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JExtBOX Article Auto Manager ComponentPlugin

This package (component+plugin) manages your articles automatically:
- Archive
- Unpublish
- Publish
- Move to Trash
- Move to Another Category
- Assign or remove Featured blog layout
- Modify Publishing (Start Publishing, Finish Publishing, Created Date and Modified Date)
- Change Access Level
- Delete from Database
- Empty Trash.


DEMO version is available now!

Latest versions: more Simple, more Useful, more Powerful & based on 3 years of experience. But price stay the same.

Urgent UPDATE! Just install to update newest version.

- Component based managing rule manager: easy to understand, use & configure
- Unlimited, independent, easy configurable and useful managing rules
- Execution settings: date and time, periodically or once, supports time zone
- Select by and Change: category, status, featured, access level, language and publishing.
- Additional filter: Number of articles, Statistics of an Article (age or duration, revision and hits count), Set of Articles
- Enabled/Disabled/Archived/Trashed option for all filters respectively
- Configuration of whole component: Enabling option, Restricted articles, Allow or disallow empty condition of selection and Permission
- Improved user interface
- Update during installation

- Be careful with Delete from Database and Empty Trash methods.
- A managing rule doesn't work with currently opened article, to avoid 404 Not Found error.

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Reviews: 3
I originally also had a MySQL Syntax problem with this component / plug-in however customer service was prompt and individual. A new version was developed through testing on my Joomla 3.3.3 installation and we managed to fix the bug. The component and plugin is now working perfectly with no further syntax error. The unique point of putting a FEATURED article on not-featured is what attracted me to this component in particular. It should be standard to put a timing to featured articles, but it is not yet. So thank you to the programming team for looking at my indivdual problem and developing this component further.
Reviews: 1
I did hear many positive reactions about this extension and in Joomla 2.5 it seems to work fine. But not in Joomla 3.3. I tried this extension on a clean Joomla 3.3. extension with the example data from Joomla but the result was a SQL Syntax errors
Owner's reply

This error message related to bad configuration of managing rule. For example, you need to activate at least one option from Set/Modify/Change/Move to Another Category options, when you have selected Update method.

We have added additional code to prevent this error. But may comparing operator was not working properly on your server. This function will be improved next release.

Reviews: 13

I purchased this and its not working correctly with my template. I am sure it could work fine with other templates. It has good possibilities. I emailed developer for support, but after 3 attempts still no reply. As I am not a full expert on Joomla, and rely on support, for this reason only I cant rate this extension
Owner's reply

I think this bug (its not working correctly with my template) has been removed now. Check change-log/release history and compare it with PHP error message.

Reviews: 2
I use this extension for more then a year now and I'm very satisfied. Articles are automatically archived after three months and automatically the 'special article' indication is removed after two months. Hopefully it will be made ready for Joomla 3.0 as soon as possible!
Owner's reply

Thank you!