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Quickmenu Plugin

A plugin that adds a menu selection to the article creation form.
By selecting a menu and saving the article it will be added to the selected menu either as the first or the last item (option).
Optionally the plugin can be used from the Front end only or the Front end and Back end.
The choice of menus available can be limited to those selected in the configuration or left so all are available.
Based on this:
The patch available from the above is essential to make this plugin work until the 'hooks' are incorporated in a later build (2.5.11 still needs them!).

Report Extension




Reviews: 1
I installed this plugin and the patch that goes with it. The extension says it's for Joomla 2.5 so I just assumed it would work on my joomla 3.3.3 site. My site immediately crashed and I couldn't do anything. So I deleted all files on the website and emptied my database and restored from an earlier backup. When I went to the website to get support, there was no contact form or anyway to contact anyone, so I just restored my site. However, my backup was from a while ago, so I lost a lot of data and need to start a lot of things over again. I would say if you're going to try to use this plugin that you backup your site immediately before installing in case it happens to you.
Reviews: 1
I downloaded this a couple of weeks ago to see if it could make editing the sites I support a little less time consuming. It worked right out of the box, a small thing but little tweaks like this make maintenance and development that bit quicker, always appreciated when time is money!!