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My Content & Workflow ComponentPlugin

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My Content & Workflow enhances your standard content in Joomla! with full features for content management. You can edit, publish, unpublish or approve your content status. The power to control your content from frontend is in your hand.

- Full features frontend content submission form of com_content
- Version control from frontend and collect detail of log files
- Approval request from frontend
- Enhanced workflow
- Display list of my contents from frontend
- Edit content from frontend by editor or uppers
- Author users edit their own articles configuration
- Approve content from frontend by publishers
- Version control
- Change permission of User to be Publisher by drop-down list or search by name/id
- Notification setting can be set varies on each User Group or User id/name
- Support ACL Manager for Joomla!®

Update v2.10.0, Update v3.9.0
+ Added "Can set current version" permission use for set to current button.
# Fixed cannot install.
^ Changed permission description wording.

Update v2.9.0, Update v3.8.0
+ Added On/Off Editor approve new article.
+ Added On/Off Editor approve new version.
^ Changed author’s flow chart image.
# Fixed cannot save category when set default category from menu.
! Removed files changelog.php and license.php

Update v2.8.1, Update v3.7.1
# Fixed send message to banned user.
# Fixed send message to publisher user who can't change state on article.

Update v2.8.0, Update v3.7.0
+ Added plugin support when editing articles item on com_content views.

Update v2.7.0, Update v3.6.0
+ Added can compare any fields.
# Fixed error cannot define JViewLegacy class.

Update v2.6.0, v3.5.0
+ Added can save any fields in version
+ Added Images and Links tab
+ Added article approve button on Article has Waiting status
# Fixed user who has a right to edit state also able to trashed article
^ Changed article request Notification sent according to setting
^ Changed version request Notification sent according to setting

Update v2.5.3, v3.4.3
# Fixed asset rules for article permission.
# Fixed standard Joomla permission.
# Fixed warning error when click compared article version.
# Fixed warning error when click filter language column.
# Fixed clear session when click back from “Create article form” view.
# Fixed Auto current setting to Yes.
+ Added more words to language file.

Update v2.5.2, v3.4.2
# Fixed mistake message url when send message for request article to new version.

Update v2.5.1, v3.4.1
# Fixed PHP short open tags.
# Fixed Package uninstall.
# Fixed plugin missing index.html file.

Update v2.5, v3.4
+ Added Flow image on admin dashboard.
+ Added Waiting and Draft state into My Content database table.
+ Added Archive state.
# Fixed saved approve version content data.
# Fixed Checkin articles status.
# Fixed Trash and Empty Trash.
# Fixed Copy/Move article.
# Fixed bugs

Update v2.4, v3.3
+ Added version request and version approve.
# F

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Reviews: 49
With Article Factory getting long in the tooth on looks, we decided to try this one and we're pleasantly surprised. We had an issue with the initial installation and the development team had us a fix just a day or so after reporting. Well worth the $$ spent.