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Visual Calendar ComponentModulePlugin

With this calendar you can visually associate information to date ranges or individual dates. That information will be displayed on the page in form of floating panels, allowing you to place a large amount of data in a compact space.


• Associate information to date ranges or individual dates

• Moving the mouse over the calendar will show the information assosiated to the dates in form of floating panels

• Available as component, module and plugin

• Easy setup, easy administration interface

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Reviews: 7
This component and module does exactly what I expected. It shows a calendar marking occupied days.
Easy to style and translate, to fit your webpage. Its the prettiest calendar I have discovered, and that matters for the webpage design.

The backend is very simple. Just click start and end date. Thats it. Perfect for my customers.
Reviews: 1
It's working well in my site (to display group activities). The default colors didn't match my website design and I'm not familiar with CSS styles, so I needed assistance from their support; fortunately got a timely answer with instructions. I am very pleased with the calendar.
Reviews: 1
The calendar works well. I'm using it to show an event schedule details. The support service is friendly and helpful, I requested help with some CSS modifications and I got a positive reply in about 6 hours.
Reviews: 1
After installing the component and module. It worked very well.

But I believe that for this component to claim Joomla 1.6 compatiblity, the component should have the options tab available, in order to make full use of the New ACL available in the Joomla 1.6.

After all you may want to restrict this component to certain users in the back, but without the above mentioned options tab for permissions it is impossible.
Reviews: 4
I purchased Visual Calendar - $29.99. Seemed like the perfect match for what I needed for my web site. Installed both module and component. So far, so good. Entering calendar entries is not real intutive but not hard. When I added calendar items I had to change the module position (e.g., left to right) to get the new entries to display. I really wanted the module so I grinned and bared it. Came time to edit an entry. Seems editing does work. Can't get the edit screen to come up consistently. This is a problem but hey I really like this so figured I post to the support site. Well to post you have to provide a Pay Pal email. Would I be billed? Don't know. It was at this point that I started searching for a calendar that worked without all the hassle. I have learned my lesson - I won't buy this or another product from this company.
Owner's reply

The Paypal or Google Checkout address is asked just to confirm the previous purchase and assign you a priority support, you WON'T be billed. In fact there isn't possible to bill a Paypal or Google checkout account without providing a password and we NEVER request a password.

If you prefer you can submit your request support directly to the email info[at] (replace the [at] by the @) or post a support request at ... in any case you will get an answer and solution from our support team.

According to your description the problem is a conflict with some of the CSS styles that you are already using in your template, please contact our support service and you will get a solution in a timely manner.

Please let us know any other comments. Thank you.

Reviews: 5
I installed this component on my site and I admit that I am under the charm of this calendar of a remarkable efficiency. Deeply the next developments.
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