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Article Factory Manager Component

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
Article Factory Manager is a complete article submission and approval system for Joomla!. The extension offers an approval oriented alternative to the Joomla! article submit form, allowing webmaster to filter any unwanted articles with a simple and clean interface.

Approvers can reject articles with predefined reasons from a specific menu which displays relevant data regarding the article.

Administrators can set up their website to submit in multiple categories from different users with ease, have one approver for a single or multiple categories, have more approvers for a single category, and let users choose their approvers from a specific category, let writers manage their resource box to reduce workload, all of this is possible with the latest version of Article Factory Manager.

Key Features

Approval system for new articles and subsequent edits
Approver user groups (users that may approve articles from frontend)
Versioning system (multiple versions of the article are saved with each edit that can be restored at will)
Submission form
Guest submission (no registration needed)
Featured articles
Notification system
Resource box (predefined description of the user along with an avatar)
Permissions fully compliant with Joomla! ACL
Native Joomla! categories
Predefined reasons for article rejection
Alert words (approvers will be notified when these words are present in articles)
Configurable filters (word count, link count, image count)
Quick search bar on the article list


Multi-language support, UTF-8 support, comes default with English INI language files
SEO/SEF friendly
Default integration with Joomla! user profile, allowing a single login for Joomla! and component
Easy transition to RTL
Simple installation, configuration and updating process

Main Settings

Enable/disable featured articles
Enable/disable approval system
Allow user to choose article approver
Define alert words
Enable and set up allowed HTML tags
Enable/disable metadata
Set up limits for word count, link count and image count
Enable resourcebox and set the number of allowed links
Enable and set up revisions system
Enable and set up avatars (allowed extensions, minimum and maximum size)
Allow users to set the ordering of the articles
Manage the permission settings for user groups

3rd Party Integrations

Community Builder integration for Article List
K2 integration with support for revisions (articles and revisions are processed the same way as with the Joomla! Content component, except they are saved in the k2_items table)


Email notifications for important events to authors and approvers
Customizable email templates


Report Extension



Reviews: 3
Technical support is less than helpful. They run you through hoops just to get a simple answer, or no answer at all. Documentation is not helpful.

They say it integrates K2 content, however there is no way in which to assign an item image.

Finding (ie: filtering) an article in the administrative area does not work. Submitted a trouble ticket and was told that it does work. When they didn't even ask for access to the administrative area to assess the issue personally.

The component does not offer enough menu assignment options to make this fully granular.

It seems like they are over loaded on trouble tickets and are not able to address the issues of their component, so they just say whatever they need to in order to get people to go a way. Done and done.

It's unfortunate because no one is developing a functioning frontend article submission component for K2, not even K2, for that matter.
Reviews: 5
First I was excited about the frontend article management features of the Article Factory manager. After installation and configuration my enthusiasm was clouded. After a deeper look at the code and templates I had to realize that the article factory manager is a Joomla 1.5 component that was only partial recoded to the needs and possibilities of Joomla 2.5. In the end I had to realize that I could´t use this extension for productive use. It may be enough for some editorial driven Joomla 2.5 sites but others like me will miss important features.

- better frontend article management
- working frontend approval system enhancing the editorial workflow
- group management integration
- viewing and editing Articles waiting for approval
-rejection snippets, bad words list

- completely out-dated template design (tables etc.) - templates not suitable with responsive layouts
- templates not suitable with multi column layouts
- important features available in the joomla standard edit view are simply missing (like image management, for instance)
- no language packs and files (only
- weak css styling
- slow performance
- very high price
- insufficient customer support

So in the end this extension is not living up to its promises. Hopefully it will competely redesigned in the future. Because it has enough potential to become a "must have" for editorial focussed website.
Owner's reply

It's very strange that you acquired a product for an older Joomla version, but you expect it to look like a J!3.x product. It is unfair that you felt the need for a bad review, just because you wanted some customizations that we could not provide due to our current schedule.

Reviews: 1
Awesome extension for joomla! It extends the article management features joomla already has and makes them much more powerful. The Restriction system was one of the applications i bought it for, you can deny some user classes publishing rights into certain categories(as many as you want) and this makes possible for some really nice content separation (the mass advertising from genuine news or quality posts). And also the number of links can be limited per post, combined with more content filtering and control options. You can create a very clean content website with this, i highly recommend!
Reviews: 4
Love this component, works beautifully, integrates with Community Builder wonderfully. Small problem with user's display of articles in profile was fixed immediately by support. Thanks for an excellent extension!
Reviews: 2
Nice article platform, it has anything you would need to start an article based website. And its features allow the webmaster to handle and moderate a huge number of articles within a short period. I like how simple it is and also how robust, very easy to install and use, takes no more than a half an hour to fully configure it, although it has a large number of settings you can play around with. Support is also nice and helpful.
Reviews: 1
It is a lovely component no doubt, more significantly, I am highly impressed with their support. I was having issues with the installation because my host company does not meet up with the installation of the component, and I told the developers about this issue, the support I got from them was great, they assisted me in fixing the error in my control panel, and the installation was done with ease. I never had any issue with the component itself, it is very easy to configure, and it has great features that can make anyone have a powerful articles submission website.
Reviews: 1
Perfect component for handling huge quantities of posts, ACL combined with Restrictions, word filters, recaptcha, frontend approval, email confirmation for posting, minimum and maximum character count...these are the main features for article control, quite enough to keep spammers away.
The support by the way, is perfect! If you need help with customising or configuring they help right away and with small tweaks they even write the code for you, if you ask nicely:)
They seem to have a wide range of products starting even from joomla 1.0, i may be using them for another project soon.
Reviews: 7
This extensions was the 3rd or 4th one I bought for the purpose of front end article submission. While the other extensions offered more 'customization' such as custom layouts for the articles, etc.. they were so confusing with their documentation and required so much time to set up, I gave up.

Found another one that seemed simple, like the Article Factory, bought it, but it caused some problems with displaying on the site. Waited about a week for them to solve the issue, then gave up.

Got Article Factory last night, set it up this morning, tested it. Was unhappy that the JCE editor didn't show in the front end, because I wanted people to be able to format their articles, add photos, etc..

Went to their forum, read several different posts including answers from their staff, had the problem solved in seconds.

I'm new to Joomla, so I want my extensions 'basic' as far as setup, but I also want them to work as described.

This one, so far, has met my expectations.
Reviews: 2
I wish there was a very very poor rating I could submit for the component and the support received. At first, In order to purchase "The Factory had to email me the component because something was wrong was wrong with their website. I have asked numerous times for instructions on making small modifications to the component, to which I'm directed to the forums. Forums that I can't log into on the website I can't log into.

Support keeps telling me that I can't log onto their site because of a sql problem on my side. Really? I'm on a college campus and tried to log on with over 20 machines in the labs in addition to my linux laptop and my windows laptop.
At this point I just want my money back.

I really didn't care I couldn't log into the website if we could have handled the issues through email. But it's not cool when "The factory" website is not working and you get nasty via emails and refuse to help.

The sad thing is that I estimate that if you had just answered my question the first time we could have avoided 4 months of emails and I would probably had a glowing review for you component and your company.
Owner's reply

I am sorry for the problems you had logging into our site.
As you know, we solved them as soon as we could (unfortunately not before you posted this review), and the problems were caused due to several attempts to log in with a wrong password (the system did automatically ban you for some hours)

These things can happen, and we tried to solve this issue as quick as possible.

I am glad that there were no issues with the product itself, and that we could find a common ground in the meantime.

Thank you for your review and feedback,
The Factory Team

Reviews: 1
This is the perfect component to develop an article directory like, and other article marketing directory scripts. There is one catch, you get to build one with the power of Joomla.

The developers are awesome. They fix bugs and add features frequently. The best part is that it works with ease.

You can restrict categories to different user groups, assign users as article reviewers, connect it to community builder and attach user resource boxes. It also will send out emails to your authors letting them know their article is awaiting approval, was approved and reject emails when you find problems with their article allowing them to fix it and resubmit.

To my knowledge no other submission component has all these features. Most other do not have resource boxes or an article management facility on back-end to allow the admin to approve or reject articles.

If you want to develop a Joomla site that is like all the other article directory scripts out there I wouldn't look at anything other than Article Factory Manager. Its your all in one solution.

It may not have the ratings like the others and that's because it is commercial and they have their own support forum. I want them to add more advanced features to it so I wanted to give you some incentive to check it out because I think many people overlook this great extension.

I guarantee you won't look back once you try it out. Prove me wrong I dare you, But since you won't I will just say I told you so!!!
Reviews: 1
We publish about eight texts a day and is three people who work with it. Article Factory Manager saves time and is easy to work with.

When we had problems, support quickly and easily helped us.