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Timebomb Countdown Combo ModulePlugin

Ready to start counting down the days to your next product release? Want to display the Years, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds until December 21st 2012? The JoomlaXTC Timebomb countdown is a full configurable countdown ticker. Customize the ticker with Layout and Resize options, Color options, Banner and Text Options, and Linking options. This combo pack comes with the Timebomb Countdown Module and Content Plugin.

Change Log:

2011-02-19 Version 1.0.1 * Fixed text and URL handling on plugin

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Reviews: 6
Works well, you can configure it a fair bit.
BUT it uses FLASH, so does not show on iPhones etc...
Owner's reply

Yes, that is the biggest draw back of apple handheld products no flash support, but look in the next few weeks for a commercial version with both flash js and css3 options ;)

Reviews: 13
I tried this as we are planning a new website and wanted a tangible way to let our customers know of the impending change.

This is very easy to configure - I uploaded the plugin but haven't even bother configuring or checking it as the variables in the Module did the Job I wanted.

The default setting for the clock - sound is 100 - and I recommend you reduce this (i used 10) before you see it on your site as it can be annoying hearing the countdown. The nice thing is that it's easy to change.

Well Done
Reviews: 1
Excellent module (haven't tried the plug-in)
Easy to install and amend colour and size as required. Many thanks
Reviews: 1
Looking forward to seeing a few more options, but the color settings and interactivity with that is really slick
Reviews: 3
Simple yet powerfull module which does what it is supposed to do. Would be excellent+ if also the label texts would be translateble.
Reviews: 9
i should have rated this a while back. It works, it's easy to install, easy to configure. Easy to change the look and feel. Great to see they have a J1.6 version.
Reviews: 3
One of the only plugins/ modules I've bought from these guys that actually does what it is suppose to do! Work!