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International Name day Module

The international Name day modul for Joomla 1.5 - 2.5 version
Select country:
- Slovak name day
- Czech name day
- Sweden name day
- Hungary name day
- Austria name day
- French name day
- Finnish name day
- Poland name day
- Deutsche name day
- Latvian name day
- Italy name day

Select day:
- Before yesterday : Show - Hide / New line /
- Yesterday :
- Today :
- Tomorrow :
- After tomorrow :
- Separating
- Display : Left Center Right
- Width(px) - Height(px)
- Pre text - Post text
- Display author ChangeLog Version 1.5.x:
-- Basic module international Name day modul for Joomla 1.5 - 2.5 version -- Native - Beta 1.0
XML for version 2.5 modified kredo9

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Reviews: 3
May not suit all needs, but does what it says, and is small, neat for all those who want a simple nameday presenting module on their site. Recommend it.
Reviews: 6
hi, thank you for your module. As it was said in previous posts, in will be very good with help of js library on admin site let user to choose multiple international nameday per one module instance.

But! There is big problem/limitations. modul work with just only instance. If i have two instances, the higher one (in relations to manual sorting) is working, the others ones are not :/

Now i must look into the module and found out why :/
Reviews: 2
I was looking for similar component a long time before. Finally all comes true. Thanks for this component.
Reviews: 3

nice and useful module. It could be even better if it would allow multiple nations-names. For us hosting international community sites it could be cool to display the different names (if they are different - no sense in displaying 2-3 times the same in czech/slovac for example.) I would like to choose for example czech, german, slovac, italian, french and polish. In some days it could be perhaps only 1 name displayed, but on many times there would be several names for the different countries.
I know it is possible to copy the entire mopdule for every language, but it would be space-saving if it could be done by the single module.

As a second thing, it could check in first-name field in user database (CB) and display a list of users (nicks) who are celebrating today. ^^

Nice idea to offer your module to the community. :)

Owner's reply

Very good idea, I think, this don't be a problem. I was searching solution, when I have more time, I will use mootools.

Excuse me, I don't to use CB so I don't know how to connect.