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  • Access to this GNU GPL-licensed archive requires a subscription fee
JCal Pro is a W3C-validated, multi-language events calendar component with a gorgeous, CSS-based front-end display. Feature highlights include, native Joomla! permissioning for event creation/management and event viewing, location management and event geolocation, nested categories, custom fields for events and and event registration, private or public events, WYSIWYG event descriptions, administrative theme installation and management, back-end event management, re-captcha support, an integrated search plugin, feature-rich mini-calendar and latest events modules, the all new FLEX module, a convenient content editor plugin, RSS feeds, SEF URL support, robust print-views, JomSocial plugins and Community Builder plugins.

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Reviews: 1
What could be worse than a calendar that doesn't work? One that does work, but gets the dates wrong, that's what. This product SHOULD be great - everything is there and well thought-out.

I bought the 48hour subscription, downloaded the product, found that it posted ALL events ONE DAY LATER THAN THE ACTUAL RECORDED DATE, even though the date on the record says the 14th, it will display on the 15th. I went to the forum with my problem and found that everyone, including the developers were aware of it, and yet continued to sell the subscriptions.
Owner's reply

This bug only affected the Joomla 1.5 version and has been fixed as of build 383.

Reviews: 1
In version 1.5.7 RC (J1.5), there are too many unresolved bugs. (permissions and so). It is not possible to use JCal with Joomla 1.5 at this time.
The developers give no assistance, only forum. Of course, it is impossible to resolve the critical failures.
Owner's reply

The permissions bug experienced by non-english sites has been resolved in the last few releases.

Reviews: 1
I have this extension installed, and it looks very nice. However, the number og mysql queries it evaluates is massive. A default Joomla installation evaluates about 15 queries on each page. With Jcal installed, this number jumps to about 115.

Summing up, the developers should prioritize code efficiency, and they have for a long time promised a 'efficiency extension', but this have never materialized. UI is very nice, and when the developers improve their code, this will be the only calendar you need.
Owner's reply

Please try JCal Pro 2. It has been massively updated for efficiency, including a drastically reduced # of DB calls.

Reviews: 3
This package gives me exactly what I need:

--display of the next event in a recurring series

--display of non-recurring events

--shown in a sidebar, and in a variety of page formats.

--a way for end users to add events.

It's a terrific addition to my web site.

It worked fine in J! 1.5. I had to turn on legacy mode to get the calender and latest events modules to work. With legacy mode on, the search mambot also works, but doesn't offer a checkbox to select only event search. So, I'm looking forward to 1.5 support being completed.

I'd ask for some changes in the interface that posts events:

-- settable default event length.

-- an easier way to choose dates and times than pulldown menues.
Reviews: 10
This calendar has been a favourite of ours for quite some time now... It's simple, elegant and easy to moderate and maintain.

*Looking forward to JCAL Server with baited breath!!!! :)
Reviews: 1
Known bugs and no resolution resulting in blank pages. According to developers "Yes, there are likely to be many unresolved bugs for 1.5.x. Look for additional versions soon."
Owner's reply

There are always bugs in beta versions. JCal Pro 1.5.x for Joomla 1.0.x is mature and is not buggy. Newer versions of course are going through normal bug find, bug fix, version release cycling.

Reviews: 1
No problems installing or implementing the calendar. It does have one major limitation, IMO. Though it offers a flat view (ie list of events) it only shows events for the month being viewed. Therefore, if you're near the end of the month and have an important event coming up the following week (which falls in the next month) it simply doesn't show unless the user chooses to click on the next month. And from replies by the admin of their forum, it would be a major endeavor to hack the code to change this. So for site that have infrequent events scheduled in the calendar, this poses a problem.

There is a module and a bot that lists latest events regardless of month, so that can be done in a side bar. But if you want to have a link from the menu to the component, you end up with the problem above.

Otherwise, if you have frequent events, seems like a good enough calendar.
Reviews: 41
I finally got this going... after a few problems and lots of scanning of the forums... what I had was a common problem and a 'sticky' could easily have been created! The problem was that any users could add/delete events from the frontend (i.e. the Authority system wasn't working). JCal Pro has been fine on some servers (most, I suspect) and not on others, but I'm not sure if a fix is released. But their suggestion (found in a forum post) worked.

Some documentation would have been appreciated - once you've read the forums and got it going, well, yes, hindsight it s wonderful thing and it's straightforward enough. But a few simple instructions aren't too hard to write.

Still - once going - it's great!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the note. Documentation is available here (and has been for some time).

Reviews: 3
After a lot of muss and fuss trying to come up with a calendar solution that would work for me I finally tried JCal and I LOVE IT!!! (Insert additional exclamation points here!)

Installed seamlessly, configured easily and displays beautifully! And all in W3C compliant code! Is that a beautiful thing or what?

Left nothing out for my wish list for future features.

Can't recommend highly enough!

Keep up the good work, and thanks for making this beautiful component available so affordably!

Take care, all, and Happy Joomla-ing,
Reviews: 1
I installed JCal Pro on Joomla 1.0.13 and it works fine. The interface and calendar functions are amongst the best I'd seen and it's easy to operate.

However, after two months using it, I noticed a sharp rise in the bandwidth usage on my site (from 1GB per month to almost 5GB per month). After investigation, the extra 4GB usage was entirely down to Googlebot hammering my JCal Pro component.
I've noticed a few others out there have had similar problems, but there doesn't seem to be a solution from the developers.

While I really like this component, I am not prepared to waste 4GB of bandwidth while Google continually indexes every page of the Calendar from 2008 to eternity. Therfore, it's now uninstalled!

Suggest you check your bandwidth usage after installing this component.
Reviews: 3
This is a great app. Nice looking, no errors, lots of features.
I would improve: customisation of front end (from back end: colours, font sizes) and support.
Also: if your site has change text size function the font size of the calendar won't change with it.
Reviews: 3
I've installed JCal Pro on our church's Joomla website twice and both times it's created serious problems. The entire site locks up when the church's secretary is adding events to the calendar. Don't know why or how.

The last time this happened, about a week ago, logs showed that one of the processes used by JCal Pro ([/index.php?optioncom_jcalpro&Itemid3&extmodeday&date200])) was using well over 50% of the server's CPU resources and 7% of the available memory (almost 1 GB). This shut the entire server down almost continuously over a period of several hours until JCal Pro was removed from the system. We've had no problems since then.

On the positive side, JCal Pro is a snap to set up and really looks great. I just wish I could trust it to work properly and not lock the system.
Owner's reply

You are using an obsolete version. I recommend an upgrade to the latest stable version.

Reviews: 1
JCal does exactly what the authors say. No problems installing and no configuration needed to function properly when installed. Beautiful interface and easy to configure.
Reviews: 6
Like so many such calendars, you can never please all of the people all of the time, and I'm very aware of that in writing this review. I downloaded it primarily for use on a church website where it would hopefully show weekly services and club meetings etc. Initially I thought it was going to suffice for all our needs, but the more I play with it the more I realise it isn't as yet. Our weekly services obviously change in content but there are some elements that would be standard each week. On our old site using an Access driven calendar I could copy the standard info across as many weeks as I desired (albeit manually which was slow work), but then all I had to do each week would be to update it with the specific info for that week. With JCal I can't utilise the repeat event because it repeats the entire information for any one week across all of them, so the only option is to then do every week separately which is ok but would have been nice to have more options on the repeat event. I would just have preferred for more than 1 weeks worth of services to show on the main calendar otherwise it wouldn't be an issue. Plus (unless I'm mistaken) I can't find any way of making a particular view e.g. Monthly, as mandatory - while again it's great for the user to have the various options offered to them, some people wouldn't see that menu and thus think what they were seeing (the weekly?) was the only view available and maybe miss meetings as a result. Again, our older calendar always and only showed a monthly view which was really helpful. Small points and very specific to our own requirements, but would be nice if yet more flexibility could perhaps be built in on future updates? Overall tho - definitely one of the best around.
Reviews: 2
I went with JCal Pro but it was a mistake. To be clear, I am using 1.5.3 Stable with Joomla 1.0.12. Here are TWO MAIN PROBLEMS, (there are more, but these are the ones that really matter):

- Scheduling is highly inflexible. When you say repeat monthly, it thinks you want it to repeat on the same day of every month... when in reality nothing ever works that way. What you really mean is you want it to repeat on the first Monday of every month or something like that.

- Highly inefficient code. I entered all my events in and it slows down to a crawl when pulling up the monthly calendar. When I looked into the code it was a total mess. It was making 31 separate sql queries (sometimes more) in order to build the calendar. Also, for repeating events, it cycles through EVERY SINGLE EVENT to see if there is a repetition that falls on the current day. It might be a good calendar if you had 4 or 5 events a month, but not if you have more than 20.

Stay away from this product, go with JEvents instead. So far I'm really satisfied with JEvents.
Owner's reply

We have an efficiency build planned for JCal Pro. Those queries remain from the original standalone extcal. That said, I routinely use this for busy calendars and page-loads are fine. You might consider trying the speed on localhost or another server to test the speed.

Reviews: 4
Just throwed away 5 bucks. This component is very good to see but it's almost useless due to the extremely slow response. Got many many timeout errors.
Reviews: 1
To be honest i was a little scared about paying something for a module / component without testing it within my own websites.

Okay it was only $5,00 but when you have experiences in the past with these kind of things, and feel very bad after you bought something, and the result was dissapointing, you will be scared forever ;-)

I took the risk of buying this module/component and YES this is REALLY GREAT / AWESOME !!

Very much thanks to the developers !!
Reviews: 1
And it's exactly what I needed for my site.
The look is great and realy profecional.
Reviews: 9
I was sad to the see ExtCalendar turn into the subscription-based JCal Pro - but in fairness - JCal Pro is very well-developed, and they aren't asking for much (currently $5).

The Calendar has a nice 'category' system and modules for listing events, and is great and easy-to-use for basic non-techie site administrators.

Good Calender - a couple more visual styles would be useful though, as it has a default design that will not work for all sites.
Reviews: 2
I love this calendar. Validates, nice design and easy to use.
BUT the JcalPro makes Google bot to go crazy when spidering my website trying to index the website content.

I have tried to disable the JcalPro in my robots.txt file, but I simply cannot stop this.

I have not found any places to disable linking in JcalPro or to prevent this trap.

It produces thousands of duplicated indexed files in google.
Each day - until 2008 is indexed!!

How do I fix this?My robot txt file has this parameter:
User-agent: Googlebot
Disallow: /*com_jcalpro
Disallow: /*com_jcalpro*
Disallow: /jcalpro/

Regards datatrond
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