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JE Ajax event calendar ComponentModule

Editor's Note
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100% MVC structure follow.
- Multiple categories
- Admin add, update and delete different categories, which contains events.
- Admin add, update and delete different events under different categories.
- Admin choose different colors for front end calendar display. (Heading color, Calendar color, event color, event text color etc.)
- Admin decides which event is visible to which user from Back End to introduce some privacy.
- User can add event from front end, which is publish by admin than after.
- Admin decides whether the event should auto publish or not from Back End setting field.
- Light box is associate with every event display in front end to display more detail related with the event.
- In front end you can select category from combo box to display different events under that particular category, to have sorted output.
- Template Manager select the front-end event listing page and event detail page also.
- Dyanmic filed add in category and event.
- Google map enable and disable from the back-end.
- Event search from the event search module.
- Event calendar module also display all events in different color. Color are choose from the back-end event manager.
- User can add your own event from the front-end. If you want to disable than disable from the back-end.
- Event Unlimited Photo upload
- Main photo you can select.
- Google and Yahoo video display in Event Calendar.
- Tab display in Front-end.
- Tab setting from the back-end template manager.
- 100% SEF/SEO support. User friendly URL generate by the system.
- You can repeat the event by yearly, weekly, daily as per your each event setting.

Version 1.5.6
- Slideshow module working in Safari or Chrome
- All browser issue issue solve.
- It displays based on when the event was created, not by upcoming events.
- Adjust slide show's overall size in module settings. You have to access the slideshow's javascript file to alter the 600x400 default dimensions.
- Image resize issue solved.
- JavaScript issue solved.
- Add maximum parameters in all modules.
- Limit of slide show includes in modules.
- Add notification when an event is posted if admin approval is required.

Versions 1.5.7
- Added Alias for SEO friendly url
- Easy to make the ordering.

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Reviews: 1
Very usable and easy to set-up. Comes with many modules ready to use. Support helps quickly and friendly when having problems.
Reviews: 1
Good afternoon, almost 20 days ago and I bought it for a site that I migrated to Joomla 2.5 and comparmos the component with support for one month, I sent several messages and tickets and so far I have not received a response to email. The component does not show any event and also shows error.

He finished the time limit support and have not received it yet.

Thank you.
Owner's reply


Never possible our team with in 24 hrs reply your ticket, in weekend time we are not reply you that mention already in site. If you are contact one time same email than also send you reply with in 4-5 hrs. Your ticket comes in Friday nights, Monday morning we are reply that already. Any problem than first contact us why submit review here already mention in JED not directly submit review without contact us.

Component working fine, same as demo, Joomla 2.5 also compatible that extensions.

In support we are installing component in your one site also setup there with sample data.

Hardik mistry

Reviews: 3
I needed a component to display several events on my website and decided to buy this component.
But the "Recent Events" - module displays the events not in order of the calendar but always the last registered event first.
Isn' an event calender intended to show the NEXT event first.
Support was not willing to find a solution but stopped conversation instead.
Owner's reply

But the "Recent Events" - module displays the events not in order of the calendar but always the last registered event first.
Isn' an event calender intended to show the NEXT event first.

>> Recent event means what ever event recently added that event display, now if you want to change the logic than need customization as per that. Our team also give reply regarding that.

Not stop conversation when you are purchase at weekend so our team reply at Monday about that.

Reviews: 2
I tried some other calendars but finally selected this one. It does the job well. Did som changes in the code to get it as I wanted it and then the support staff did some great modifications for me.
Reviews: 6
I bought the $49 package, including modules, and am disappointed with the overall component. Issues perspective buyers should be aware of before purchasing include:


Slideshow Module Issues:

- Slideshow module does not work in Safari or Chrome
- No way to adjust the order of the slideshow ... it displays based on when the event was created, not by upcoming events.
- No way to limit the number of events to display in the slideshow.
- No way to adjust slide show's overall size in module settings. You have to access the slideshow's javascript file to alter the 600x400 default dimensions.


Image issues throughout the component:

- Images aren't re-sized dimensionally or by file size (slow loading when the slideshow on the homepage has to display 10 events, each event with a 2mb or larger image).
- No restriction on image size.
- Images are cropped proportionately in the slideshow but not in the event list or event itself and are instead stretched out dependent on settings in the admin side, which distorts the proportions.


General Issues:

- No fields for the event's time starting and ending time (fairly common in most calendar related components).
- No option when creating a new field to accommodate for URLs, so users can enter their website, facebook or twitter address and have it actually render as a link.
- No notification when an event is posted if admin approval is required. No mention to the user after an event is posted that it will require approval before being published.
- Plenty of javascript errors (even on their demo).
- Support forum has been down for weeks.


I never heard back from support after requesting their thoughts on above issues. Also, for future buyers, keep in mind that the purchase is non-refundable.

It's not a bad start, but compared to some of the other commercial calendar extensions that are available, this one falls well short on some of the simplest, yet necessary, features.
Owner's reply

Dear customer,

You are not contact even one time to our team otherwise we are give you 100% support to each customer. We are very disappointed with that review. All issue are solved in next version and update to all customer which have that extensions.

On next version we are solved all issue and give you 100% satisfaction.

Also our forum not down from last 2 months. For forum need to register on that site :

Support team

Reviews: 1
I needed start from monday.
Really great support.


Reviews: 1
Awesome componenet and awesome support, i have several problems that support solve my problems in matter of minutes - tried to find for long this kind of componenet and when i bought it - very surprised with amount of modules that goes with this componenet. I strongly recommend this component and if you have any problem just contact support via mail:)
Reviews: 5
We recently purchased this extension and it works wonderfully. We also had a few small modifications which the developer kindly helped us out with. Very friendly people and great extension!
Reviews: 1
I Purchased Subscription, and started using this Component. Though i faced little problems in start (learning curve ofcourse. But with such an excellent support anything can be on used. They even helped me to style, provided me Joomfish Support, and even login to my joomla and corrected my mistakes.

I recommend them to every one.
Reviews: 2
Great component and support.
Quick reply to every little problem or question.

Thanks ¡¡
Reviews: 1
I'm really impressed with how responsive the support for this component was. On first installation several features did not work as advertised and as I'm a novice with Joomla I contacted the company. They addressed each issue promptly until the entire component worked exactly as expected. This component has saved me months of work on my own and is a big improvement for my website. It does almost everything I need. Only one thing would be an improvement and that's the ability to set title and meta tags dynamically from the events data base with city, event date and event title. Without this I would loose page rank by using this component for my events data. Once the kinks were out this component is easy to use from the front and back end and has many nice features like the built in color picker and google map display. I like it very much and it's certainly worth the money I paid for it.
Reviews: 1
Had very little problem with the installation. Unfortunately either some files are missing, or calendar does not live up to promises. Wasted $30!
Owner's reply

There is no installation problem. First extract our zip file which we are send you. After install the component and module which is in that folder.

This component is working fine more than 100 website without any error. Check it our demo site.

Reviews: 2
I just installed and I'm checking out this extension on 1.6 and it's pretty sweet. It is a very simplistic easy to understand and customize back end. I needed some assistance just finding the right file to download but the support was immediate fast and without hassle. I will continue to use products from this company.
Reviews: 2
Had some problems to get everything working the way I want it to. The support team answered very quick and did a great job in integrating the changes I asked for. Awesome!
Reviews: 10
I purchased the component and module 2 weeks ago. It is working great. Exactly what we needed for travel agency (event trips calendar, list of events and search module) It has all!. We needed some local language to be added into .ini files and the developer was very helpful and did changes within a day.. Communication via skype was great!
Alexander aka budfit
Reviews: 1
Purchased this Calendar, works a treat! Even requested the developers to carry out some extra custom work, their support team instantly got to work on it and had it completed super quick.
Wish other support teams were as good as these guys. Great product, great support, highly recommended!
Reviews: 5
I think this is an excellent Calendar Component, and would highly recommend it for anyone who is not a programmer or developer, easy install, very configurable. Although documentation is brief, the support more than made up for it. I was Amazed how fast they responded, had me going in a half hour, DONE! Great Job,Thanks JE! for all your work!
Reviews: 5
I would highly recommend this calander for people looking for a nice ajax event calander.
I´ve had some problems with the integration to my template and SEF links but I contacted the developer and within nothing they helped me and changed it according to my template! Great support and really nice calnder! keep working up the good work!