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Scarcity Bar Module

The plugin will create a Scarcity bar on your website along with an eye-catching countdown timer that counts down the number of seconds, showing your visitor exactly how much time he has left to grab the offer.

How can Scarcity Bar help you

If you are into any kind of sales website, it would be a great thing to run a scarcity offer than finishes up in a limited time. You can create a successful campaigns that can get huge sales for you in minimum time. Corporates and businesses have been doing all this while. One of the best examples would be the black friday deals when the whole of industry joins together to create scarcity offers. Quite at times, they are able to make more sales on black friday than they do in a previous quarter. This is effective usage of scarcity.

The best scarcity tool in the market

Scarcity Bar is the most flexible and complete tool to create scarcity campaigns on your joomla site.

Up and running in very few clicks

You don't have to be a programmer to configure this to your heart's content. You will be able to start and finish in a few minutes. It not only earns you money it saves time for you as well

100% Mobile Compatibility

Our bar will appear and work fine on mobiles as it does for desktops. It helps you not retain your visitors and convert them into customers.

Fully customisable

This tool lets you customise every detail in an easy and quick manner. It has a very organised manager to allow you to quickly modify it to your heart's content.

Create multiple scarcity campaigns on your sites

It lets you create different campaigns different pages of your site. You just have to publish the module on that page. The module can be duplicated and settings changed for use on a different page.

Works globally for any time-zone

No calculations needed, you just set the end time you wish the timer to finish and select your timezone. It does all the rest

Redirect visitors to an offer page on expiry of the timer

You can even redirect your users to a different page once the timer gets expired - This could be useful to take users to a different site or a page after the expiry of the offer.

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This is a great module and does exactly as advertised. This module could be improved by adding a font changer, to allow for site consistency.