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Form2Content LITE Component

Create 100% NATIVE Joomla articles using simple forms with front-end submission! Your clients no longer need to know ANY html, plugin codes etc. Resize pictures with simple upload feature and set permission for new articles.

The Joomla articles generated by Form2Content are based on ARTICLE TEMPLATES. Create conditional statements (Smarty templating), insert your plugin code and keep all article looking the same! What's more, BATCH update your article layout .... so no more editing all articles separately.

Form2Content allows users to submit Joomla articles in the front-end by filling out forms which require no html knowledge. The forms can be custom build using different field types. Rendering the articles is done with ARTICLE TEMPLATES.  The articles are saved in the Joomla section/category structure making 3rd party plugins and content related modules 100% compatible.

Using forms to generate articles is also referred to as using a CCK, Content Construction Kit.

Main features of Form2Content
- F2C creates 100% NATIVE JOOMLA ARTICLES (com_content)
- Front-end article manager
- Article submission without HTML knowledge (forms)
- Article templating (include conditions)
- 3rd party plugin & module compatible
- YOU decide which gallery, slideshow, review or commenting system you want to use.

Form2Content LITE is our free GPL version of Form2Content PRO. Please find a comparison chart of functions on the homepage. Other F2C extensions include XML Export, Search component & module and KML export.

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Reviews: 1
Form2Content - an extension that does everything as promised, unlike most of the competition! The one thing that made me sign up and write this review though, was the excellent support! Not only was it immediate but also extremely accurate! A huge thank you to Julien, Patrick and their whole crew for their help!
Reviews: 3
For a client with huge layout-demands, no html-knowledge, many article-contributors I configured Form2Content. They are happy. For many clients I ealier arranged YOO-theme ZOO. Just because F2C uses core-Joomla-article-tables and features and the more than fantastic front-end possibilities, I'm glad I discovered F2C.

Thereby: the support is personal, quick and super sufficient. My present client must buy the Pro-version, I take in every new offer the Pro-version as obligatorily.

Reviews: 4
Have been using f2c (pro) for all sites for years now. And this is by far the best cck there is for making native Joomla articles. With f2c I can make a Joomla site with advanced design and functionality that even my grandmother can update without making it look bad ;-)

Choose imagecropping on upload, with the option of preset proportions, is just one of the functions where Julien has excelled. Patrick and Julien has made a component here that I can't do without. First thing to install on any Joomla site.
Reviews: 6
I tried other CCKs including K2, Zoo, ContentBuilder and YooRecipe (it's for my cooking website), and I purchased the paid versions where applicable. I also bought the paid version of Form2Content because it has features I need for my project.

The other CCKs are good to okay, but do not offer the flexibility I need. I wish I would have tried F2C first because it turns out to be absolutely perfect for just about any content related project I can imagine.

Their integration of the Smarty template engine is nothing short of genius, allowing me to lay the content out exactly the way I want - not only in the browser but also in the generated HTML (think And since F2C creates native Joomla! articles, I can use any content plugins I care to without regard to compatability issues.

I can't say much about support because, so far, I have not needed any. With their extensive and well written documentation, and the occasional search in their forums, I was able to figure everything out without asking for help. But from what I see in other reviews and within their forums, I feel confident support will be there if I ever need it.

My only regret is that I dumped money into paid versions of other CCKs, to the tune of several hundred dollars, before discovering Form2Content. If you're looking for the most flexible and most powerful CCK, you want F2C. Read the documentation, take the time to learn it... you will not be disappointed.
Reviews: 6
Just sharing the same feedback from others, great communication by Julien and excellent support. In comparison to some of developers this extension should get more than ten stars.
Also the idea behind the extension is great to make Joomla a capable and flexible CMS.
Reviews: 2
Good day is Giovanni from Brisbane Australia.

First at all :
- Excellent idea and extension
- Excellent support, Julien is a great programmer

I am using this extension for:
- create a form in the front end for submit data
- the data submitted are formatted with a style sheet
- the result is an article with a nice appearance

Also you can:
- create relationship between articles
- create links inside the articles

Case of use: Job Sheet
I have created a submission form for my employees for submit the job sheet.

The job sheet is divided in:
- Job sheet (with the description of the work and the data of the client)

- Job days (all the days of work and start finish hours)

- Job materials(all the materials used for the job with quantity and others info)

Job days and Job materials are linked with a relationship 1=>N to the Job Sheet.

First at all my employees have to create a job sheet.

Day by day they can add materials and working hours to their own job sheet.

Automatically at every modify all the data are re-printed and re formatted inside the articles.

So at any time I have all the data about a job inside my articles, and I can print it and use as invoice.

Try it, and You will see how easy is to store information and visualize it through an article.
Reviews: 2
It 'been a year since F2C use with great satisfaction! The best CCK that Joomla! could hope to have! It fits perfectly to com_content in Joomla, and the possibilities are limitless. You will no longer need to manually enter the plugins, because just integrate it into the smarty template. Working with the com_content all the components can be used without any problem, and the compatibility is complete. Customers will be limited to enter their content easily and without any knowledge! With a little study, F2C you can take it to even higher levels, such as creating a unique configuration for some / all of the template parameters: credentials footer, main logo templates and much more. In addition, the forms can be submitted to your liking and stilarle graphically as you want. Supplemented by f2c Search (surcharge) you will feel the super heroes. If you need to launch a Web site of small / medium / large size F2C is the choice to take their eyes closed!

The support? Second to none! Julien is the best programmer with whom I have got to have the pleasure of working. It gives me great support, often for free and, if due, offers paid support. I did not think there could be such a support, but F2C deserves 5 ​​stars! Last note: the documentation is the best proof that shows the high level and quality of the component. I've never seen one so complete documentation in any other component! I love F2C. Do not ever gonna change it with any other component of CCK in the world!
Reviews: 1
We have used F2C to import and create content from third party xml feeds to create listings for a regional cinema in Scotland. With some bespoke work from Julien at Open Source Design, this has worked very well, and we will be using this extension for other applications in the future, as it is very flexible and user friendly.
Reviews: 1
I'm using this extension in joomla 3 and have had amazing support from the guys who develop it. Thanks for a great product that is super useful!
Reviews: 1
this extension is a MUST for all my websites, i absolutely LOVE it. moreover, the support is unparalleled, they even recently fixed a bug i found in their F2C J1.5 version that is not even supported anymore. patrick and julien are very responsive and address any issues and questions you may have within 48 hours, they clearly understand that a product is only as good as the product support. i love the endless possibilities of this extension and that it allows you to complete customize your content and make it idiot proof to guarantee that the website will continue to look the way you designed it after you hand it over to the client. i'd give this extension 10 stars if i could!!!
Reviews: 2
Many thanx for this great extension! The Lite version is allready very good and the pro Version is even better! The best part is the support. i was only having problems because of my rather little knowledge about some sql query stuff and all that, but the author answered all my emails so fast, really helpful, it was a real pleasure. thanks again and keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
This is my favourite extension (although the PRO version extra functionality makes it even better) by far!!!

I needed the ability to provide a simple method for users to add Joomla articles without the "back end clutter". I wanted to hide categories, metadata, published and lots of other information and just let the user enter a date, a heading and a couple of values, or (from the Pro version) upload a PDF of minutes from a meeting. This would then create a Joomla article from a template substituting in specific places those values entered straight in to the article and publish it. My users love it, its just so simple and straight forward that once the data is entered it can be immediately seen on the website.

5* extension. Installs easy. Support is second to none. Flexibility is perfect.
Reviews: 5
What an amazing extension! Set up is very simple *if you read the documentation*. The PRO version is worth every penny. This component was an answer to prayer. There are a couple minor things I'd love to see added and the developer is very receptive to suggestions from their customers.
Reviews: 14
I was previously using Flexicontent for front-end article management by my Joomla members but for some reason I cannot recall (as I was very happy with Flexicontent) I found it necessary to come up with another solution. That solution was Form2Content LITE. The layout is simple and clean, pretty straight forward to accomplish the task. This review in no way takes away from Flexicontent (It's still a great extension). I just prefer Form2Content LITE. They are both free so I would advise anyone to give them a try.
Reviews: 1
I spent a long time trying to find an extension that would work on my website the way that i wanted. If your in the same boat, don't waste any more time! Form2Content is a fantastic extension, my users can complete a form designed by myself which collates the exact data i need and which when submitted displays a joomla article in my website. The articles created are all in the same layout and form a great looking service for my users. Although the lite version is fantastic and shows you what you can expect from F2C, you get what you pay for and lets face it, the creators aren't asking for the earth to give you the PRO version which is even better. The support from the creators is also fantastic considering how busy they are. Thanks for your help Patrick ;) All in all a great product, with great support, don't trust your website with anything else.
Reviews: 1
Ok, I'm a fairly new self taught Joomla user with no previous html, php, etc. training or experience. I had this extension installed and creating new articles in less than an hour. Between the the documentation at the site and Google I had the templates working exactly the way I wanted them to in short order. I ended up buying the pro version as I needed to use a form on the front end to create the articles. I can now let customers fill out a form they were already filling out and it creates a page for them on my website that I was creating manually from the form data. Huge time saver.

I was working on this same process with Fabrik which is a more robust(and I will still use for other tasks) and I had not quite made it work yet. Form2content was easy to get working and a better choice if you have very little SQL background.
Reviews: 1
I used the free version first and then opted for the payment.
Worth it. Best of all is to have the assurance that if you have a problem will help solve it.
Thanks Patrick, Julien, for your quick response and interest.
Reviews: 1
I registered this account just so I can rave about how good this extension is. The developers are super supportive.

Please keep this up as long as possible!
Reviews: 1
One of the best plugin for Joomla. It's very easy to install and simple to configure. You can create any form template for joomla in few steps.
Exactly what I looking for.
Great module!
Reviews: 24
Sure, the best thing is, that this cck build native joomla content items - this let you use all joomla 3d-part extentions universe with it. SMARTY as templating engine let you easy implement all plugins you wish.
And better support you wouldn't wish - the f2c-guys are proactiv, skliful and easygoing. All in all, if you wish well structured information on you site without deployment and running troubles, take f2c.
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