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OSTimer Module

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OSTimer is a fairly straightforward countdown module that allows you to countdown to a particular event.

You can choose the year, month, day, hour, minute and even the second at which your event begins.

Recent improvements:

Name changed to OSTimer
Added a full language file with every bit translatable
Added Module Class suffix
Added an option to change the color of the number
Added options to translate days, hr., min., and sec.
Added an option to change the date format to US or International

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Reviews: 16
Had tried other countdowns, but they never did look right or work cleanly. Functioned properly from the install.

Adjusting text sizes might be a helpful additive. Well done to the developers.
Reviews: 3
It works!!! I tried many others but this one works like a champ!!!

Thanks a lot!
Owner's reply

You are welcome! :-)

Reviews: 5
Took about 10 minutes to install and configure; like css customization; US users will want to modify helper.php to get date to display for US sites; thanks for a great module
Owner's reply

You're welcome! :-)

Also, no need to modify the helper.php file. We've now added an option in the backend to change the date format :-)

Reviews: 1
been using it for a couple of weeks, easy to edit css, but it would be really GREAT!! if you could add class suffix.
Owner's reply

Module class suffix added in version 2.5.0 :-)

Reviews: 1
A good module in spite of php error locally with wamp, but with xampp and on line it's good !
Owner's reply

Sorry, we were not able to replicate this. Perhaps your PHP version was not up-to-date on your WAMP installation.

Reviews: 4
The module parameters provide some good controls and the display looks professional.
Great module.
Reviews: 1
in modules>mod_countdown>helper.php
change : 111 line $lists[$i]->dney = 'Days';
to what you want
Owner's reply

Option now added in the backend instead! :-)

Reviews: 1
I really like the module but when using the JS Effect option in IE8 I get: 35 Days NaN Hrs NaN Min. NaN Sec. but it works fine in Chrome. What a drag because it is awesome in Chrome! If I am doing something wrong please let me know.
Owner's reply

Sorry but we weren't able to replicate this. It works great in IE for us. Check out our demo in IE. Perhaps you didn't have Javascript enabled in your Internet Explorer browser.

Reviews: 1
Very good module. Easy to install and setup.
You can adjust the looks with css.

It would be nice to have an option to translate the word "days".
Owner's reply

Option added! Better yet, we've made it so that you can translate hr., min., and sec. as well! :-)

Reviews: 4
All I wish is that you can control the Blue color. Then it would PERFECT!
Owner's reply

Wish granted! You can now change the color in the backend :-)

Reviews: 1
Easy to use countdown!
As mentioned before, you can't add a suffix, which is to bad, solution had also ben posted. I'm lucky that the style is fits perfectly with my template.

I also have an issue with running 2 countdowns at the same time, the timers will only display 1 countdown of the hours/minutes/seconds. But that isn't a big problem, considering all other countdown modules have the same problem or worse.
Owner's reply

The module class suffix has been fixed in version 2.5.0 :-)

Reviews: 2
very nice counter and very simple to use, just what i wanted :)
Reviews: 7
Lovely little module only issue I had was that the module class suffix was missiong from the admin end which is nice to have with modern templates.

I altered the code to make this work for anyone else who needs to do this do the following.

delete the following

get('moduleclass_sfx'); ?> from line 3 of modules/mod_countdown/tmpl/default.php

and add

to line 21 (make a space don't paste over anything else) of modules/mod_countdown/mod_countdown.xml

I tried all the countdown modules this one is definately the best by far!
Owner's reply

Hi Demo,

Glad you caught that! It has been fixed in version 2.5.0. :-)

Reviews: 1
I just donwload this module and use it. We think this is very simple module with good style, very easy to install and use it. Thanks a lot.
Owner's reply

You're very welcome! :-)

Reviews: 4
It works like charm. For whom may be interested i have installed and wok very well the same in Legacy mode.

Very good and clean job.
Reviews: 4
Easy as 1,2,3
The color matched my site.
Thank you :)

see it in action :)
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