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**Requires Joomla 1.5.4 or later**
This component and two plugins provide a simple content versioning solution for Joomla. It saves a backup copy each time content is saved. It also adds an editor button to allow you to restore a document you're editing with a backup version.

-A new enterprise workflow add-on to this package is now available! (Workflow is 1.5 only) See our site for more info!
-A new autosave add-on to this package is now available! See our site for more info!
-Shows a list of prior versions for every article, their size, creator and date
-Allows for preview of prior versions before use
-Send an optional email notification when content changes
-Shows a difference view, displaying changes from current to selected version.
-Shows the number of versions directly on the button
-Displayed as a an editor icon, no separate component to deal with
-Translated into French, Spanish, Catalan, German and English
-Configurable limit of versions to store
-Ability to delete prior versions
-Ajax enabled, very simple to use.
-Optionally disabled for front-end users

Recent updates:
*Improved "Diff" view performance for very large articles
*Universal installer!
*Added document size to the selection screen
*Updated to include support for JCK Editor
*Updated to include support for FCKEditor
*Updated to use correct directory seperator.
*If you have had problems installing, we found that a spanish character in the xml file was causing problems with some versions of Joomla. Please try the latest version.
*Fixed multiple front-end bugs,
*Added new installer script
*Updated difference view
*Moved SCV to use the actual revision number from SVN
*Added a "Difference" view to the preview showing difference between current article and selected version
*Fixed autoincrement bug in table create statement
*Added limit to number of versions to store (under content plugin parameters)
*Added version deletion with Ajax goodness
*Thanks to Lucas Guardino from Web Empresa for the Spanish and the Catalan Translation
*Added the author name next to the version
*Added language files for multilingual support
*Added full content preview for large articles
*Added a version check for 1.5.4 or higher
*Added a training video
*Fixed a bug to include fulltext

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Reviews: 10
First I will say that once this was installed it worked fantastic! Trying to get it installed was a little annoying however, only because the location of the tmp folder is apparently hard-coded in the install and since mine is not located in the default location (as per Joomla security instructions) it kept giving me an error saying the tmp folder was not writable. I finally got it to install by creating a tmp folder in the default location with 777 rights. Once installed I just deleted the directory.

Again - the component works GREAT now that I got that solved. Thanks!
Reviews: 4
I am thrilled with this extension - it's amazing. It solves the problem I had with my users not having article backups.

I love the way I can set how many levels/versions to keep, and even more impressive is the preview showing what has been altered in different versions! Absolutely awesome!

Reviews: 1
Thank you for this extension and for professional service. I recommend this tool: is simple in use and has potential. Really liked it! Hope will be still developped.
Reviews: 1
I've installed this component on all the Joomla servers I manage. Finally, a simple and effective version control app that my users's can use. I only allow editing from the backend, so I can't speak of how it work on the frontend. From what I've seen this will be perfect for correcting those "oops" mistakes when a page is changed that shouldn't have been.
Reviews: 1
I really like the this tool, it's simple to use and provides what I was looking for: a way to roll back to a previous date showing the author of the particular revision.
I am not sure how hard it would be to integrate this solution with Joom!Fish, unfortunately for this reason I will not be able to use it on any of my sites.
When I edit my translated articles the revision button is there but it doesn't work

Thank you for this great tool!
Owner's reply

Thanks for your comment. We are planning to add Joomfish support as time allows.

Reviews: 1
So good.
I would like using an extension to log all modifications on all articles. This extension is a solution for me. And it works with JCE too.

The link is disabled, with the option "Display on Front End? = non". But I dislike the button is still print in editor. So :) no problem, I put the lines 163, 164 and 165 as comment in the editor-xtd plugin and it is ok.

Thanks for your work !
Reviews: 5
This component is exactly that what I searched for! Thanks a lot, great work!
Best regards, Engholm
Reviews: 97
We know that drupal has versions management feature for articles, but Joomla does not. Now with this extension, Joomla will have the same power to give content items a version manager.

Thanks to the author!
Reviews: 2
This set of extensions provides easy to use content versioning for Joomla!. The only problem I ran into was that the current release only works when you're logged into the backend. If you're trying to edit an article from the frontend, the window pops up prompting you to log into the backend. However, I was able to quickly recode this to work for the frontend as well.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the note, we'll be sure to fix that issue.

Reviews: 2
This component is off to a great start. I'm using it to easily track the age of documents as well - but needs to have the columns sortable. In the future it could have notifications of aging (which would be handy to keep a site current)
Reviews: 9
I downloaded this extension and attempted to install it but ran into a few bugs. So I emailed the developer and he fixed them right away. Now its running on my site, and I plan on using it on all my sites. Versioning is a much needed addition (and free!) to the JED. Small simple, perfect. Thanks.
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