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JE Event Calendar Component

100% MVC structure follow. There are three different managers in that

1. Category Management
2. Event Management
3. Event Setting

1. Category Management: - Admin can add, edit, delete, published and unpublished the category title and description.

2. Event Management: - Admin can add, edit, delete, published and unpublished the event. Event title, category, start date, end date, description, background color and text color add, edit and delete, published, unpublished from the event management.
Admin has rights that all users or selected user or none can see the event from front end.
Admin can add event to selected category.

3. Setting: - Admin can enable or disable all the events which user can add the event or not.
Admin can set the header1, header2, header3, header4 color using color picker.


- Add event to particular category
- Set the calendar color using color picker.
- Admin has rights to add event from site side.
- Admin has rights that all users see the event or selected user can see the events.
- Front end side user can see the event description in light box by click on that event.

Complete the registration process and download latest calendar.

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Support the Joomla 1.5.


Follows Below steps:-

1) Install component from the joomla installer.
2) Select JE Event Calendar from component.
3) To add category go to Component >> JE Event Calendar >> Category.
4) To add event go to Component >> JE Event Calendar >> Event.
5) Default event setting has been given.
6) To change event go to Component >> JE Event Calendar >> Event Setting.

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Reviews: 1
If you need a basic calendar that's easy to use, this is the one.
Reviews: 6
Looks interesting but my website is Joomla 1.6, can't use this yet. I am looking for a calendar with front-end user management of events, hope a new j1.6 release comes out soon.
Reviews: 1
The main purpose of this event calendar is to display month and dates. If you want to add an event title, use a VERY SHORT TITLE or there will be a non alignment between date and the title of your event.

Good presentation if you only use the calendar without event. If you add an event too long: like 2 words, it will be horrible. At 10 $ there are better calendars (many are free).

Very deceiving ! I thought i found a good event calendar but i was wrong. I only lost 10 $.
Owner's reply

I already solve that problem and send you new version in your mail address. Please check your mail.

Reviews: 5
I needed a quick and easy event calendar that was simple for the end user and this does the job for me. It is basic but thats what I needed.

Corres with developers was prompt and efficient.