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Power Mail Component

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
  • Warning: If the email "from" address is set as a super-administrator's email address, this causes the ability for any user to add content.
PowerMail allows sending content to your Joomla content sections and categories via email or via cellphone.
Here is a a partial list of features:
* Email content directly to your Joomla content sections and categories
* Specify breakpoint in email for readmore in the content
* Set a receiving email address to associate with a specific section and category
* Title of the content corresponds with the subject line of the email
* Associate Joomla users with specific email addresses
* Specify specific Joomla section or category based on receiving email address or based on sending email address
* Default author of the content is the sender of the email
* Specify a specific section and category for email from a certain user
* Spam display is protected with the default of any article received being "unpublished"
* Backend List of content emailed by author, associated Joomla user or receiving email account

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Reviews: 1
It looked like this is an better and newer version of MMS Blog, but Powermail falls through. It only works half way. First the support was great, but after months of trying to get the script to work according to our expectations, we give up.
I will not reccomend this program until they actually deliver what they say they deliver... :(
We do know this is a side business for the developer, but think they have a responsibility to their paying customers none the less.
Owner's reply

We are happy to report that the development for PowerMail has been restarted and any customer issues are being addressed.
We have a new version for Joomla 3.0 which is released as well as new development underway which will support email to virtually any Joomla component.

Reviews: 1
In may of this year i bought powermail. In the beginning things where going great. Untill i got problems. Still facing problems, the plugin doesn't work anymore. The developer isn't answering te requests for help anymore (also see the forum). So i paid for this component but it's crappy at this time. Hope the developer will answer my questions (waiting for weeks now, send over 10 emails). My advice don't buy it.
Owner's reply

Scooby has now been a beta tester for our newest version and I believe is a believer in our component once again. As I mentioned above, our development has been underway again since December 2013 to make PowerMail the best email to content component on the market.

Reviews: 9
We have a non-proft website that accepts prayer requests emails from all over the world, and then published. That simple. We thought that our own prayers were answered when we saw PowerMail. We purchased a license to make sure it works and get support. Both have failed. All emails are received by the mail accounts (3 Gmail addresses). However for some reason some are receive by PM, some are not. Even PM people have suggested not to use it. Almost 6 weeks of trying to get it to work. Now we have to enter emails manually.
Reviews: 4
I really wish i could give this a full score because this really is a uniqe way of approaching publishing to joomla content. I have been looking for a extension like this for a long time, but this needs some extended support or improvement.

1. Use this with pictures and text only. Claims to work with videofiles, but this never worked out for me. Sometimes it worked and sometimes site chrashed. Sometimes internal server error etc.

Keep to pictures, text and small files under 10 mb and you are okey.

I have not tested this extension under shared hosting, but only on a dedicated and a VPS.

On both sites the site load times have gone up from about 1 sec prior to 7 sec after. This happend on both servers. Maybe this has something todo with the cronjob running, but anyway it is something that should be adressed.

So my conclusion beeing.

Good product and great potensial if some key issues are adressed.

- Decreases site performance
- Big files ( above 15MB ) makes site halt, chrash.
Owner's reply

Site Performance is only affected if the internal cron is used. This is recommended only for nonbusy sites. The best way to run PowerMail is to have an external cron to collect the email on your specified schedule. If it is run like this, there is no performance hit to any site.

We are updating the code to handle files bigger than 15 mb, but at present, attachments on an email that are very large are not recommended.

Reviews: 5
Certainly a good approach and works well. Nice work, however it seems like one has to click on the Retrieve Content button to actually get the articles to appear. This is laboureous & although it is meant to be automatic it doesn't appear so and one gets no support on this issue.
Owner's reply

Apparently this reviewer did not have their cron working. There are actually 3 ways to retrieve mail. This method which requires a button click and 2 automatic methods: an internal cron and an external cronjob.

Our forum discusses this setup and also the help section within powermail.

Reviews: 8
I've been looking for an extension that could handle incoming email and translate it into an article. This is it! A great extension, thanks for the effort!
Reviews: 3
I've been looking for something like this for a long time. I've tried a few other components over the past few years, but never had them quite work.

Finally, with this one, I found something that does.

I use it to make life a little easier for clients who want to add content to their sites. They can just email it in and then tidy it up from the backend.

I did have trouble getting gMail or Google Apps email accounts to work with the component - so in the end gave up on this (for now). It all seems to be around the ssl stuff with these, so I just created a standard POP account on another server.

I see that the issue with gMail is meant to have been sorted - but I've not been able to get it working.

But even with this problem, I'm very happy with the component.
Reviews: 4
This is a very good tool for the right type of site.

I am using this as a primus motor for a WIKI style site where I wanted the flexibility of adding content at the snap of a finger (or rather a few taps of the finger) & did not want any other fancy stuff. The free version, even with the limitations is fantastically efficient.

I did face the following challenge:

- Gmail connectivity & retrival was not possible.

Good Job & thank you for this extension.
Owner's reply

Gmail connectivity has been achieved. Please make sure that you use the following settings:
Protocol: pop3
Port: 995
Options: ssl/novalidate-cert

Lastly, you must call your hosting company and make sure that the outgoing port 995 is not blocked. A dedicated IP address may be necessary as this is how fixed it on our servers.

Reviews: 5
What can we say?
One upraising of the older MMS Blog, with more features. Nice work done!!
LL update site, and testing for some bug/delays.

Many thanks, and keep g00d work
Reviews: 10
I have written good reviews and I have written bad reviews.. but I was completely torn as to whether or not to write this review, because I'd like to keep this Extension my little secret !!

If you are a content management site and post a lot of news or get news from a lot of sources, this is the best extension I have ever seen.

This has made my life as a publisher so much better, I can't hardly even put in words.

Great Job Stan.. Great Job.
Reviews: 1
Well documented and easy to use. Simply follow the steps provided by 'help' in the backend of your Joomla! and you are done.
Reviews: 3
If your users have little technical ability this is for you. Our users struggle to use a word processor but even they can write a simple email. This enables authoring for dummies.

Installed with no issues and simple to configure
Reviews: 1
Power mail is a very clean and efficient way to get content from email or phone mail to your site. We were looking for an easy way to get content to our site from mobile phones. Not only can we do this but also get it from email as well. It is not very hard to set up and has several options to customize. Support was above expectations. I had a few questions and they were answered in a very prompt manner.
Reviews: 2
It's been awhile since i have wanted a way to update joomla and publish articles by email...finally it's here!

Great job, works good, this is going to take my site to the next level!