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Go Mylo Countdown Module

Go Mylo Countdown is a Joomla module that counts down from the hosting server's current date/time to a specified date/time using days, hours, minutes and/or seconds. This is one of the most flexible countdown modules for controlling the style and content of your output.

* 24 or 12 - Choose either 24 hour format or 12 hour format.
* Time Zone Offset - If your host server is in a different time zone, the countdown can be adjusted
* Pre and Post Text - Add text above and below the countdown with CSS and HTML tags
* Custom Label, Styling & Location - Add a label to the countdown, use CSS to style it to your liking, position it above, below, to the left, or to the right of the countdown
* Units to Display - Choose the units you wish to display
* Zero Plurality - Toggles usage of plural words when used with the number 0.
* Countdown Styling - Allows the usage of HTML and CSS to style your countdown
* Horizontal or Vertical? - Elements of the countdown may be displayed in a line or in a stack
* Text or Redirect? - When the countdown reaches zero, choose whether to display customizable text (with CSS and HTML) or redirect to a new page or website
* Module Class Suffix - Add custom styling to the module with a module suffix
* Language Files - Uses language files for extra flexibility.
Included languages: English, Dutch, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portugese, Spanish, Swedish
-- Note that some language files are awaiting updates from our wonderful translators.
If you'd like to translate a file to your language, email

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Reviews: 41
Worked right out of the box and has lots of options in the module backend to get it just right for your needs.
Go Pro for just $2 amazing value.
Reviews: 2
I lost my day for this module, because its calculate was bad. I cannot set correct hour parameter, because timezone calculate was incorrect: set +1 or -1, then get same hours left. Tried with 24 or 12 time format, but same error. I uninstalled this, unusable.
Owner's reply

I'm sorry that you weren't able to get the countdown working on your site. I don't have any email records of anyone making a complaint similar to what your are describing. I try very hard to answer emails expeditiously and give as much help as I can to get the module to work correctly. Before leaving a bad review, please contact me via for help.

Reviews: 16
Simple ! A lot customizable ! Works ! Thanks ! ;-)
Reviews: 5
This module is incredibly well done. Dev has has obviously put much thought and effort into. NICE JOB and THANK YOU!
Reviews: 2
I've used this module on several sites and I can say is an excellent one. It does all it suppose to do and with a little knowledge of CSS and HTML you can customize it a lot. I'm waiting anxiously for 1.6/1.7 compatibility.
Reviews: 2
Very easy to set up and customize ! It works perfectly and it can look so nice with a small configuration.

Only one detail to notice, the plural rule with 0 doesn't exist in french, so I had to change some lines in javascript code.

Otherwise, a very nice job, congrats.
Reviews: 13
Very simple and efficient. I wanted a simple countdown to to certain date - easily customisable without too much faff and this does the job a treat. Thanks.
Reviews: 7
This module is wonderful. I customized it and put it inside an article so I could make it large and put a background behind it. The instructions were right there in the documentation. I highly recommend this countdown module. See it work at Thanks!
Reviews: 4
Thanks for a great extension! It was easy to install, easy to set up, and easy to style the way I wanted it. What more can you ask for? Two thumbs up!
Reviews: 2
I have used this countdown for almost a month now. It functions exactly as expected and was simple to setup. When you need a quick and easy countdown, this is the perfect tool. Many thanks!
Reviews: 1
no pain installation! fully support language!
you do nothing, but use it!
good! pa pa pa pa pa pa
Reviews: 3
Wow.. its excellent module with custom css styling features. It's mean you can decorate your own countdown module.

But the only problem I found is this module only can display one at one time. When I try to add 4 module in one page it's only load the first one I add. hope developer can solve this in short time.
Owner's reply

The latest version now supports multiple countdowns per page.

Reviews: 1
I needed a countdown for a friends site and came across Mylo. Easy to install, easy to configure (also the CSS), did right away what I wanted. I had a question and the developer answered it quickly. Great job !
Reviews: 1
I must say that the support is incredible! I entered 8:00 as 8 and got a blank counter. Support replied within 5 minutes and helped me fix the problem. I wish all paid programs had that level of support.

Thanks for a great Module!
Owner's reply

In the next version (1.5.3), you will be able to enter only an hour if you so choose.

Reviews: 2
Very installation and it does the job. Plenty of features that suit our needs.
Note: it takes one or two seconds to module to display the countdown.
Owner's reply

Yes, because of an IE7 bug, the script has to wait until the rest of the page loads before it displays. :o(

Reviews: 1
Easy to setup, had a slight issue with using a . instead of : as a time seperater but Mylo quickly picked up on that.

Awesome plugin!
Owner's reply

I'm adding this functionality in Version 1.5.3.

Reviews: 1
Loved the module at first, but wanted to customize it some. Emailed the creator and asked how and within no time at all he emailed me back telling me exactly what to do. Thanks again!
Reviews: 1
Great module with easy install and set up. Very custimizable.
All in all, lets you define a background images.
Reviews: 1
Great module, the best I have seen so far. Very custimizable. It lets you:
- enter any html before the acquired date
- after the acquired date
- lets you define a html field to be displayed if the date has been reached
- define a server time offset
- define the css in the module parameters itself

All in all, the most complete one around. Well done developer!

P.S. No problems in IE7 on my side. I tested it in Firefox, IE7 and IE8.
Reviews: 1
I went looking for a simple countdown time and found this. It looked good so I downloaded and installed it. What a surprise it works with no problems at all. It is very easy to install and set up, it produces a nice display and you can customize it to function as you need it to.
It is always nice to install something and have it work as described.
Keep up the good work!!
Philip McCleary
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