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TimeWindow Plugin

This plugin allows you to display timed content.

You have 3 time windows to display your content. Originally, this plugin was made to display a notice before a event starts, a 2nd notice during the event and a 3rd after the event has been closed. You can define the time when each of these 3 time timewindows should be displayed individually, also the content can be set independently for each of the 3 time windows.

You can put the tag that activates the plugin anywhere (even in your template), since this is a system plugin.


- adds greek language files
- some bugfixes
- now uses the default Joomla editor to create messages, making it easier to edit
- uses the Joomla Updater

This release improves compatibility with PHP 5.4

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Reviews: 1
Timewindow is a very handy plugin for anyone announcing an event, offer or any other thing that requires a 3 step approach (like announcement, the event/offer itself, and the end of the event/offer). This can all be done in one handling. We use it to announce events, give the event details on the they of the event itself, and a thanks note afterwards.
On using the plugin, we had some trouble with the markup of the text. With the great support from Rainer of extro-media this was quickly solved. In the latest version of Timewindow making up text is even more simple.