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This Joomla! extension allows you to add a Google-like event calendar on a page to display and manage any type of events, appointments, and tasks. It provides a user-friendly, intuitive scheduling interface powered with Ajax and advanced drag-and-drop capabilities.

With this ease-to-use event calendar/planner, you can add, edit, and delete events on the fly. Set event date and time simply by dragging the event box and resizing it.

The scheduler can be configured to display events in different views: Day, Week, Month, Agenda, Timeline, etc. If there is a need to display recurring events, users can create events repeated on daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

You can configure the access rights and make the scheduler editable only by some users (e.g. only administrator can add/edit events).

The key features include:

* Day/Week/Month/Year Views & the ability to create custom view
* Agenda View (see all oncoming events)
* Map View (integration with Google Maps)
* Timeline View
* Drag-n-drop support to configure event date and time
* Customizable appearance
* Skin Builder (allows changing colors for each skin element)
* Single/multi-days events
* Customizable time scale
* Recurring events (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis)
* Localization to more than 20 languages
* Configurable access rights
* Export to/from Google Calendar
* Export to PDF and iCal

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Reviews: 4
This extension works well for what I need for my website. I like how it displays the Day/Week/Month/Year view and how flexible it is to customize the appearance. Give it a try!
Reviews: 1
this calendar is more than i expected!
Easy customization
beautiful AJAX based interface, clean, fast, easy and convenient

thank you very much!!
Reviews: 4
Thanks so much for this - I have been searching for hours and finally found a simple way to display events in calendar form. Keep up the great work.
Reviews: 6
Thanks a lot for this Component, just what I was looking for :)
Reviews: 3
Dont often bother with reviews but this installed, worked first up.. no hassles what so ever!

Did what i needed as well per the docs... only thing would be nice, as per previous is a printable list or just a list of all appoints etc... Great Com guys
Reviews: 2
Excellant Extension, one item that is lacking, is the ability to prink a list of all events that have been added to the calander.
Reviews: 1
I have been searching the entire Joomla world for a component that can not only my appointments, but show a log of my daily work schedule.... and this component is exactly what I have been looking for!!!
I am an independent consultant, so keeping track of my hours is vital if I am going to get paid.... and the Scheduler fits my needs perfectly...

My only negative about the Scheduler, is that it does not work with all Joomla templates... but that is a minor annoyance, not a bug...

Thank you and keep up the good work!
Reviews: 3
Until the bugs are worked out, this is a no-go. No word-wrap for posted events when viewing in calendar-mode, editing the events [don't even try it!]... you have to delete and create anew, etc. The list can continue but I'll stop there.. my head already hurts from trying to use this thing!
Owner's reply

If you encounter any problems with the Scheduler plugin, you're welcome to contact us at our forum:

Our support team will gladly answer your questions.

Also, note that current version of the plugin is for Joomla 1.5. If you're using the new Joomla 1.6, please contact us and we'll send you the link to the plugin for version 1.6.

Reviews: 3
Very easy to set up and use. I don't have much to complain about because I only tried two other extensions and this works best. Everything is pretty much self explanatory. Let me know if you decide to make a extension for each unique user to log in and see their own calender.
Reviews: 14
I was searching for a multi-functional calendar and I can accross with this one. The UI and the functionalities are excellent although obviously there are some areas that still needs improvements. But hey, all I need are in this FREE component.

Reviews: 3
excellent component but has many bugs! The modification does not work ... The save button does not work in "months". In "week" modification works but when we refreshed the page the changes were not saved! Updates will be welcome
Reviews: 1
This extensions is easy to use and has a great layout.

Unfortunately there are still some small bugs and the extension only offers one single schedule for the whole Joomla website.
Further, the way this application saves data in the database is very creepy: there is only one field for all events (and some configuration).

I think this extension could be really great/ and one of the best of its kind, but for a production environment I firstly need a stable application.
Reviews: 1
I needed a calender on my site. A calender where i could easy put in diffrent plans for the year.

This was more than i expected.

Great support
Easy to translate
Great permission choices

Yeah.... just a EXELLENT scheduler.

Terje (from the cold north)
Reviews: 3
I like this component but it's got some bugs. And if you delete a time in an event it goes all wack and I had to reinstall it for it to work again.

Also, you might want to consider getting rid of the weekend dates as options, because that way I have more space for activities during the week (it makes it wider if I could delete Saturday and Sunday.

What I also really miss is that in 'Agenda' it doesn't go to the next line if my activity name is too long for the width. It just disappears.

Could do with a bit of tweaking.
Reviews: 13
I needed a simple calendar and this component fit the bill. Small adjustments made the format and display how I wanted it. The developer has a support forum which is always a plus. Found out how to setup AM/PM using "%h:%i %A" in the settings for the hour.
Reviews: 3
We have had trouble getting a calendar to work with many of our sites but this does just what you want a simple calendar for your clients. PERFECT!!
Reviews: 1
I love this calendar. It's simple to install and use on my 1.5 site. I wanted to know if there is a way to integrate with Outlook's calender or to send email notifications or reminders prior to the appointments using the built in email function of Joomla's site... like when you register a new user account.
Reviews: 2
This component is Great!!! Easy to use and do what I want but there are some random bugs.
You can't put a ' in the name of a custom field because the calendar will disapear and everything crash if you are adding more than 1 custom fields at the same time.

but I love it, thank you!!!
Reviews: 2
First of all, the dates across the top can be confusing when having a quick glance at the calendar and need looking at.
I installed this good looking and easy to use component but after adding/editing/deleting appointments from my diary it crashed. Tried a second time, got it all looking pretty good and it crashed again!
Very frustrating. Would be 5 star if that didn't happen.
Reviews: 4
this is THE extension i need for my television website.
and the best thing is, that the client can edit it from the front-end.
one request if possible: joomfish frontend editing, what i mean, is that when i change language in front end, to automatically edit it in that language, including the time.

all together this the best event extension so far, so maximum rating.

and... it is free :D
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