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DateDiff Module

Simple and free Module to countdown/countup from the current date or calculate the difference between two events and display the result as years-months-days and/or total days and weeks.

It does not make use of 32/64-bit unix timestamps, so it will also work for dates outside the range 1970-01-01 through 2038-01-19. The function respects leap years, but does not take into account the 10 days removed in the year 1582 from the calendar (October 5 through October 14, 1582) to fix calendar drift.

* countdown/-up from current to a specified date or
* caslculates the difference between two specified dates
* output via dependent variables for »years (y) »months (m) »days (d) and/or
* independent output for "total" days (D), weeks (W) and remaining days of the weeks (w)
define start and end date for displaying the module contents
* different and individual formatting possibilities for header, middle (content) and footer area
* no flash, no javascript
* "modul class suffix" supported

More detailed information about each parameter setting can be found in the popup help text of the module parameter settings pane.

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Reviews: 10
It does exactly as it promises, shows the difference between two dates. So, if you need to show the difference between two dates, try this module.

Though it works as promised, I need a bit more, in order to use it. So here's an improvement suggestion:
Make the module only appear if todays date is between date1 and date2.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review. I am afraid I don't understand your suggestion correctly. Can you please contact me via a forum to explain? (use the 'Support' link above or Thanks!