create the page layouts.

After we created a page layout inside Joomla using the free version, we couldn't see any way to embed that layout into the Joomla article.

Also, there is zero documentation other than a video on Youtube so, we're at a loss on how to use this product.