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Pages-and-Items ComponentPlugin

Pages-and-Items = menu-manager + content-manager + CCK.

Pages-and-items is a site manager which works so much faster then normal Joomla. It has a menu-tree (like Wordpress) from where you can manage the Joomla menu's as well as the Joomla content.

The optional CCK is included and fieldtype plugins can be added.

Fully compatible with everything good Joomla and all its extensions have to offer.

Now with Joomla-style article manager with CCK.

53 languages included.

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Reviews: 11
An excellent component that works well with other modules and does not impose a structure or changes to core Joomla! files or custom tags, etc. that are a mess with some content components and, thus to be avoided imo.

Pages and Items is a component that should be installed even if you run a fairly static website... just occasional use will make it worthwhile. On the otherhand, if you are doing an upgrade of Joomla, importing content, a major reorganization/reclassification of content, checking for broken/changed internal or external links, this component should be of great help.
Reviews: 9
My rating is excellent.
I tried Pages-and-Items CCK. It is really amazing, easy to use; better than jSeblod for non-advanced users. Pages-and-Items’ templates config option for custom Item types as flexible as ModX CMS Template configuration and add–to-menu option are really unparallel. Along with Admin-User-Access plug-in, this CCK has capability to rule the Joomla CCK. Only one problem I faced: Some content related modules are not working. I tried latest news-display module and content slider module (AiDaNews, and Article slider) both did not work with custom content Item Type. Is there any list available for Content/Item modules, which are working with Pages and Items? Good if developers of this CCK special modules compatible with Pages-and-Item on reasonable rate.
Reviews: 1
This component is excellent, a must have ...
and the support by Carsten Engel is super fast and very good. Thanks.
Reviews: 1
I just wanted to say I found the support for this extension excellent! It's a very useful bit of code.
Reviews: 1
I recently installed this extension and found it to be okay. Granted it works fine, what really bothered me was having to download/install 3 files (com, mod and plugin). Would be nice if it was just one file.

Regardless of such, it does have a bit of a learning curve and you DO have to go in to edit certain aspects (items show up as a category > blog listing).

I do still use it since it does provide me with what I need and makes it much easier to find and write articles and FAQs.
Reviews: 1
I've tried all the other CCk and this one really meets my needs.
The database relationship with joomla core database is direct and easy to read.

Allow to load a cvs for the select field type.

Reviews: 3
This is one of the must haves for any decent Joomla! installation. It makes life of editors and designers so easy, and finally it is possible to have many different page types within one site without going through the troubles of defining multiple standard-joomla-templates! Congratulations to this super powerful extension, and I wish it will be included in the core of Joomla! very soon!
Reviews: 1
This extension is the best and flexible extension for content managment.
I can do all with it i want.
The coding with the framework for custom item types and the framework for different itemtypes is very simple and there are enought samples to understand the frameworks.
The author sounds itself the desires of the users and also converts these to possibility.
Reviews: 1
I rate this extension as necessary as other components such as JoomlaPack or sh404sef, which I will install on every site before using it.
This is an amazing extension - not marketed well, nor is the user interface *very* pretty, but it does the job.
I looked for something to do this for a long time. Allows you to set a custom layout for items, I'm even able to write my own itemtypes!
This should *definitely* be an Editor's Pick, and integrated into the core joomla ASAP. Suggestion for the developer though: could do with a little prettifying!
Reviews: 1
This is really in my opinion the best extension for building and managing content! Uses the standard joomla core, so you can do what you did before and you can use PI for some specific sites. But for article management and site management the tree is brilliant! For Drupal and Typo3 users the best and most helpful extension for building up quick and easy content, without the separation between:
- menu
- article
- category
Last but not least also a great support!!! Hope that some features will built in Joomla 1.6...
Keep on doing like this!
Reviews: 1
Having tried other content construction components - I believe this framework has the most potential. Can joomla team please consider integrating this into the Article Manager? This will help joomla broadens out to the wider CMS market where ease-of-use is very important to non-technical users. Developer can setup different types of input format and any non-technical users can simply fill in the boxes. I have very good feedback from my clients.

Carsten is great in responding to my questions.
Reviews: 2
The extension, its development and support are far greater than just great.
This extension gives you the possibility to create any pre-formatted item types with its own template. This in my must-have-list of joomla extensions for any website. You can create any catalog - cars,hotels,companies you name it. Not even that but as the items are a "normal" Joomla articles all of the content is search-able by the native Joomla search engine and you include any other Joomla extension into these items.

And the support - I never actually expected such a good forum and responsiveness from the author.

Thank you for this great extension.
Reviews: 1
This is a great extension to the Joomla CMS. Basically you can create and add custom item types that extend the basic Joomla article content type.

I have created a company profile item type that includes custom fields related to the company (company name, company contact, phone etc) which cannot be done via the normal article manager.

All custom fields are integrated into the article content body and are also available via the database table.

Would be even better if this was incorporated into the native joomla admin interface but hopefully this kind of functionality will be included with Joomla core soon.

Well done and thanks for a great extension!!
Reviews: 11
Honestly IMO one of the best extensions at JED. It unleashes Joomla to great flexibility and power. If you realise the power of Carsten Engel's extension your pulse goes faster and you feel like founding one of the true pearls at JED. With P & I you can achieve everything your capable to imagine. Thanks so much Carsten for making this possible. Your brilliant
Reviews: 4
No doubt, Joomla is an fantastic product. Yet there is a constant mind contortion going on because you have to think about menus when you want to generate any content (a page), or of menus do not generate content it may be a plugin that generates content, and that plugin has to be on the page in question for it to work.

This pages and items completely takes that mind bending out of the Joomla experience, and it is a real relief. Not that I could not reach the same results before, but the steps are only 10% and you see all the elements that create a page together, so it is just quick and easy to get the page you want.
Reviews: 1
this is a 10 out of five rating. A very flexible extension that can raise endless possibilities. This will be in the core of Joomla soon I can feel it. My respect for the brilliant coder Carsten Engel.
Reviews: 1
I've tried many extensions but this one is simply brilliant!
Simple but very powerful!

Will install this on every one of my Joomla sites!
Reviews: 1
if you have a lot of authors and don't want them to destroy your layout / corporate design using all kind of strange formattings, this extension is perfect! you can define custom itemtypes for any kind of content and make sure that authors dont't have to care about styling - they even don't have the ability to style if you want! so you can have full layout-control, wich is not possibble when using just a wysiwyg-editor.
thanks for this great extension!
Reviews: 1
I've installed this extension

It's so powerful and Exellent!
You can do any thing with that in joomla ...
Reviews: 2
This extension hasn't got the credit it deserves in this directory. When it gets the frontend editing it will be something BIG.

Maybe the description doesn't remark clearly enough the most important features for me:
- You can add custom fields in different formats to content.
- You can use it as a template manager for content creation.
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