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**Requires Joomla 1.5.4 or later**
This component and two plugins provide a simple content versioning solution for Joomla. It saves a backup copy each time content is saved. It also adds an editor button to allow you to restore a document you're editing with a backup version.

-A new enterprise workflow add-on to this package is now available! (Workflow is 1.5 only) See our site for more info!
-A new autosave add-on to this package is now available! See our site for more info!
-Shows a list of prior versions for every article, their size, creator and date
-Allows for preview of prior versions before use
-Send an optional email notification when content changes
-Shows a difference view, displaying changes from current to selected version.
-Shows the number of versions directly on the button
-Displayed as a an editor icon, no separate component to deal with
-Translated into French, Spanish, Catalan, German and English
-Configurable limit of versions to store
-Ability to delete prior versions
-Ajax enabled, very simple to use.
-Optionally disabled for front-end users

Recent updates:
*Improved "Diff" view performance for very large articles
*Universal installer!
*Added document size to the selection screen
*Updated to include support for JCK Editor
*Updated to include support for FCKEditor
*Updated to use correct directory seperator.
*If you have had problems installing, we found that a spanish character in the xml file was causing problems with some versions of Joomla. Please try the latest version.
*Fixed multiple front-end bugs,
*Added new installer script
*Updated difference view
*Moved SCV to use the actual revision number from SVN
*Added a "Difference" view to the preview showing difference between current article and selected version
*Fixed autoincrement bug in table create statement
*Added limit to number of versions to store (under content plugin parameters)
*Added version deletion with Ajax goodness
*Thanks to Lucas Guardino from Web Empresa for the Spanish and the Catalan Translation
*Added the author name next to the version
*Added language files for multilingual support
*Added full content preview for large articles
*Added a version check for 1.5.4 or higher
*Added a training video
*Fixed a bug to include fulltext

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Reviews: 5
This is (as far as I know) the only working "Joomla Versioning & Workflow" solution that works like a charm. Especially if you have different editors and group working in the Joomla! backend. Versioning and notification/approval system wirks pretty well. Hopefully someone will continue the work for Joomla! 3.x. The missing workflow options is really a big problem for a lot of projects and in this case there´s a big gap between CMS systems like Drupal, Typo3 etc. and Joomla! A consistant workflow system should be a main topic for further Joomla! versions.
Reviews: 3
This was a great extension, and worked as advertised, but my understanding is that the developer has ceased development due to frustrations with Joomla 3.1 architecture. It would be great if someone else picked this up.
Owner's reply

That is not correct. It's simply that Joomla 3.2 will include Version Control in the core, so this component will no longer be required.

It will still be available for 3.1.x and prior versions of Joomla

Reviews: 2
After "intending" to duplicate an article, only to press save instead, over-writing the original content, I went looking for versioning extensions. This one works as described. However a word of caution - the backup that happens when pressing save, is a backup of new content, not the original content. So unless you have enabled this extension before creating content, you don't have a backup of the original until you press save, "without" making changes.
Reviews: 11
There are a few issues worth mentioning ...

1. The extension ONLY tracks the TOTAL number of times an article is staged, NOT what has recently been staged. This forces the admin to look through the entire list to see is there is anything needing "looked" at and approved or reversed. There is no "new or recent cue" ... so if you are using this extension as part of a wiki-style setup in Joomla with lots of updates being performed by lots of different registered members (as in my case), this would cause a ton of frustration. In fairness though, I don't believe it was designed for that particular environment (hence my good rating still).

2. As I was testing the extension, I noticed once where the extension did NOT portray my edits correctly in the staged version awaiting approval. Lines were crossed out that were never actually deleted. This concerns me a bit, and makes the extension a little untrustworthy. Is it showing me the "true" updates or not?

3. Versions and Workflow on the front end was a bit difficult to understand what was happening. Sometimes it didn't show other versions at all, though this may have been my particular permissions in need of adjustment. Also, the tabbed css was off a bit with my themes. Should probably get rid of the tabs and go with something more straight forward and functional; not as pretty, but this would then work better with other themes.

I believe with some tweaking and more testing this would be a really nice extension.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review.
Item #1 is actually not correct. If you click on the Workflow button you will see the revisions ordered by date, including the content of those revisions.

Re #2: We use a open source HTML Diff, which is about as good as it gets. HTML Diff is non-deterministic, test changed to test actually looks like the string "test" was deleted.

#3 is always tough, e.g. themes with overreaching CSS are freely able to manipulate our layout.

Reviews: 6
This is another great simple piece of work that should be Joomla standard.
Reviews: 6
Customer modified a article and lost most of it, called up in a panic. After calming down I reminder then about the content versioning button and they restore the original version. Happy customer.
Reviews: 5
I recently updated a component on my site, which gave me a window in which I could edit keywords and metatags whilst scrolling through the article. On saving I found that 6 of my 8 pages had been deleted. Before I set out on the arduous task of recreating this article I installed Simple Content Versioning. Boy was I glad I did! After several hours bringing my article back to life, I used the component to check my keywords - bam! It instantly deleted my 6 pages again without any warning whatsoever. But this time I was prepared. In fact thanks to Simple Content Versioning I was so well prepared that it took just 2 clicks to restore my previous version. What a lifesaver! I just use the basic Joomla CMS with no fancy add-ins and this is completely invaluable for me. Thank you so much - good work.
Reviews: 5
have been using this content versioning system on all my sites for a good long time. It's one of those must have parts for all joomla websites - Hopefully it gets updated for 2.5 soon :)
Reviews: 6
I had a client delete a page today, so thought i'd look for a content versioning component. This one is simple to use and worked first pop. Had it going in about a minute. No front end probs. Brilliant.
Reviews: 7
While it appears this would be great for a site where the editors all have access to the backend, it entirely breaks the front-end content system.

Once either or both of the plugins are enabled, I found I can no longer submit content with anything other than the administrator back-end: all front-end content submission now generates a complete failure and the site crashes.

I am using Joomla 1.6.1.
Owner's reply

We fixed this issue (with Joomla 1.6.1 only)

Reviews: 1
I just installed this component and found out that it works very well, if you use it only in one language.
But I am working with Joomfish too, and then it seems to produce trouble.
As I've seen the question about Joomfish support was posted 1,5 years ago. Is there anything new?
Thanks a lot, Heike
Reviews: 4
This component allows you to save versions of articles. But the websites I work on typically rely heavily on other components, like VirtueMart, Wordpress for Joomla, Remository, JoomFish etc.
It would be nice to be able to save versions of more items, e.g. modules, products, translations etc. The versions button actually shows on many of those items, but it only works for articles.
Reviews: 4
This is a great plugin. Of course, it works with TinyMCE. I read some reviews saying that this doesn't work with JCE editor, but I did a simple test and it works just fine. It does not, however, seem to work well with JCK. A revision is saved, but when trying to Use a saved revision only the word "content" gets inserted into the editor. I commented on both forums for JCK and SCV, so maybe one of them will fix the issue.

One workaround that I can see for the time being, for those that must use JCK, is to go ahead and use JCK with versioning enabled, and if you have to restore to an older version then do so with JCE or TinyMCE and then switch back to JCK for editing :)

On a final note, I see that it's been almost a year since this plugin has been updated. That worries me a little, and I would hope that the developer doesn't abandon this very useful project.
Reviews: 1
The extension works well, but the delete functionality seems to be hit and miss. The delete link does not show in the modal window even though I have configured the Button - Versioning XTD plugin to allow for version deletion.
Reviews: 3
Excellent plugin, allow me to control who of my employees has edited some article.

Request Features:
+ Support languages
+ Better preview, it´s a little confusing for me.
+ This is the one, incorporate in the preview who published the article, who put it in frontpage or not, who recategorize, etc. So, allow me to easy look in the preview other changes in the article but not in content.
Thanks for your component.
Reviews: 8
This will only work on the core Joomla content system.

My company builds websites that make use of the popular K2 content system.. And while the version plugin does show up under the editor window, there are no revisions in the system because it's not K2 aware.

For most people this is a non-issue but it's good to know in case you're using something other than the out of the box Joomla content management.

With all of that said, I've used it in the past before we switched and it definitely saved our life more than once.. if/when K2 support is ever included, I'll be a user again.
Reviews: 1
Very good. Thanks.

Ask a question:
How to delete the old version?
Owner's reply

If you enable "Allow Deletions" in the plugin options you'll get a "Delete" link in the version chooser popup

Reviews: 30
Get this plugin. I installed it and it worked perfectly.

I'm installing it in all of my sites. Not only is it great for client article screwups, it's also great for the webmaster. I am more willing to make test changes knowing that there is a list of backups of the articles -- just a click away.

Highly recommended!

Reviews: 1
versioning is a great idea.
the preview is a little bit confusingly.

but there is a several problem with the JCE-editor.
using them together, you lose the content.
Owner's reply

This plugin does work with the JCE editor. Please post a question in our support forum if you have a problem. Thanks!

Reviews: 28
When updating articles on the live site it is easy to be a little to quick when updating articles.

This extension has helped me several times as I now can find, compare, and return to previous versions of articles.

This extension is easy to use and I believe it simply is a must for anyone looking to make life easier for themselves when working on a live site.
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