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Autocheckin Plugin

If you have multiple users working in the backend of your Joomla based site , you know the problem:
an item is checked out by another user, that user is not online anymore, because he has closed his browser window instead of logging out, his session has expired or the browser crashed.
In Joomla 1.5, this problem can be solved only by manually checking in the checked-out item by the respective user.
From Joomla 1.6, a checked-out item by other users can be checked back in, but only manually.

Our new Autocheckin-plugin makes this a problem of the past.
The Autocheckin-plugin automatically checks in all items that are checked out longer than you defined.


install the plugin and activate it. Select in the parameters the maximum time an item should be checked out.

Update: V1.2 now also checks in modules, plugins and menus!

V1.3 is a bugfix release, in some cases items were not checked in.

*** NEW: V1.4.1 now also works with Joomla 3.x and uses the Joomla Updater!
Check in your articles, modules, plugins and menus with series 3 of Joomla.

*** NEW Version 1.4.2
This mainteneace release improves compatibility with PHP 5.4

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Reviews: 106
This is one of those tiny little plugins that should be built into the core of Joomla considering that it's 2.2kbs and saves work. When a user's session expires, they are kicked out of their own content but this solves that little problem as well as some others.

Works perfectly, my modules automatically checked out just fine. :-)
Reviews: 16
Works great on 3.x but on 2.5 it wont checkin plugins but I guess its better to blame Joomla than the developer.

Great Job Developer.
Reviews: 6
This plugin save me many hours of clients support. Easy to install and work very well.
Reviews: 1
This extension saved tons of time, because users always forget to close correctly edited article.
After install of this extension you can forget such administrative work as Global check-in for all users.

Easy to install and configuration is two step:
Enable plugin and set checkout time between 1-48 hours.
Reviews: 3
A must have Joomla extension for frontend edit ...
Exactly what I needed:
easy installation & perfect job.

Thanks a lot!