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Build high-end websites faster than ever.
Fit your clients' needs.. has never been so easy.

SEBLOD is a WEB APPLICATION BUILDER for Joomla! This concept extends the functionality of the most used CMS in the world, without hack.
A simple and 100% open source environment to meet the most specific needs...

Based on the concept of CCK (Content Construction Kit), SEBLOD enables the advanced management of content types while remaining compatible with all Joomla extensions. It's well possible to produce custom catalogs to showcase products, real estate, films ... But also directories, calendars, or more complex Extranet applications.

Main features:
Total integration in Joomla!: Use com_content, com_categories, com_users...

Advanced forms & content types: Drag&Drop Interfaces, AJAX, over 40 field types...

Multi criteria search & list views: Custom criteria, list of results templates...

Template Framework: 42 positions...

Out of the box applications: Create / import /export your own apps (including content types + search features + list templates...)

Multi-site system: One Joomla installation for many sites, separated front and admin for each site, so easy to use... The first multisite solution integrated to Joomla.

Custom storage: Data Table Field, JSON, XML...

Flexible Plugin system: Field, validation, typo, storage, link, live...

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Reviews: 12
It is the first time i have used a cck, but i have tried all. It is by far the most complete solution ever.
You need to search for the documentation and it is wise to use the YouTube videos from James Morrell.
Reviews: 6
top extension, very powerfull and has huge potential.
Reviews: 15
This is what i love about he joomla world - you have 10 ccks, a hundred image galleries and you can choose some thing that fits to your needs. SEBLOD stands on the top of cck charts, compatible with the core and every other extension on the jed. Content Templates, custom field types, and list keeps growing. The growth of this cck is phenomenal.
Reviews: 5
I teach, and develop, many Joomla! web sites. Over the years I have matched the appropriate CCK with the clients needs. Seblod is quickly becoming my number one choice. The ability to grow the site with the client, integrate seamlessly with the Joomla core, and build applications makes Seblod a must have for all my new clients. It is not as easy to learn, so know it will take a little bit of time. For it's many capabilities however, it is not difficult either. If you can think it, Seblod can do it.
Reviews: 7
This is huge!! I never thought I'd see something like that in joomla. It really brings joomla to a complete new level. Amazing CCK. Many thanks to the developers.
Reviews: 4
Seblod is an outstanding CCK with a lots of possibilities, once you got the features and options.
Thats how CCKing on Joomla! makes fun.
Reviews: 2
Seblod is a fantastic, well thoughtout and powerful CCK. Congratulations to the team for developing this extension.
Reviews: 3
Assuredly the best extension for Joomla!
SEBLOD CCK is incredible.
Helped me a lot and helps many people.
Many thanks for developing the SEBLOD.
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