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Aixeena CCK Plugin

Aixeena Easy CCK is a Joomla plugin that lets you to have an easy way to add extra fields to your Joomla 3 articles, categories and menus.

This CCK plugin works with Joomla XML Forms Fields.

Is a very simple but useful Joomla CCK, which allows you to adapt to the needs of your projects in a fast and agile way.

Have an important advantage from other CCKs: is no need to install any extra table, nor any new field, nor have to perform any new database to query.

Works by harnessing the power of the Joomla core.
Only a small plugin is installed, do not install any components.

Light, powerful, intelligent ... Aixeena Easy CCK

New Version 1.1.0

Now you can have custom fields for each article depending on their categories.

You can have diferent custom fields for each category.

Note that Aixeena CCK works with all Joomla Standard Fields (including the new repetitive field).

Axieena CCK doesn´t install any new tables, and any new fields.

The fields data are stored on the defautl attribs or parameters Joomla fields, so you can use them on every frontend component, module, plugin or template.

Enjoy it.

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