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Dummy Image Plugin

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The Free Dummy Image Plugin replaces a tag within Joomla content (or a Joomla Custom HTML-module) with an image, without having to create, upload and apply any image in your Joomla site.

It allows you to develop, prototype, design and/or test the usage of images in your web site quickly. The Dummy Image Plugin helps you speed up the process of setting up a layout for your Joomla site, including images. Dummy Image Plugin is available either as a Joomla 1.5 or Joomla 1.6 native extension.

The tag {dummyimage 250:150} will be replaced with an image with the dimensions of 250 x 150px, using the default color, border and text options as set in the Plugin Parameters.

Tag Options:
# width (number): set the Image width in pixels
# height (number): set the Image height in pixels
# color (number, optional, default: 999999): set the Image background-color
# bordercolor (number, optional, default: 000000): set the Border color
# bordersize (number, optional, default: 2): set the Border size in pixels
# fontsize (number, optional, default: 12): set the Text size in pixels
# fontcolor (number, optional, default: 000000): set the Text color

Using the color settings in the Plugin Parameters will help you test the images in your site in a basic color scheme that matches your template.

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Reviews: 6
Been using the dummy image plugin to put mock content into a new website I've been working on this week. Very simple to configure and use... it's been invaluable so far.

Wishlist: being able to specify a value for the align tag of the resulting image (e.g. right, absmiddle, etc).