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JE Story submit ComponentPlugin

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
Support :-

Joomla1.5 , Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x version.

100% MVC structure follow. User can add your stories in joomla article.

Front end:

User can add stories. Admin and users get mail after user adds the story. Admin approve than show up in front-end. CAPTCHA code feature is available in front end side. User can upload images.

Back end:

Admin can configure the section, category and email address.
For Joomla Version: Joomla 1.5. Login here for download.
Also admin can select the category and section what ever they want. Select section functionality using Ajax.
Admin email format also user email format setting from back-end. Easy to make or change email format using wysing editor.
Admin can disable and enable the category/section selection option.

- Admin can configure the section, category and email address.
- Easy to make or change email format using wysing editor in the back end.
- User can add story. Admin and users get mail after user adds the story.
- Putting the CAPTCHA code for security.
- User can upload images from front end.
- Admin approve than show up in front-end.

Please add review about our extensions.

New features in Joomla2.5 and Joomla 3.x :-

- Admin can add the unlimited field from the back-end. That field data store in to the article description.

- Admin can add the (Textbox, Textarea, Wysing, Radio, Checkbox, Password, Country box, Select Box, File upload (image only) )

New features in Version1.7 :-

- Dynamic field added.
- Manage the form layout from the back-end.
- Selected Category display in select box.
- Section display or not manage from the back-end.


Follows Below steps:-

1)Install component from the joomla installer.
2) Select JE Story Submit from component.
3) To add category go to Component >> JE Story Submit >> Story Setting.
4) Install the plugin for add story button in your article. For Add Story link if you want under that article than {loadjesubmit} in the content artical page.

Version 1.9 Security Release
Version 1.9.2 Added below features
>> After submit the page its redirect on article page which is decide from the back-end.

Version 1.9.3
>> You can add the Form into your article also using that plugin.

Version 2.3 :

Package have below language.

en-GB : English
de-DE: German
nl-NL: Dutch

Resolve the field name rename issue at backend.


Andriod free SDK + application :

Free Download :

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Reviews: 8
I need an extension for anyone to be able to submit an article on a Joomla 3.1 site and this is one of the best I have seen. You can choose all your parameters so getting the article in unpublished form and being notified an article has been submitted is easy.

I did have a slight issue after installing it and used the "contact us" form on the site which didn't work (apparently it ended up in their spam box). However, once I used the email address on the site the support was superb. It took me longer to set up a support user for them than it took them to sort out the problem!

$20? For support like that I have no problem at all. For the component? For the versatility of the configuration options I am more than happy to encourage developers like this, and paying for their work is the only way to do it. I think the charge is very fair.
Reviews: 1
I needed a component to allow for non registered users to submit a news articles and this does it. I had some issues with integrating onto my site but I emailed them and quickly got a response from support. Well done. Just one issue to fix and I will be very impressed.
Reviews: 2
Finally, I found an perfect extension that suited all my needs! Now, visitors of my site can easily add news directly. This is just brilliant!
Reviews: 14
Well, it is up and running in about 5 minutes. If you don't need anything fancy, then this is brilliant.

I get that some people get upset about paying $20 and getting only some of what they need. But, hey, if you need something super special, then go hire a developer and get them to dance about your needs!

This thingie is simple and easy to use. Don't know if there are any issues if you try to reach stars with it - i haven't encountered any issues.
Reviews: 1
I got the component working and it does what I want, however there are a few things I need help with and want to ask.

Although people here seem to claim great technical assistance I'm yet to get a reply off the developer. Also the 'ticket' system does not seem to work for me on their website. For me the months free technical assistance is a waste of time.
Reviews: 1
I can only have one form... it doesn't allow me to create multiple different pages for submissions... feilds for drop down menu selections, or radio buttons doesn't work at all.

It's nice that It has an into text box that don't have to teach authors to use "read more button"

can't make email not required... i already have the user logged in, i don't want to ask for their email again.
Reviews: 5
Component had minor issue with JCK editor. Author fixed them soon after my reporting them. New version has been posted, looks like it has same fixes. Photo upload integrated into the submission page is a very nice touch. Keeps end users from dumping pictures all over the place in your folder structure. Would be even better if it had a front end upload component that re-sized the photos on the client side, like ignite Gallery. People that need this simplified article submission are the same ones that will upload a 5MegPixel pic from their cell phone wonder why it is taking so long and think your website has frozen up.
However all in all definitely worth the money.
Reviews: 2
I needed an application to automate the process of submitting and approving articles from many users (and JE Story did the trick). I had some issues with the mail server feature; however, I submitted a support ticket and quickly got a response from support. Well done. Looking forward to purchasing upgrades to this application.
Reviews: 6
I tried it on my website. Poor back end.
Crashed my website.

Don't buy it.
Owner's reply

Dear customer,

Never possible to crash your site after install our component. There are more than 100 website using my extensions. Check it below user review. Live url you want to see than go to our website and click on "Extensions url".

Any problem than first contact to our website contact us email, we are give you reply with in 24 hrs.

Hardik mistry

Reviews: 1
Installed it - worked without problems. Had some minor changes and their service was superb - quick, proffesional and serviceminded. Best recommendations from me..
Reviews: 1
This extensions was exactly the one I was looking for. The customer service is almost 24/7. Reliable and fast service. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
This is a great component and very simple to install and use... Its perfect.

Great component and equally great customer service.

Thank you!!!
Reviews: 2
I was super impressed with these guys customer service. I had a little trouble with the installation and sent them an email to which they replied within minutes. Until the problem was resolved (which was an error on my end) they were prompt in all their replies until the final resolution.
Reviews: 4
The component works like it should! And changes i need was made very quick and fullfill my needs totally. Excellent! Thank you!
Reviews: 1
I bought and downloaded extension and had some extra needs. I sent an email to the developer and they made some additions very quick and smooth.

Thx very much!

Reviews: 1
Professional approach to customer service! The extension works without complaints, and all kinds of problems that occurred were immediately resolved by the support. Unless support is working 24 / 7 - just after sending an e-mail with the problem is the immediate response, he immediately begin working on this and on the same day the issue is resolved.
Now, everything works as it should be.

PS: Is the creator of these extensions sometimes goes to sleep? :)
Reviews: 1
I was looking for this thing for a long time. I wanted to give my users access to submit the article from front end with file upload option.

The component is effective, easy and very cost-effective. I also love the "Almost 24x7 support from the developer.

Nice work , carry on
Reviews: 2
* The component functioned as promised, allowing unregistered users to submit content from the front end.
* Captcha also functioned
* For my site (Running J 1.5.21 with the Afterburner template) the component seemed to modify the look and feel of the site, changing the font-end color scheme instead of letting the template's CSS do its job. It's one thing to fight formatting with a free component, but another to fight with formatting on a commercial component.
* There are mis-spellings in the component that must be fixed at the code level, not the back-end configuration level.
Reviews: 1
Simply and to the point. Good tool and worth the money. Tip" Be sure to go to the menu section to make the form visible (by linking to it).
Reviews: 4
I needed something for any user on the site to submit a full story and pick a category to submit a story to. I looked and blogging tools and none of them were the simple solution I needed.
This fit the bill perfect! From the front end any user can easily submit the story. (you can set registered or guest - I don't allow guests to post but you could- there is a captcha built in) Then you can receive an email (or set not to) and review the story in the articles. Simply publish or don't. That easy!
This will be a great addition to my site allowing users to interact in an entire new way than just the JomSocial community I have as all users and even guest can read the stories, encouraging them to join my community. Not only the user experience, but the articles publish as regular Joomla! articles which means as your users publish stories they simply add to SEO on your site by writing content for you!
Since it posts to standard articles, just enable Jcomments or Jomcomment for the categories and you then you have a great system!
Setup is a breeze and the support is great. They were very responsive and quick. I needed a few things done and they even modified the extension to suit my needs.
Thanks for this great extension!
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